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American Exports

Islam enslaves the body. America enslaves the soul.

August 10, 2016  0
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Let's take a moment, from a Catholic point of view, and compare America and Islam, because each is responsible for great destruction. One is obvious, the other, not quite as much.

Islam promotes heresy, and many Muslims support a violent application of that heresy. America promotes moral evil, and many Americans continue to elect and support individuals who promote violent application of that moral evil. Good and decent people are rightly shocked and angered by each explosion of jihad-inspired acts of terror. But many good and decent Americans who express shock over a nightclub shooting, a mowing down of dozens in Nice, France by a truck, express no regret over 3500 babies being killed every single day in America — 60 million dead children and counting, and not a shred of hope that that killing rampage will end in our lifetimes.

Add to that body count the much more devastating "soul count — those who are being damned in their pursuit of the American Dream. The American Dream — whatever that may have once meant — certainly does not mean that anymore.

Some Muslims kill so they can have everlasting sex in the next life. Many Americans live so they can have sex whenever they want in this life. America has become an exporter of every evil there is. And the fact there are some good people in America, many of them working hard to do what they can to slow or prevent these evils, does not alter the fact that America has become the focus of evil in the modern world.

Ronald Reagan once said those words about the Soviet Empire about 30 years ago. An honest man would have to say that those same words now apply to the American cultural empire today. We kill our children, blow up our families with divorce laws, encourage our youth — those who survive the abortionist's knives — to masturbate, contracept, cohabitate, to express their psychological illnesses in sexual deviance, strip young men of their masculinity, wipe out any notion of authentic femininity in young women, encourage everyone to think in terms of being offended, victimized and that the world owes them something.

We celebrate adultery in the name of love. We produce movies, novels, magazines, music, celebrating self-satisfaction. We have a court system that protects psychological disorders as constitutional rights. We have a majority of voters who place evil people in office, even as those same evil people are using their offices to wipe out whatever few remaining truths of a civil society remain.

The culture has accepted the maxim that "I can do whatever I want," and has paid a horrific spiritual price for it. And above all this din of sin, we hear the truly pathetic cry of soft-minded clergy, "We have a reasonable hope that all men are saved."

America is exporting this evil — all of it — through the dominating agent of the entertainment media. Does Islam enslave the body? Without a doubt. It is a diabolical agent which forces people into submission. But America has become an agent of the diabolical enslaving the soul, and Catholics must recognize the reality of the evil present in both.

Imagine if the nightly news, instead of reporting how many dozens were killed in another rage of Islamic-inspired terror, reported on how many hundreds of thousands were damned each day. This isn't to compare one system to the other to gauge which is worse on this point or that point, but to compare each system to the standard of the Catholic Church.

Satan can use many weapons against the Church, even those that appear contradictory to each other, and in many, many ways, Islam and America are opposed to each other. All the diabolical cares about, however, is that it can use them both against the Faith. On that score, Hell is advancing.

And this is why Catholics must wake up to the collapsing world around them and understand that we are in a spiritual war, and the entire world is threatened by more than one source.

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