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Another Horrible Bishop

Who needs to go.

April 16, 2021  0


Yesterday, we told you about the implosion of a wicked bishop in Crookston, Minnesota who was forced to resign for covering up charges of sex abuse to protect a bad priest. Today, we're sliding over to Detroit to tell you about another horrible bishop, who, in this case, manufactured charges of sex abuse to get rid of a good priest. We are not kidding when we repeatedly say that you cannot make this stuff up.

Almost two years ago, Abp. Allen Vigneron sent his goons from the chancery to lie to the parishioners at Assumption Grotto that their pastor, Fr. Eduard Perrone, was being removed from the parish and all priestly ministry because of a credible charge of sex abuse from 40 years prior. All of it was a fantastic lie manufactured by Vigneron and his chancery to sideline Perrone, a well-known orthodox priest considered an enemy by the gay clerical mafia so dominant in Detroit.

Following the announcement at the noon Mass on July 4th weekend, Msgr. Michael Bugarin (Vigneron's hitman for good clergy) was confronted by various parishioners who rightly refused to believe his lies. All he said over and over again was, "Trust the process."

Of course, Vigneron and Bugarin had rigged the process against Fr. Perrone so that also was a lie. Almost 20 months later, the Vatican ruled against Vigneron and Bugarin, saying there was nothing to their case, as Church Militant had reported from the beginning.

Of course, Vigneron and Bugarin had rigged the process against Fr. Perrone.

For the record, the Michigan State Police had reached the same determination, and not one, but two polygraph tests on Fr. Perrone had also determined he was telling the truth. Every single possible source — cops, tests, alleged victim testimony and Rome — reached the same determination: Vigneron's manufactured charges were a big "nothingburger."

Of course, there was much rejoicing in "Perrone land." Oh, but not so fast: The wicked archbishop and his hitman, now thoroughly embarrassed (not to mention exposed by Rome), couldn't take the public humiliation so, despite Rome saying, "Nothing to see here, folks," Vigneron conjured up another phony claim as an excuse to keep Perrone on ice.

This time another chancery thug (Ned McGrath) with a notorious reputation for lying through his teeth every time he speaks claims Fr. Perrone engaged in "behavior that is unbecoming of the clerical state" during the sacred "process." Translation: They didn't like the fact that Fr. Perrone actually has sued Msgr. Bugarin for defamation in civil court for manufacturing the phony charge of sodomy.

Frankly, what did they expect him to do? Fr. Perrone is determined to see this evil through to its full conclusion, bringing down the entire rotten structure on the heads of these wicked, evil men. After all, he's already won a defamation suit against the Macomb County sheriff deputy Nancy LePage, who cooperated with Bugarin in fabricating the sodomy lie.

In addition to that lawsuit by Fr. Perrone against the lying, wicked Bugarin, the parishioners of Assumption Grotto have also filed suit against Vigneron and the archdiocese for using archdiocesan funds to pay for proceedings against Fr. Perrone when the archdiocese knew the charges were lies.

At the heart of all this rot in the archdiocese, which Vigneron oversees, is an active clique of homosexual clergy stretching back decades and with whom Vigneron is closely associated. A large number of senior clergy are tied up with it. Plum assignments are given to these men. They cover for one another. They stigmatize good priests, and they try to destroy them.

So, for now, Bugarin, who is very much part of "the network" in the archdiocese, is facing an uphill climb since Rome has come down on Fr. Perrone's side. It's going to be a tall mountain to climb to defend himself against defamation when all the facts are laid out in court.

To wit:

  • He and Nancy LePage lied about the core finding
  • He told the Associated Press about the case before telling Fr. Perrone
  • The AP ran the story, which was picked up by media all over the world — including on a ticker played repeatedly by FOX News
  • The Michigan State Police found nothing to investigate or refer for prosecution
  • Rome found nothing worthy of pursuing, which means they have cleared him of any potential wrongdoing

So, back at Grotto on that fateful weekend, "Bugs" (as Bugarin is disparagingly called by clergy here in the archdiocese) told everyone to "trust the process." He said it over and over and over again. Well, Bugs, the process is now over, but you and the chancery just can't let go of this because you have been exposed as the filthy, rotten liars you are.

And your whole cohort who has shamelessly defended you — like parishioner Teresa Tomeo of EWTN who makes a fortune off her sucking-up to the archdiocese-of-Detroit powers and who has blasted Church Militant reporting on this whole sordid affair — you have all lost. The whole lot of you: the review board, the retired state judge, Michael Talbot (a deceiver of the highest sort), Bugarin, Tomeo — all of you. The whole world now sees you for exactly who you are.

But there is one lone figure who should be most concerned: the archbishop himself, Allen Vigneron. That wicked man has allowed this nightmare to drag on and on, empowering Bugarin every step of the way, unwilling to tick off his gay friends in Detroit's "lavender mafia." Even in the secular media, the Detroit Free Press is reporting on this scandal of an archbishop refusing to reinstate a priest cleared by Rome.

But there is one lone figure who should be most concerned: the archbishop himself, Allen Vigneron.

Well, Archbishop, that sound you hear is the clock ticking for you. Canon law may soon be coming for you. Under canon law, the actions of an appointee of the archbishop actually redound to the archbishop. In other words, everything Bugarin has done is viewed under canon law as though Vigneron has done it himself. So Bugarin can get slammed in a civil court for defamation and then Vigneron would suffer the full humiliation in Church law, as it should be.

Three years ago, Church Militant issued a Vortex saying Vigneron needed to resign. Now, he needs to be removed. And this isn't the only case keeping him up at night. He's also being sued for covering up sex abuse, another reason he needs to be gone.

But Church Militant has also produced a new report, released just this week, about Vigneron covering up a computer-porn scandal at his seminary (involving high-ranking clergy). So as we leave all this for now, we urge you to watch that special report as well. 

Vigneron and his whole team are dirty as hell. They are sympathetic to their own and have zero compassion for victims, even victims of their own creation. He needs to go. The entire chancery staff — anyone who has had any involvement in this at all — all of it needs to be burned to the ground and completely started over. And no, Detroit is not an isolated case — just the original one.

Again, please be sure to view the Seminary Porn Scandal Special Report.

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