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And Still Waiting ...

And waiting and waiting and ...

August 26, 2020  0



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Well, it's Aug. 26, which means exactly two years have gone by — as of yesterday — since Abp. Viganò released his nuclear-bomb testimony that former cardinal Theodore McCarrick was known far and wide throughout the Church to be a homopredator. 

In fact, he himself had personal knowledge that even Pope Francis knew all about McCarrick's serial sexual abuse of seminarians and still elevated him to be a personal attaché to China to hammer out a deal that would flatten the Church in the communist nation as well get the Vatican $2 billion a year from the commies (if economists' investigations are accurate). 

Got it? The Pope knew! He knew! That was the entire point of Vigano's testimony. But there was more. McCarrick was protected by a gang of gay clerics who all profited personally from his evil. McCarrick was destroying vocations, had destroyed young men willing to give their lives to Christ and His Church, had already destroyed the lives and psyches of other victims — most notably James Grein.

This was known up and down the hierarchy — not every last detail, but certainly enough. And then, when it all started coming out, those involved in protecting McCarrick lied to such a filthy, disgusting degree that it would make Satan blush. Donald Wuerl, Blase Cupich, Robert McElroy, Kevin Farrell — Farrell even got promoted by Francis to the highest levels of the Church in the Vatican.

Where's the report, Holy Father? Where is the McCarrick report?

All of them (and many more) are part of a vast homosexual-clergy network intent on covering up and going into damage-control mode. And that they did, like the mafia they all are (with an expertise that would make their drug-dealing counterparts want to take copious notes).

As the months dragged on — beginning in that summer of shame in 2018 — people wanted to know how this all happened. How had McCarrick gotten away with this for so long? Why did no one come forward and turn him in? Why was it that secret settlement payments were being made and no one brought it to light — no bishop, no chancery personnel, no one?

Exactly what kind of culture had the bishops created that a monster like this could do what he did and no one felt the obligation to God or a massive string of young men to reveal the truth? Then the bishops gathered in November in Baltimore — reportedly intent on asking some of those questions.

But the funny thing was, many of the men who knew the answers, those who had helped cover up for McCarrick, were the very men (the senior clergy) sitting in that room. They knew, as later documents and further testimonies would reveal. Indeed, they knew.

Then just as the meeting was gaveled to order, the homosexualist cardinal Blase Cupich grabbed the microphone and told his brother bishops that the pope's just-delivered orders to cease this entire discussion should be followed. No more discussion. And that was that. The room and the media were stunned. A cone of silence had been imposed by Pope Francis and enforced by Cupich.

Clearly, he had traded away his soul to advance the cover-up for his own personal benefit. In some ways, from the perspective of a cover-up, it was a masterstroke. Just as the furnace was heating up, just as the media glare was being focused like a powerful laser beam, Cupich and Pope Francis pulled the plug.

There would be no discussion, no answers, no debate, no questioning. Nothing. Speak and Cupich would chop your head off. All would be clarified at a conference — a sex summit in Rome early in 2019 — Cupich announced. And in the area of strange coincidence, who would you guess presided over the sex summit?

Of course, a cardinal who owed his career to the homopredator: Blase Cupich. He got his position as archbishop of Chicago because of McCarrick pushing for him. It's a filthy cesspool — beyond a swamp. In fact, calling it a swamp is an insult to swamps.

A cone of silence had been imposed by Pope Francis and enforced by Cupich.

In between the November bishop meeting and the end of the year, Cdl. O'Malley of Boston said a Vatican report on the whole affair would be released very soon. Then Cupich told us it would be out by the early part of the year. A couple of weeks ago, Cdl. Timothy Dolan had a secret call with his clergy and told them the McCarrick report would be out before the end of this month.

Tick tock, Your Eminence, tick tock. So now we are faced with the two-year anniversary of Viganò's testimony and are still waiting for a report that would implicate most of the senior hierarchy in the United States, not to mention major players in the Vatican. How can they release the truth? They'd all be arrested, or worse.

Remember, they protected a child molester and a destroyer of souls. Donald Wuerl replacing the monster in D.C. was no accident. He'd done his own fine job in this area while in Pittsburgh. Others were complicit with him. They all have their own skeletons, their own massive sins, their own ongoing guilt.

And that's the key here. Their scandal is still continuing. Every day that passes — every single day — is another indictment against them. They lie by cover-up every day. They deny justice to the victims every day. They weaken the faith of the laity every day. Their crimes and sins are blazing the trail for them into eternity every day.

They have no intention of ever revealing the truth. The truth is not in them. They don't even know what it is anymore. How could a group of morally corrupt thieves and liars ever do anything except continue lying and covering up? It's their nature, or it has become their nature. 

So Dolan is the latest in the cardinal club to announce (sort of) that the McCarrick report is on the way — just around the corner. Justice will be done. All shall be revealed. Consider the guilt of the men involved in this. Consider the enormity of their sins — ongoing, unrepented from.

And then ask yourself if what Bp. Barron blathers on about — us having a reasonable hope all men are saved — rings true to you. Perhaps the reason the bishops are so down with Barron's theological weirdness is because they hope it's true. Considering where they all are right now, they better hope he's right. But then, where would be the justice in that?

Where's the report, Holy Father? Where is the McCarrick report?

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