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Baptizing Bad ‘Science’

Fake science and the bishops.

March 10, 2021  0


In case you haven't noticed, the U.S. hierarchy is all over the map with their individual and conference statements. It stems from decades of poor formation, acceptance of homosexuality among their members, lying, cheating, deceiving, covering up sex abuse and sexual harassment: This is the lot the faithful have been delivered to "lead" them.

Likewise, it should come as no surprise that all this attending evil has polluted the bishop aquarium so extensively that bishops the faithful believe to be good are a constant sign of confusion — issuing unclear statements, weird conclusions, condemning evil after the fact and so forth.

The U.S. bishops have been dumped into a blender, and it's been turned to puree. And as a result, faithful Catholics are being cornered by their inconsistency. One big area is their all-over-the-map response to the COVID stuff. But for the most part, it's been a complete caving to the government's tyranny with what has turned out to be a lot less science and a lot more politics.

From almost the very beginning, this whole COVID scene has had the stench of overreach, mismanagement, politics, manipulation, coercion and artificial crisis. And the U.S. hierarchy has gone along with every bit — being among the first to shutter churches, demand masks, refuse to challenge the narrative, and now, even as states like Texas drop the mask mandate, they demand it remain in place on church property.

And now, as the dawn of the highly controversial and sometimes deadly so-called vaccine appears and works its way into the culture, some bishops refuse to get off their knees to the altar of State worship, insisting that only those who have been jabbed can return to Mass.

Evil has polluted the bishop aquarium so extensively that even bishops the faithful believe to be good are a constant sign of confusion.

And even then, the mandatory mask idiocy is still "encouraged." Why, if you've gotten a vaccine, should you still wear a mask? And in the realm of masks, there is still, to this day, absolutely no consensus on their effectiveness. Still, the bishops go out of their way to baptize this ridiculous science, demonstrating with each passing day their continued allegiance to the things of the earth over the things of Heaven.

In Texas, for example, even with the Catholic governor lifting the mask mandate, at least two bishops — Ed Burns of Dallas and Michael Sis of San Angelo — have ordered the faithful to keep those masks strapped on.

That is a political decision on the part of those bishops, as well as many others. When governors ordered everything shut and everyone masked, they went along with the plan in lightning-like fashion. They said that we, as Catholics, have always obeyed the secular authority — blah, blah, blah. But now, when the same secular authority orders the masks off, bishops defy that order and keep the fear narrative going.

Likewise, the vaccine hysteria is now beginning to reach high levels, and, in New York, the disgraced governor and phony Catholic (whom bishops will not denounce), Andrew Cuomo, is instituting a mandatory vaccine policy in order to go into sports arenas, theaters and restaurants.

The pilot program is already being rolled out at test centers around the state. Anyone want to place bets on how long it will take the wimp-bishop crowd to order no one allowed in churches for Mass, no sacraments, no attendance at funerals unless you can prove you've gotten the supposed vaccine?

In fact, a good number of bishops are styling the vaccine as some kind of moral obligation, like it's your duty or something as a faithful Catholic to get it. That's not true — not at all. In fact, in so doing, they completely ignore and sidestep two areas of serious concern.

One is the heath threat from the vaccine. Here in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a thousand people have died from it. And knowing how untrustworthy the CDC has been in reporting anything truthful about the COVID death rate over these past 12 months, it's a safe bet that more than a thousand people have died. So if faithful Catholics have real concerns about taking the shot, why should they be made to feel like they're bad?

Second is the complete deception offered by multiple bishops that abortion-tainted vaccines are morally permissible. On the surface, there is a bit of truth to that, but it's extremely nuanced. Two conditions must be present for it to become morally permissible. One, there must be an imminent threat of death or a grave reason to take it. COVID has a 99% recovery rate, so it hardly qualifies as the Black Death.

Most people don't even get it. Those who do have a remarkable recovery rate. Do some people die? Yes. But they are literally the one-in-tens-of-thousands exceptions. Secondly, it has to be the case that there is no morally acceptable alternative for recovery. However, there are existing treatments for this. Huge numbers of people have recovered after a bout with symptoms, ranging from mild to pretty dramatic. But they survive and get up and continue with their lives.

So it is wildly deceptive on the part of these bishops to paint this as a moral obligation when it is far from anything as severe as the elites are painting. And on this point, some people (many, in fact) just don't want to get the shot at all. They don't like it. They never got the flu shots — nothing. It's not their thing. Period.

But this is just one more example of the bishops bowing down to fake science — like so-called manmade climate change. Too many bishops in the United States (as well as the bishop of Rome) treat "climate change" like it's something that's real, meaning caused by man. Last weekend, the British media published a lengthy story about an extensive study saying the number one cause of the planet's destruction was people having babies.

The upshot is that in order to "save the planet" we have to dramatically reduce the number of humans, which begs the question: "If there are no humans, then what or who exactly is the planet being saved for?" All of this "science" from COVID to climate change has the stench of the diabolical all over it.

All of this 'science' from COVID to climate change has the stench of the diabolical all over it.

Even if it's real — and again, there is no consensus on any of it — it can still be used for diabolical purposes. Think about a huge portion of humanity going along with the idea that vaccines derived from aborted baby parts are perfectly acceptable and the way to save the planet is to decrease babies.

If that doesn't strike you as diabolical, then you need to wake up. Fake science, like fake news, has a long, sordid history of being used to destroy the truth and stifle those who accept it. What's truly disturbing this time, however, is the complete willingness of so many bishops to preach it, cornering faithful Catholics and presenting them a spiritualized view of phony science.

The effectiveness of masks has no scientific consensus at all. People are taking a vaccine that has not gone through the normal testing process and is having adverse side effects and was derived from aborted babies. And a worldwide move to reduce humanity's numbers is now taking center stage.

The U.S. bishops are part and parcel to all this, distorting Church teaching and taking advantage of the ignorance of so many, an ignorance they caused with their wishy-washy, emasculated approach to the truth of Christ (for decades). No one is bound to follow any bishop's pronouncements on something scientific or political, even if they do go out of their way to try and baptize it.

Ignore them. They haven't brought you the truth of the Faith. How could they possibly bring you any scientific truth? No one, not even a bishop, can order you to go against your well-informed conscience.

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