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A National Divorce

Irreconcilable differences.

October 11, 2021  0


The country and the Church are in the throes of a great divorce. The differences have become irreconcilable, and the difference is the understanding and view of man. On the one side, the leftist, communist side, man is supreme. Period. On the opposite side, God is supreme.

Granted, on this opposite side, there are many issues about God and religion and so forth that need to be addressed and fixed. That process needs to be jump-started as soon as possible because it is precisely those differences and issues that set the table for the emergence of the bad guys. 

But for the moment, let's confine ourselves to the national divorce going on right now throughout America. It seems almost a foregone conclusion that patriots and communists cannot live and work together. So, where to from here?

Roughly 48% of the country is either communist or communist-friendly. The other side, also comprised of about 48%, is patriotic or at least more embracing of patriotism. The remaining are fence-sitters.

This spiritual war wasn't easy, but it was won — and it can be won again. 

Neither of the 48% is ever going to accept government rule by the other side. We saw that when Trump won in 2016, and the other 48% — which control every single institution in the country — went bananas. Media lied. The deep state plotted. The institutions did everything in their power to undermine him, even stealing an election.

How the good guys actually allowed the takeover of half the country is, of course, its own topic and will also need to be addressed down the road. But at this critical moment, even that needs to be tabled. In the meantime, the first stirrings of a divorce are underway. A red migration has already begun with people moving from blue states to red states. Meanwhile, in blue states and in Washington D.C., these efforts are aimed at one thing, e.g., societal upheaval.

Andrew Torba is the founder and CEO of Gab and a good friend of Church Militant. Even though he's not Catholic, he's got the real overarching theme of what's behind this massive societal upheaval. "The National Divorce" and our full interview with Andrew aired on yesterday's Mic'd Up episode, available to all Premium members.

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In this week's Mic'd Up, Andrew nails it perfectly. The theological differences will need to be ironed out, but all men of goodwill, which ultimately means all lovers of truth, must unite in this current crisis. The Catholic Church established civilization on the ashes of the Roman Empire. She baptized the barbarians and civilized them into the most cohesive God-centered culture the world has ever known.

This spiritual war wasn't easy, but it was won — and it can be won again. After all, what were we facing 2,000 years ago that we aren't facing now? Persecutions, abortion, sodomy, injustice, violence, the powerful crushing the weak, women degraded, brutality, a government that's aligned against us — what else is new?

Yet still, Our Blessed Lord's promise rings across the millennia and is as true right now as it was back then: "The gates of Hell shall not prevail against My Church. I will not leave you orphans. I shall come back to you."

'The gates of Hell shall not prevail against My Church. I will not leave you orphans. I shall come back to you.'

It is very likely that we are at the beginning stages of all of this. We are a bit down the road, but perhaps not as far as it seems. While we still have life and fight in us, we must do whatever we can to preserve and restore, to battle back against evil. In actuality, this is what we are commanded to do every day as followers of Our Blessed Lord.

But it is true that some moments in history bring that duty into sharper focus. Such a moment has arrived. So please view this week's Mic'd Up if you are a Premium member. If you're not, please become one. 

Andrew Torba is a man dedicated to fighting the fight, and he has poured his life into it. He's someone worth listening to.

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