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As the Church Goes…

If evil is winning the day, it's because of the Church's immorality.

July 31, 2019  0


To continue a theme here about the ongoing destruction of the Church, various people say that the Church is having a rough go of it because the world is so corrupt and immoral — only half true.

The world is corrupt and immoral, but the order of the statement is switched around. The corruption and immorality is so dominant in the world because it was first dominant in the Church.

Just a look at one glaring issue, the insanity of homosexuality accepted as normal by a culture. Where was the Church's voice against this abomination when it started to gain a footing in the culture? 

It was silent because so many of the clergy were sodomizing each other and supporting it. The world was corrupted by the Church — not the other way around.

Why was there so little opposition to the world's acceptance of contraception back in the 1960s? The Church had no problem roundly condemning it 30 some years earlier.

Because sexual license for married couples, which was just one short step away from sexual license for anyone anywhere became the green light for sexual license in seminaries and rectories and religious houses all over the Church.

Why do we have abortion as the most common surgical procedure performed in America? Because when the rubber hit the road back in the 1970s, the bishops fell silent and didn't want to tick off their Democratic Party overlords.

This is flat-out acknowledged in a 2009 Wall Street Journal piece, which reads in part: "Politicians also began to realize that, despite the Catholic Church's teachings to the contrary, its bishops and priests had ended their public role of responding negatively to those who promoted a pro-choice agenda."

In fact, as many people may not know, there was a then-secret meeting at the famed Kennedy compound in Hyannisport, Massachusetts, in the summer of 1964, in which members of the Kennedy clan were "coached" by Catholic clergy, theologians, professors and even a bishop on how you could be a "good Catholic" and still support the dismembering of a child in the womb.

An apostate Jesuit priest, Albert Jonsen, virtually brags about the meeting in his 1998 book The Birth of Bioethics.

He details that it was a majority of Jesuits at the meeting which convinced the Kennedy clan, that when the time was right, they could vote for child slaughter.

Those Jesuits hung their narrative on the argument of another shameful disgrace of a Jesuit, Fr. John Courtney Murray, who split the finest hair possible with the argument that "distinguished between the moral aspects of an issue and the feasibility of enacting legislation about that issue." 

The Hyannisport conclave concluded Catholic politicians "might tolerate legislation that would permit abortion under certain circumstances if political efforts to repress this moral error led to greater perils to social peace and order."

And thus became the standard for the wholesale slaughter of 60 million children with Catholic politicians leading the way, and that "way" being cleared for them by Catholics bishops being bought off by the same politicians.

And Bp. Robert Barron thinks we have a "reasonable hope all men are saved" — give me a break.

You will find self-interested sell out after self-interested sell out of the truths of the Church on any issue you can imagine by these wanton wicked hirelings. They will defend any proposition, any teaching, any position except the truth of the Church.

And what's more revolting and disgusting is that they will dress their evil up in the language of the Church to make it appear holy and righteous.

They will defend men having sex with each other as acceptance and tolerance and charity. They will present the ongoing murder of children as "complicated" and what happens in a "pluralistic society" and never lift a finger to defend the defenseless.

And they will never breathe a word about the Catholic Church being far superior — in fact infinitely superior — to any and all other religions because Her founder is the infinite God Himself.

Christ established the Church and breathed into it — and only it — the ability to defeat evil in this world.

No other institution has divinity in its bones, its very lifeblood. Only the Catholic Church can vanquish Satan and his evil. Yet these men are servants of that same devil, pretending to be caring shepherds.

They have the office, true enough. But they are devils in miters, liars and cheats, wicked men who despise the truth, both as a concept and as the truth is in Himself.

They love their sin, pride, respect, money, sex — all of it. They care nothing for souls, beyond headcounts in the pews, because that relates directly to cash flow.

They are stripping the Church of the ability to carry out Her divinely appointed mission because they do not believe. They are liars like their father the devil.

They have lied about Catholic politicians and abortion; they have lied about contraception; they have lied about homosexuality; they have lied about the rape of thousands of altar boys.

The list of their sins is too horrible to conceive of — and unrepentant they shall burn for eternity, along with many of the souls of the world they caused to abandon the truth.

The world is rotten because a large portion of the hierarchy turned rotten decades ago not the other way around. It is impossible for the world to defeat the Church because the Church has Christ as Her founder.

But it is possible for the Church to succumb to the world when leaders in the Church abandon Christ — which they have done.

There is some historical controversy over the question of whether Pope St. Pius V ever said the following words, but whether he uttered them or not, they are still true: "All the evils in the world are due to lukewarm Catholics." Of course they are, because only the Church has the ability to defeat evil.

If evil is winning the day, it's because of the Church's immorality, not the other way around.

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