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A ‘Terrorist Organization’

Time for the truth.

June 8, 2020  0


A wave of anti-police sentiment is being pushed around the country by Marxist Democrats, including Joe Biden. 

The hate for police — a type of hate which is apparently okay because the Marxists give that hate their seal of approval — is being backed by not just Antifa, but also some backers of Black Lives Matter

Now, their hatred of all things police fails on a number of levels. First, many police officers, including police chiefs around the country, are black themselves. Second, the call to start defunding and dissolving various cities' police forces is the final protection against an actual civil war breaking out.

Who will stop the violent assaults on law-abiding citizens and businesses if there are no police? The answer is no one, which is exactly what the forces of anarchy want. Law-abiding Americans are left defenseless — except for, of course, self-defense, which helps explain the near doubling of gun sales compared to this time last year.

And look at this picture of Saks Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan — the flagship store of the chain situated directly beside St. Patrick's cathedral. The very revealing picture was the front page of the New York Post, which other major media are not telling you about, deliberately.

This group opposes Western civilization

So what's going on, exactly? Here's what all this is not about — racism. The Marxist media wants to drill into your heads: "You suck," "America sucks." "You're a racist." "The police are racists," even though, again, loads of police themselves are not white. One of the driving forces behind this narrative is the outfit Black Lives Matter (BLM). 

BLM is a racist group in and of itself because it highlights the issue of racism solely as a wedge issue to advance a broader agenda. What's their agenda? It's one completely in lockstep — or better said, goose step — with the Marxist Democrats.

Look at their website and click on the "About" page, and then click "What we believe." Scroll down and observe how racism fades into the background near the bottom and is replaced with the entire checklist of the Joe Biden-brain-dead-Marxists over at Party of Death headquarters.

Here at just some the highlights: 

  • All black lives matter, regardless of actual or perceived sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression
  • We make space for transgender
  • We do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege
  • We dismantle the patriarchal practice
  • We foster a queer‐affirming network
  • We are freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking

And here's the summary statement of their entire existence: We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure. This group opposes Western civilization

Race is just their wedge issue, pushed by a Marxist media and gobbled up by gullible, low-information people who have been kept deliberately in the dark so that when a time arrives for civil unrest, the shock troops can be sent out into the streets.

So with that background on the anti-Western civilization, anti-Catholic group, a situation has arisen which calls into serious question the leadership of the diocese of Fresno California.

Popular Catholic commentator Tim Gordon was on social media last week talking about these very facts when BLM supporters struck and began doxxing him on social media platforms, calling for him to lose his job at the Catholic high school where he taught.

We say taught, past tense, because within hours after the BLM campaign against him began, the diocese of Fresno — under the leadership of Bp. Joseph Brennan — dumped Gordon on the spot and told him not to come back.

[Transcript unavailable]

The actions of the diocese reveal not only the complete collapse of Catholicism being taught in Catholic schools, but also the obedience the bishops feel they owe to politically correct hegemony which rules the Marxist world.

The actions of the diocese reveal not only the complete collapse of Catholicism being taught in Catholic schools, but also the obedience the bishops feel they owe to politically correct hegemony which rules the Marxist world.

The bishop dumped Gordon knowing full well he would lose his family's health insurance as well as their income.

Tim has a handicapped child who recently underwent serious surgery, raising the question, what happened to getting the "smell of the sheep on you" or the view of the Church being a "field hospital"?

[Transcript unavailable]

Why are so many in the Church — specifically bishops so sensitive to the needs of anti-Catholic groups — so sensitive that they unceremoniously terminate an upstanding Catholic man?

[Transcript unavailable]

Catholics who have been lobotomized by their gay or lying bishops for decades, allow us to ask you: Do you think what happened here is just? Do you really believe the bishops care about peasant Catholics? If you're rich, you get access to the bishops. If you bow down to the PC gods and offer incense at their altars you're in like Flynn because you are deemed, "tolerant" and "reasonable" and "non-divisive." You work with the world and therefore you are to be raised on high as the model of modern Catholicism.

But if you go against their anti-Christ narrative you will be ground up underfoot — torn to shreds, lose your job and your family will be left to fend for itself. That's what these men in miters have established as the status quo in the Church.

At this moment, Tim and his family are not sure what they're going to do, although he is exploring some options and thinking about what would be best, both in the near term and the longer term. If you'd like to help him bridge the gap he and his wife and children are now facing, you can make a donation by going to his webpage — — and click on the donation button.

A GoFundMe page had been set up in the wake of all this to help them out. However, GoFundMe is notorious for refunding donations when people give money for a conservative or authentically religious cause, which of course this is. If you are one of the people who made such a donation and you receive a refund from GoFundMe, you can just redirect your donation to Tim's webpage.

Anyone who thinks they are going to remain somehow safe as the great Marxist steamroller plows through society still does not realize the reality.

If you don't stand and fight now — even in the face of persecution — what comes after this is going to be far worse.

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