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A ‘Hail Mary’

Truth: It really is a Hail Mary.

December 11, 2020  0



At the time of this recording, the Texas lawsuit, joined by at least 17 state attorneys general, is still very much alive, since the Supreme Court has asked the four states that cheated their rear ends off to present a defense for the charges in the suit. 

Now, what's interesting here is how the members of the Marxist media have taken to characterizing this suit. They're calling it a "Hail Mary." While the common usage of the term refers to a long shot at best, the millions of Catholics around the country — indeed, the world — who are praying zillions of Rosaries would also refer to this as a "Hail Mary," but for entirely different reasons. 

First off, it is true that this is "the big one," as President Trump classed it the other day. There's no doubt about that — it is. It is so much, in fact, that we named our Post Election Special Wednesday night (where we got into some detail about all this) "Fourth and Goal."

For non-football-fans out there, the term fourth and goal means you have one last chance left to score (because you only get four chances to score a touchdown once you get that close to the goal line). But we can say this is even more critical than just fourth and goal. It's fourth and goal, trailing by 5, with one second left on the clock — which all means that this is the last play, and you either score and win (and game over), or you fail to score and lose (and game over).

With specific regard to an actual Hail Mary in football, we need a touchdown, we only have one play left, and we're also around the 50-yard line. This "Hail Mary" is what needs to happen in our country right now. Yes, this is that critical. It truly is all the marbles — right here, right here and now.

We have all of our election coverage for you to view to get all the specifics of how this might or will play out. In this Vortex, we want to address the spiritual aspect of everything going on because, of course, ultimately, this is a spiritual war being played out in our current time and space.

The United States was placed under the protection of the Queen of Heaven by the U.S. bishops.

So that said, can God directly control history and "intervene" in world affairs, including political affairs? Stupid question — of course, He can. The question comes down to will He? Well, in probing this, let's consider a few things. First, since He performed His first public miracle at the request of His Mother, Mary, and since so many millions (tens of millions, likely) are beseeching her intercession, there is hope that the Holy Trinity will indeed answer her prayers.

Hence, it is ironic that the anti-God Marxists are calling this lawsuit a "Hail Mary." Indeed, it is nothing less than a Hail Mary. The United States was placed under the protection of the Queen of Heaven by the U.S. bishops — back when they actually believed the Faith — under her title of the "Immaculate Conception."

Well, the suit was filed on Dec. 8, the feast of the Immaculate Conception. This Saturday, Dec. 12, is the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Under this title, the woman who gave birth to Our Savior has been made patroness of the pro-life movement. And everyone knows that at the bottom of all this is the issue of child slaughter — just as it was 500 years ago in the Americas. 

It would certainly be a statement from the Queen of Heaven if the suit that would undo the theft of an election, whose outcome literally determines the fate of the world, was filed on her feast day and won on her next feast day. God killed Ruth Bader Ginsburg precisely when He did, knowing from all eternity she would be replaced by Amy Coney Barrett.

And for those who might think that's a scary way to say it, wake up. God is the author of life and death. No one comes into or passes out of this life without His direct will. God is allowed to create new life as well as end life. In fact, going a step further, it is divine to create and kill on the part of God, for only He can do that. It's proper to His nature.

So Amy is now on the court, a thing of horror for the Marxists on Capitol Hill and their media allies. It's why they fought so hard against her confirmation. The court is now solidly conservative, at least five to four. If Roberts would ever find his footing it would be six to three. But his presence in a correct ruling is not actually needed. 

Of the five conservative members of that majority block, four are solid Catholics: Thomas, Alito, Kavanaugh and Barrett. Joining them is a former Catholic, Neil Gorsuch. That all of this would be combined into this one critical, fourth-and-goal moment, and that it all comes down to the votes of solid Catholics on the court is absolutely worth noting. 

In their guts, they know the evil of all this going on. Their Catholic "sense" coupled with their sharp legal acumen is something to put great stock in. Likewise, not to go too far afield, but the case before them is extremely well-crafted and would be easy for them to concur with, thus overriding the fraudulent election results in the four culprit states and restoring a measure of hope, while also having exposed the empire of evil that has been forced to reveal itself in all of this. 

So, yes, all the ingredients are present. Every single thing necessary to restore justice in the land is now in place. However, there is one catch: The Lord of History not only knew that Amy would replace the stone-cold killer Ginsburg, He also knows what would happen if he were to grant His mother's prayers and extend a great mercy to America (and thereby the world).

This means He knows that if that grace were afforded us, what we would do with it — or, troublingly, what we would not do with it. This already is and has forever been present in the mind of Almighty God from all eternity. So the question here is far from "Can God do this?" Of course, He can. The question is "Will He do it?" And that is entirely dependent on us, on what we would do with this tremendous grace if He extended it to us.

Let's be very honest here, shall we? America is a nation that, in many ways, has abused its freedoms. Tens of millions of souls have been thrown back in God's face through abortion. Sodomy and sexual perversion, pornography, child sex trafficking, you name it: It has all been done and continues unabated. 

Catholics have not only have had the nation stolen from us, but, most importantly, the Church.

The destruction of the family is occurring through contraception and divorce, producing an accumulation of destroyed lives of those children who must live with the consequences of all this. And through a Luciferian media, our evil is exported throughout the world, corrupting the human race.  

Yet here we stand, now faced with the consequences of our actions coming back to hit us square in the face, and we implore Heaven for mercy. And everything going on is absolutely the result of our prior choices. Marxism, for that is what this all is, is now ascendant — brought about and invested with this kind of power owing directly to too many Americans accepting hedonism as a legitimate choice in our supposedly free nation.

What this entire year, 2020, has revealed is the depth of evil, both in the Church and the culture. This must be fought against if we are given the mercy we implore — when in fact we do deserve justice for our sins. If we obtain this mercy of turning back the election fraud and all it has revealed, then we must be committed to restoring what has been stolen, not just Nov. 3, but for the past century.

Catholics have not only have had the nation stolen from us, but, most importantly, the Church. God knows right now if we will do that or if we won't. His foreknowledge of how we will respond, if we will cooperate with that grace, is what all this depends on. God desires mercy, but not at the cost of eschewing justice. So many Catholics (and other men and women of goodwill) are beseeching Heaven so intensely right now, ultimately for justice.

But can a people so desiring of justice being done through a granting of mercy then turn around and not dedicate their own lives to justice for others (e.g., showing mercy to the unborn, the psychologically wounded, the spiritually abandoned)?

If we want a great show of mercy, we must dedicate ourselves — from this point forward, until we die — to being used to bring about justice. That is what lies at the heart of this "Hail Mary," nothing less. Commit yourself to the future work of the divine. It's not finally about an election. It's ultimately about salvation.

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