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A Lack of Trust

And who can blame them?

April 14, 2020  0


Surveying the madness in the world right now, there's a lot of reason to mistrust much of what we are being told about a lot of things. In fact, what we are told by various authorities frequently turns out to be either wrong, overblown, lies, distortions or agenda-driven propaganda pushed by the media.

It's no wonder various so-called conspiracy theories dominate the landscape on social media. As the old saying goes, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't following you. 

There is a distinct and much-deserved lack of trust in authority right now. The constant sky-is-falling narrative — the end-of-the-world narrative that you hear non-stop — how else would you expect people to hear these kinds of reports? The local weather forecast actually seems more reliable than some of what is passed off as news.

You have instant opportunity for wicked, evil men to swing into gear — the stuff that feeds conspiracy theories.

And the issue is this — there's been so much chicken-little screaming over the past 50 years that people simply become numb to it all. We went from the predictions in the 1970s that hundreds of millions of humans were going to starve to death within a few short years to Al Gore's absurd claim that the world was going to be engulfed in global warming with rising oceans, and then the quick turnaround to a great global freeze. Then the least-intelligent politician on earth predicts that the planet has only has 12 years left. Who could blame any normal person for dismissing every warning they hear from this bunch of lunatics?

Then along comes a virus, looking more and more like it was actually created in communist lab in China and not spread by some kid who ate a live bat's head. The so-called modeling of all the so-called experts called for millions upon millions to fall over dead, and all sorts of policies were put in place that may result in causing more harm than the actual virus and you have instant opportunity for wicked, evil men to swing into gear — the stuff that feeds conspiracy theories, which again — who knows?

Loads of people said the deep state was some whack-job conspiracy theory, until it turns out there is a deep state bent on destroying President Trump. It turns out Obama's Justice Department did wiretap the Trump campaign. It turns out the Obama holdovers have busied themselves with undermining and leaking everything they can get their hands on.

So when Catholics turn to the Church and their faith, what do they find? Pretty much the same thing — the pope saying the Wuhan virus is "nature throwing a tantrum" because of climate change. Get Real. Nature doesn't have a consciousness, Holy Father. But God does.

And if we were looking for some other cause to pin this nightmare on other than the obvious one of the commies in Beijing, then if I were you, I'd start looking at a ticked off deity who is none too pleased that you and the gay cabal in the Vatican marched a wooden idol into St. Peter's and offered Mass with its accompanying symbols on the high altar.

Likewise, when you wildly misinterpret Scripture — perhaps understandable, but not excusable owing to your Marxist-Jesuit training — that Judas was saved because Jesus kissed him (he did not) and Judas repented (he did not), you give rise to all sorts of conspiracy theories that you aren't the real pope, or your election was rigged, or whatever.

The conspiracy theories in the culture, political world and the Church don't fall out of the sky. They are fueled by the actions, statements and policies of various leaders or media types who sound positively insane, if not dead wrong and most of the time.

There is something gravely wrong when leaders cannot be trusted. There's talk of mandatory virus certificates, drones following people around taking their temperatures and people being hauled off public transportation for not wearing a facemask, while the same city is freeing prisoners accused of molestation and robbery. What does anyone expect?

There's a reason gun sales have gone through the roof. When people are told by the governor and their bishops they can't go to Mass even while sitting in their cars in a parking lot, or drive-up confessions and so forth will get them fined, well, who can blame anyone for thinking things look like an emerging police state?

The sorry fact in all this is when the history of all this is written — provided humanity hasn't starved to death by the billions, the world hasn't frozen over, or ignited, or ended in now 11 years — is that the complicity of the hierarchy in all this will be part of the record. What will have been clearly demonstrated at some future point is just how lacking in supernatural faith any of these men were and what a disgrace to the Church they were.

But one important footnote will be this — that as the economy was falling apart, they kept telling the sheep to give them money, showing their true colors. Yes, after almost two years of non-stop revelations about their negligence, complicity with evil and total tone-deafness, you'd think they would step up and get with the program.

The more stuff that gets exposed, the less people trust those in charge, and perhaps that's a good thing.

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