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Answering the Cuomo Question

The answer needs to be 'No!'

March 31, 2020  0


The scripts put out by the Marxist media are so predictable, they can actually write themselves. Here's the template: "Trump sucks. Everything bad is his fault. Such and such is much better. Trump sucks." That's the pattern. All you have to do is just fill in a couple of data points from whatever day they're reporting and presto — instant propaganda, I mean, story.

So in this current environment, the Marxists suddenly realized that their attacks on him at the daily White House Task Force briefings were backfiring. The more they insulted him and spit venom and posed "gotcha" questions, the less the public liked them and the higher the President's ratings are going. So the information gatekeepers did what any self-respecting Marxists would do: They dumped broadcasting the commander in chief leading the country in a moment of crisis.

They started calling the briefings "Trump rallies" and did everything they could to pin the virus on Trump. But, remember the story template: "Trump sucks. Everything bad is his fault. Such and such is better. Trump sucks." You must stick to the template. 

The Culture of Death that is dominant in America these days received its great assist at the hands of Catholic politicians as well as Catholic leaders.

During the campaign it was easy: First we had "Cute little Mayor Pete is better." Then when he tanked, "Bernie is better." Then when he tanked, "Biden is better." But then, along came a virus and took the campaign right out of the news cycle. For Team Biden, that has been a disaster. Not only does Joe have a problem remembering himself, now the voters do as well — Joe who?

So the Marxist media needs someone to stand in the "he's better" slot or their story doesn't work. Enter stage left — and we do mean Left — New York Gov. Andrew "phony Catholic" Cuomo. He is the newest Democrat Messiah, as evidenced by the Marxists at Media Central's non-stop swooning over his daily, self-serving briefings.

First, why does anyone in the other 49 states care to hear the daily briefing of what's going on in one single state, more than any other state? Well, the Marxists respond, New York has more cases than any state, and specifically, New York City, so therefore Messiah Cuomo must be listened to. And besides, "Trump sucks."

Okay, let's run with that. Why does New York City have so many more cases than any other city? Well, partially because there's a boatload of people there, packed in tightly. Okay, but wouldn't you think that political leaders would have previously realized that and prepared for something like this? But they didn't.

Why is New York, and specifically the city, experiencing such massive shortages of everything — face masks, ventilators, blood, hospital gowns and so forth? And exactly how is that Trump's fault? Cuomo, even for all his blustery New York grandstanding and whining, has been largely ineffectual in all this.

He too was slow to respond, but more importantly, the question needs to be asked: How is it that the governor of a state — which is the number-one target for terror attacks, remember — how is it possible that years ago, the state and specifically the city itself wasn't already prepared for a mad crush on hospitals and the health care system? The Wuhan virus has only served to surface an already pre-existing condition that was present for years, just not this visible.

And when New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was shooting his mouth off when cases were already popping up, telling New Yorkers to go to the movies and line the streets for the Chinese New Year Parade, where was Cuomo telling him to shut up?

Cuomo is a fraud, period. He's a fraud in his personal life, which informs and spills over into his public life. He has the last name Cuomo from his father, who was every bit as much a fraud as he is. It was Mario Cuomo who introduced into the Catholic political lexicon the diabolical phrase about abortion, "I'm personally opposed, but ... ." He said that first at Notre Dame in the fall of the 1984 Reagan-Mondale race in an effort to snatch the Catholic vote back from Reagan, and hundreds of Catholic child-killing politicos have employed it since, including his son, Andrew. 

The media swoon-fest over Cuomo, indeed the whole Party of Death, is precisely because of his love of abortion and same-sex "marriage." No Catholic bishop will confront him on this, besides, of course, a "public statement," which is forgotten before a person is even done reading it, so ineffectual is it. The Culture of Death that is dominant in America these days received its great assist at the hands of Catholic politicians as well as Catholic leaders, who either went along with it for various reasons, or offered next to nothing by way of resistance.

Catholics are born for combat. But you have to be engaged to prepare in combat.

The mix between the world and the Church is what we cover here at Church Militant non-stop because you have to know and understand the interplay. It's why we do investigations exposing the corruption. It's why we have our Premium channel to emphasize Catholic teaching. You have to look at the world through a Catholic lens. It's not enough to just retreat into piety because you have a non-confrontational personality. Change your personality, then! Catholics are born for combat. But you have to be engaged to prepare in that combat. You have to understand the way the world works — in specifics — not just, "oh it's evil" and move on.

Other people need to hear from you. This is your duty as a Catholic: They need to hear why it's evil — the details, like Andrew Cuomo, and what the media is doing to propel his image — if not for this election, then certainly for 2024. His pre-eminence in the political world is owing to decades of horrible bishops who did nothing to him or his father. And his pre-eminence is what allowed him to sign the most horrible child-killing law in the history of the world.

All of this is tied together and Catholics need to be able to explain it in cold, logical means — with facts, history and detail. That's why we are asking you to become a Premium member. It's just $10 a month, but for that $10, you get access to all kinds of this information. We have theology, philosophy, history, investigations, catechesis — hundreds of hours.

And given the fact that large numbers of Americans are now stuck in their homes for what seems like at least another month, what better way to spend your time than preparing for battle? We are all going to emerge from our domestic bunkers soon enough, and when we do, the truncated election cycle will mean that the Luciferian media will be in overdrive to get rid of Trump so no more pro-life judges can be appointed. And the people they will be trying to brainwash are your children, your friends, your colleagues and your family.

You have to be able to talk to those people and tell them the whole truth — make the connections for them, plain and simple — about the Faith and the world. A Church Militant Premium subscription equips you for both. Just click on the link and become Premium today.

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