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Amerika Magazine’s Push for Communism

From an order embracing heresy as a routine.

July 26, 2019  0


Well, the gay Jesuits, which we know is rather redundant these days, they have completed the circuit and gone completely off the rails in the natural order as well — which, as an aside, is guaranteed once you have given up the supernatural life, which the Jesuits as an order did many years ago.

Now, in the pages of their rag, which editor Fr. Matt Malone projects as sophisticated and intellectual and only for the "thinking" man, critics being not sufficiently intellectual enough to grasp its profound prose, Malone has published a piece which is little else than an apology for communism.

A glossed-over attempt to get us to look at it from a different angle, a fresh perspective — in short: have a dialogue about it.

So fierce has the criticism and backlash against the original piece been that Malone felt compelled to take to the pages of his own rag and personally pen an apologetic for the original apologetic.

The original piece first offers some words from early 20th century worker Dorothy Day in saying most common people who join the Communist Party do so out of a desire for equality and fairness among the working class.

Aside from the fact that there's not really any way to know that one way or the other, the truth remains that that is definitely not what the leaders of communism had or have in mind.

The article then includes Day's assessment that whatever the intent of many of its adherents, "the movement is, in the final analysis, a program 'with the distinct view of tearing down the church.'"

Most of the remainder of the article is spent tearing down Day's assessment, which was spot on; funny that they would trot out Day's kind analysis of the motives of rank and file party members but then assail her analysis of the movement as a whole.

Which is it, Amerika magazine? Is her assessment worth listening to or not? Or is it worth listening to when it supports your twisted position and to be discarded when it challenges your absurdity on a macro level?

The article is so indescribably lopsided, it's hard to even take it seriously, much less analyze it.

It paints the most sympathetic view of communism possible (which admittedly is a hard thing to do) and juxtaposes that view against singular horrible examples of capitalism run amok.

In short, it takes two polar extremes and contrasts the extremes to arrive at a conclusion of "Meh, communism's not so bad."

Following along those lines, in his defense article of the indefensible, Fr. Malone says:

My reading of Catholic social teaching, especially the commentary of recent popes, is that it has many good things to say about capitalism while always reminding us about the bad that comes with it. At the same time, it has many bad things to say about socialism while always reminding us of the good that comes with it.

Talk about a complete gloss. The Church does not remind us of the "good" that comes with "socialism" — notice the subtle yet deliberate shift there from communism to socialism.

The Church, in the person of Pope Pius XI, says of socialism the following: "No one can be at the same time a sincere Catholic and a true Socialist" — which is almost the same year that Dorothy Day was saying her bit that the goal of communism was to destroy the Church.

And so as not to confuse or conflate terms here, socialism and communism are only very slightly different economic systems, but economics is not the major reason for the Church's condemnation of both, a condemnation that Fr. Malone simply does not mention to you — and actually deceives you about.

The real question surrounding these evil systems is not one of economics, but one of spirituality and human dignity.

While the original article details a couple of examples of big corporation's poor working conditions for their workers — admittedly bad and unjust and in need of reform — it completely skips over the hundreds of millions of examples of out and out murder by communist regimes — much of it aimed at people of religion.

Karl Marx despised religion, a theme carried through by the Bolsheviks when they seized power in Russia in the 1917 revolution. 

They came to power through massive violence, storming the palace of Czar Nicholas in St. Petersburg, eventually not just assassinating him, but also murdering his children and wife.

These same men and their successors who came to power in Russia also through murder and violence went on to set up an institutionalized system, the gulag, where millions were sent for slave labor and eventual starvation and execution.

Methinks, given the choice of working long hours in an Amazon shipping house or being tortured, starved and beaten to death in the frozen tundra of a Siberian gulag, the Amazon warehouse might not appear so bad.

But it wasn't enough for communism in Russia to confine itself to the borders of that nation. It drew an Iron Curtain across Europe and built a wall to keep its enslaved population from escaping to freedom in the West.

Guards, communist guards, shot and killed anyone who tried to get across the Berlin Wall.

The horror of communism — its destruction of the human soul and spirit — was what prompted the politically explosive speech by President Ronald Reagan in 1987; while standing in the shadow of the monument to tyranny, he spoke the famous words.

In 1956, the Russian Commies sent tanks into Hungary to brutally crush an uprising of ordinary people who wanted freedom.

Communism and its twin sister, socialism, is always enforced through murder and violence against the will of the people it supposedly upholds.

Who can forget the scene of Chinese Communists in Tiananmen Square with the pervasive threat again of violence and death and the lone protestor staring down their evil?

Shortly after Stalin came to power, he put on a series of show trials where political prisoners were denied due process, dragged before Communist tribunals and predetermined sentences were handed down — often capital punishment.

Millions of poor farmers were driven off their ancestral lands which were seized by the Communist government in the name of the "people."

Murder, torture, starvation, execution, enslavement, poverty distributed equally to the masses — these are what comprise the machinery of Communism.

And enormous energy of that machine was directed at the Catholic Church, which even today is playing out in China as the Commies and socialists in the Vatican have sold out Chinese Catholics.

In Fr. Malone's stupid assessment of this big picture, he paints this as some academic question worthy of dialogue and for thinking people to ponder and consider over martinis in libraries and classrooms.

The Jesuits have popped champagne corks all over their order about Pope Francis denouncing a border wall and the death penalty.

However, walls, guns and the death penalty are the stock in trade of communism and socialism, yet somehow, all of a sudden, these historical facts are simply ignored and not presented.

And oh yeah, by the way, when the socialist and communist systems come to power, one of the very first things they do is set about to destroy the family.

Immediately, no-fault divorce is legislated and imposed, as is abortion and contraception, in an effort to destroy the family fabric and make individuals become dependent on the state — again, not talked about it either article in Amerika magazine.

So given the vast amount of lack of information in either article, the question needs to be asked: Is the editorial staff at Amerika just that stupid or are they malicious, agitating for a political system that seeks to destroy the Catholic Church, masquerading as a better economic system?

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