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A New Way

Religious liberty is a ridiculous notion.

July 7, 2016  0
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For a number of years, we here at Church Militant, along with some others, have been taking stock of the signs of the times and warning that a persecution is coming for the Church. The reason for a persecution is exactly the same reason it has always been: Satan wants the Church destroyed.  

The means for ginning up a persecution or carrying out the persecution or attempting to destroy the Church have varied from age to age, but the certainty is this is his number one goal: Destroy the Church, and you destroy the means to salvation — because outside the Church, there is no salvation.

The devastation the Faith has undergone in the West for the past 50 years have his filthy fingerprints all over it. There have been a number of leading causes. There have also been some very obvious consequences. One consequence has been a near-complete failure in the carrying out of Her divine mandate of baptizing all nations — meaning making the world Catholic.

This speaks directly to the reality of conversions to the Faith. Consider this little interesting tidbit you would have to dig for — which is what we do for you here at Church Militant. Last month, results were released of a study of the state of affairs in the Southern Baptist Convention. It's not good news for the second largest Christian group in the United States. At this rate, it won't be second largest for very long.

They are losing adherents at a dizzying pace to every single religion and even non-religion in the country. For example, they are experiencing net losses from Evangelicals, non-denominationals, Methodists and so forth. In other words, for every "convert" they gain from all of these denominations, they lose more, creating a decline in membership — every single group, that is, except (you guessed it): More Catholics are actually flowing into the Baptist denomination than there are Baptists becoming Catholic.

Consider that fact for a moment. One third of former Baptists are no longer Baptists. They are every other denomination you can imagine, and in some cases, nothing at all. When they leave, they consider every possibility except Catholicism. And as Catholics continue to leave the Church, more jump onto the sinking ship of the Southern Baptist Convention than Baptists who come to the One True Faith.

Something is desperately wrong. Inept leadership for a variety of reasons have forced the remaining faithful into a precarious situation. The culture is now becoming more hostile to the Church. Court cases and legal actions and judicial rulings and executive orders and municipal resolutions across the country are solidifying conditions that will soon clash with the daily life of Catholics on every level. We are very shortly, perhaps under the term of a President Hilary Clinton, going to have to begin living our faith differently.

All the cultural markers are in place. Big business has turned against Christian values. The media has long ago turned against us. The courts are stepping up their progressive aggression. On that score, consider that in the space of just one year, in two court rulings, the Catholic faith has been presented with almost insurmountable challenges: same-sex "marriage" last June, and the this June, a re-affirmation of abortion as a right. This is possible because the general culture accepts these things, so for the general culture, nothing is particularly worrisome or even controversial about the ruling. Indeed, they are celebrated.

Anyone who thinks a boiling point is not going to be reached soon, where the faithful are going to be overwhelmed, isn't understanding the state of affairs — loss of jobs, closings of Catholic outfits, etc. No society which has come to accept sodomy and child murder as constitutional rights will long tolerate a religion which calls these evil. In a short time, Catholics will be marginalized in such a way that it will be nearly illegal to be Catholic — a faithful, practicing, real, authentic Catholic, that is.

Law firms and corporations can simply require you to sign an "I accept diversity" clause in your contract, force you to march in the company-sponsored gay parade and so forth. Little examples of this have already occurred. They are warm-up acts for what is coming, dress rehearsals.

America has changed fundamentally, has become what it has always had the possibility of becoming owing to its moorings in freemasonry and Protestantism: an anti-Catholic state. Religious liberty is and always was an absurd proposition, doomed to failure from the beginning, despite good intentions of some historical figures. There is now a new way of being American, and that will force Catholics into a new way of being Catholic.

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