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A Bunch of Liars

No, it's not 'decades and decades' ago.

October 28, 2021  0

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As Church Militant has been pointing to for at least a decade, the poison flowing through the U.S. hierarchy is the sin of sodomy.

It's certainly not confined to the United States, but it's well-ensconced here in the American hierarchy. The sin of sodomy and its embrace by so many bishops is what is responsible for countless cases of victimization of the faithful.

Be it physical victims or spiritual or both, homosexual bishops and priests have wrecked the Church in the United States, and battling for their victims is the whole point of our rally in Baltimore in a few weeks, one way or the other.

Three years ago, one of the biggest liars in robes — Cdl. Donald Wuerl — insisted in an interview that this whole case of homosexual abuse by homosexual bishops and clergy was decades and decades ago. That was a lie, as is almost everything he says in this regard. Not only did he himself cover up sex abuse, which came out after that interview, but the implication of his words is that nothing like this was still going on, even if it did happen in the past.

Be it physical victims or spiritual or both, homosexual bishops and priests have wrecked the Church in the United States.

Almost every bishop in the United States deftly avoids this awkward subject. It's awkward because too many of them are homosexual themselves or friends with bishops who are. It's noteworthy that they don't actually deny the problem of homosexuality in their ranks — they just don't ever acknowledge it.

And if or when it comes up, they quickly shift gears. But to try and imply this is all something from decades and decades ago is flat-out lying. If what the lying Wuerl said is true, then there shouldn't really be any headlines today about homosexual bishops and priests, right? But what about the recent case of Fr. James Cosgrove of Cleveland who got busted sexually harassing seminarians? That was just a couple of weeks ago.

Or what about the news earlier this week from the diocese of Scranton where Fr. Gregory Loughney, the first priest ordained by pro-homosexual bishop Joseph "Bambi" Bambera, was busted on camera trying to have sex with teenage boys in a sting? That was three days ago.

This past summer, the highest-ranking non-bishop in America, Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill, was busted for hundreds of homosexual hookups on the phone app Grindr. And less than a year ago, Fr. Peter Miqueli of New York stole tons of money for his male prostitute for years and Cdl. Dolan knew about it.

The recent scandal (of many) at the North American College in Rome, where homosexual harassment forced the resignation of the vice-rector, took place this past summer. Almost two years ago, the release of social media photos of two homosexual priests in Patterson, New Jersey, were protected by their then-bishop, the highly suspected homosexual Arthur Serratelli. 

There was also the news from about a year and a half ago about the two priests from New England who left the priesthood to get civilly married to each other.

The U.S. hierarchy is composed of homosexual liars and heterosexual avoiders of conflict.

Then there were the seminarians driven out of seminary by Abp. William Lori of Baltimore (about whom we will have much more damning news shortly) after they reported sexual harassment by seminary officials in 2019. That was two years ago.

In 2019, there was the episode of two Chicago priests "clericalizing" each other in a car across the street from a Miami, Florida school playground. That was just two short years ago.

And let's not forget the case of the priest who left the priesthood to civilly marry his homosexual lover in 2016 and whose best man was  — and still is — a priest in Rockville Centre, New York. The two became buddies as seminarians at the NAC just a few years ago. 

The U.S. hierarchy is composed of homosexual liars and heterosexual avoiders of conflict. They destroy bodies and souls through their actions or their silence. 

We'll see you all in Baltimore, bishops. Enough is Enough.

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