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A Needed Counterattack

Because it's time!

September 8, 2021  0


First, a happy birthday to Our Lady, the Blessed Mother, the Mother of God. As you know, we have consecrated our corporate efforts here to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to be used to help save souls. That is why every Marian day is a little something special here at St. Michael's/Church Militant.

Given all the insanity in the world today, it's always a good thing to reflect on the Faith and never forget that God is in charge. But that doesn't absolve any of us from being as involved as we can, in whatever way our Lord and Our Lady provide for us. Getting involved and fighting for the truth doesn't reflect a lack of faith in God's omnipotence. Indeed, it reflects a willingness born from charity to want to cooperate with it. Faith without works is dead. The works are your faithfulness, expressed in acts of love and charity.

Given all the insanity in the world today, it's always a good thing to reflect on the Faith and never forget that God is in charge.

The world is at the precipice of something truly awful, but in the face of this reality, more and more people do seem to be waking up. There even seems to be a kind of momentum building. True, the bad guys are better organized and more skillful, but something does seem to be happening with the good guys. Even in the face of the bad guys' advantages, the good guys are starting to stand up.

When GoDaddy was bullied into shutting down the pro-life whistleblower page to help enforce the new Texas "heartbeat law," the group, undaunted by the child-killing cancel culture, pushed back simply by packing its bags and planning for a new host.

Likewise, all across America, ticked-off parents are showing up at school board meetings everywhere and challenging the dominant Left in shouting matches over transgender evil, critical race theory and a host of other communist agenda items.

In Australia, it is so COVID crazy that police are now tracking private citizens on their cell phones, monitoring where they are, and if they don't respond to the call in 15 minutes, the police go after them. But citizens are in a near revolutionary froth over this and are practically rioting (and we mean real riots, not the media-hyped "riot" of Jan. 6, which wasn't a riot, much less an insurrection). In Toronto and other places in Canada, it's the same deal. Citizens are pouring into the streets.

The Marxist "fact-checkers" got smoked over the weekend when the good guys revealed most of what was being reported as all lies. Biden's troubles, especially regarding his phony allegiance to the Faith, keeps blowing up in his face precisely because people keep challenging his lies. Biden is as much a Catholic as he was the winner in 2020, which is to say, he's not.

His old pal Cdl.Theodore McCarrick was hunted down and dragged into court last Friday for charges related to homosexual predation. In a striking similarity, McCarrick, who pleaded not guilty, is as about as innocent as Biden is Catholic. They each obtained their posts through illegitimate means and are closely allied to one another, China, sexual deviancy and senility.

We are able to speak about all of this because of the absolute doggedness and strong-headed determination of outfits unwilling to "let it go." We at Church Militant have chronicled every bit of this evil every step of the way, ever since Obama appeared on the scene and we detected the smoke of Satan wafting into the Church.

All of it is related, and what we do here at Church Militant is help you see all of it and how it all fits so intricately together. A corrupt and homosexual hierarchy, a complicit sect in Rome, the push for global communism, critical race theory, child murder, rigged elections, phony science to instill fear in citizens, the bishops' agreement with it all: Every last bit of this is all interconnected.

But to see the interconnectedness, you must know the information. And it changes every day, usually pretty fast. There's no way any sole person can keep track of it all. That's why we here at Church Militant have dozens of faithful Catholics working on this every day, researching, interviewing, gathering the information, exploring the details, checking with sources and bringing you everything you need to know so you can inform the people you know.

No one in the Catholic world brings you the combination of experience, professionalism, context and history that Church Militant does. No one. With our all-new Catholic Info Hour each weeknight at 7 p.m. ET, we provide you one-stop shopping to help you know everything that affects the Faith in a given day.

Satan spread the old falsehood to never talk about religion or politics because evil profits from silence and lack of knowledge. Here at Church Militant, that's all we do is talk about everything the bad guys and Satan don't want you knowing or talking about. Think of it as a much-needed counterattack against the lies of communists and their woke ideology.

When Our Lady said this evil would spread throughout the world, few, if any, realized the depth of it. Well, a century later, here we are immersed in it and needing champions to step forward and confront it. But champions can only step forward if they know what's going on and if they understand the current situation.

In the current world order, the faithful need truthful information from trustworthy, knowledgeable Catholics just as much as they need good formation in the Faith. Church Militant doesn't need to create clickbait headlines or generate useless online petitions to beef up email lists. The truth itself is strange enough all on its own. There is no need to embellish it.

Our new Catholic Info Hour combines our popular Evening News program with our mainstay program The Download to tell you what happened today and then really dig into the information from a decidedly Catholic perspective.

Satan spread the old falsehood to never talk about religion or politics because evil profits from silence and lack of knowledge.

Last night was the debut of Catholic Info Hour here on Church Militant, part of our ever-increasing presence on the internet and where millions come to each month for their news, information, support and reaffirming of the Faith. Now you can have that for a full hour each night. No Catholic should be relying on "the news" from the secular guys, not even Fox News.

What we bring you is information geared to increase your spiritual strength, your will to stand tall and battle in this epic age. Please make this regular viewing for yourself and those you know, and please spread the word. The authentically Catholic counterattack in the world of media has begun. Please join us every weeknight at 7 p.m. ET.

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