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Barbarians in the Boardrooms

And they're coming for you.

June 3, 2020  0


If it hadn't yet occurred to you that the world is at a tipping point, just look out your window or turn on the news. 

The conflagration we see happening is the result of wicked men and women in the service of evil, the diabolical, having — at last — gained the upper hand and beginning to reveal their real agenda. Their real agenda is the total overthrow of Western civilization, which could only have been brought about by the collapse of the institutional Church, specifically the hierarchy.

This has been in the works, as a plan, for roughly 300 years, since the joining of the two lodges of Freemasonry — the Scottish rites and York rites — in 1717. If you need the history on all that specifically, we invite you to view the Faith-Based Investigation (FBI) we produced on the topic back in 2013, where we show the emergence and then the advance of a worldview completely counter to Christ and His Church.

But in sum, the plan was to create a counter civilization to challenge and eventually defeat Catholic Western civilization, which has largely been accomplished. To bring this counter civilization, which in truth is organized barbarism, into being and eventually overcome the Church, a multi-faceted, long-view plan kept evolving, which has employed many, multiple lines of attack.

Catholicism and its worldview had been so firmly entrenched, even among rebellious Protestant sects, that to dislodge the Church would take a protracted plan of dislodging core beliefs and institutions of the civilization. The central, core belief which had to be overthrown to achieve final, earthly victory would be the destruction of belief in God — of things supernatural, and specifically religious.

If various cultural institutions could be penetrated through a careful, barely noticeable, bit-by-bit advance, the soil would become fertile for bringing down what has come to be called 'the West.'

As the world began to advance technologically and agrarian life gave way to urban life, various political movements began to coalesce around the new industrial reality, and the enemies of Christ began to hit their stride. Monarchies — which had largely been the enforcers of doctrine, mostly for selfish reasons — gave way to democracies.

At first, democracies, while rejecting the authority of doctrine and the Church, did at least deal in the principles of natural law, including the natural moral law. At first, the cultural institutions of these fledgling democracies actually upheld the principles — enshrined them in laws — thus corresponding themselves, at least implicitly, to Catholic-moral teaching. The family was still understood to be the building block of civilization out of which everything else arose.

So if various cultural institutions could be penetrated through a careful, barely noticeable, bit-by-bit advance, the soil would become fertile for bringing down what has come to be called "the West." The cultural institutions targeted would be predominantly three: education, politics — specifically the courts — and the world of journalism in the larger arena of the media. Little by little, these institutions were to be co-opted separately, as well as in conjunction with each other, to manufacture a sense of non-permanence and instability.

Those goals were able to be worked on because of a preceding invasion of the world of philosophy — the realm of the spiritual — but only as preparation for what was coming. Each area — education, law and news — each had a specific goal, three individual pillars that needed to be kicked out from under common life.

Education was to attack not just truth, but the concept of truth. Law was to attack the arena of justice itself apart from natural law. And the attack on the medium of news, especially in the last half-century of electronic media, was to replace critical thought with appeal to emotion — to usher in the mass spirit of victimhood.

Since politics, as they say, is downstream of the culture, it would only be a matter of time until self-serving politicians would give way and adopt the new cultural norms of no truth, justice-devoid victimhood. Politics would turn to identity politics, which became the measuring rod for a large percentage of the electorate. Identity politics is closely tied to victimhood, and once the poisonous brew is injected into the civilization, the clock begins running until the body eventually gives up the ghost.

That is where we are now — a culture that produces a Marxist-media narrative which is a pack of lies, devoid of justice because it values lesser rights over and above superior rights, which is the inversion of justice.

Many worlds had to be destroyed in the process of arriving at this Marxist utopia — a utopia, that is, for the enemies of Christ and nature. For example, despite pretending to be friends and supporters of the poor and disenfranchised, the Marxist Left has owned and manipulated these people for whatever political gain they could be used for. For instance, in view of the current riots, the Marxist overlords have never cared about the black community, nor any lower socio-economic group for that matter, black or otherwise. Remember, the whole Marxist idea of birth control evolved from the single goal of wiping out people of color, especially blacks.

Margaret Sanger launched her infamous "Negro Project" to black, inner-city pastors as a means of eradicating what she considered an underclass. She of course pitched it as a "get rich" philosophy where fewer children would ensure greater wealth, and the pastors fell for it hook, line and sinker, and they still do.

Soon, the singular stand-out quality of Black America — those fierce, family bonds — were devastated as inner-city populations switched almost overnight from a deeply spiritual, tight-knit community with nearly unshakeable faith to neighborhoods of rampant promiscuity. That promiscuity has led to off-the-charts abortions, fatherless children and poverty rates, leaving two generations of many young men who drop out of school, become embroiled in crime through drugs and gangs and perpetuate a cycle of violence.

It has also created a built-in underclass that Marxist-minded politicians, almost all of them Democrats, profit from politically by having created a welfare state dependent on them. The African-American community has been most betrayed not by whites whose ancestors over a century ago enslaved them, but by leftist Democrats who today give them scraps in exchange for votes, while leaving them trapped in failing schools, denying them school choice programs and exterminating them by abortion and birth control because, secretly, they detest them.

They'd wipe out the entire race if it didn't hurt them politically, but in the not-too-distant future, once the Marxists have secured their power by climbing over their corpses, then they will no longer have any need for them. 

Recall that it was supposed black-ally Bill Clinton who signed the Crime Bill legislation in 1994, which resulted in an instant and dramatic rise in incarceration rates for largely inner-city black youths — a piece of legislation that could not have passed through the U.S. Senate without the prompting of then-senator Joe Biden, who also supported segregation policies.

Joe Biden, trying once again to increase his political image on the backs of black Americans, announced this week that if elected, he will introduce sweeping legislation to end racism in America. Dude, not only were you vice president for eight years, you were veep to the first black president. Why didn't you do something in those eight years? Answer: He didn't care then, and he's lying now.

They will burn down a society and then a nation in order to burn down the civilization.

The Marxist democrats only have need of black America once every four years, and once they have their votes, they go off and leave them in poverty until the next election. This is why the Blexit movement began, where African Americans — sick of being trapped on the Democratic Party plantation — are deserting the Democratic party.

This includes African Americans like Diamond & Silk, who are constantly pushing what they call the Trump Train, urging fellow blacks to join them in revolting against their democratic masters. Leading the charge off the plantation is Candace Owens, loathed by the Marxist Left for telling the truth about the ongoing abuse suffered by black America at the hands of the Democrats.

Marxist democrats always have an inventory of black turncoats like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson — prejudiced race-baiters who make a living off not defending the civil rights of minorities, but profit by keeping an ongoing race war front and center, always keeping tensions stoked.

As long as they get to keep yelling "white America is racist," they have job security and relevance in the Marxist media. They pay zero attention to the reality that it was a white, not black president that lowered black unemployment to its lowest levels in history. The leftist Marxist democrats can never allow the truth to surface. They must always keep tensions right at the boiling point so any singular incident that comes along can be exploited to its maximum political advantage.

For example, you can take it to the bank that no one will whip up black America into a frenzy over the shooting death of black federal officer, 53-year-old Patrick Underwood, who was killed by rioters trying to keep the peace in Oakland, California Friday night. Where are the calls from Antifa for arrests of his killers? Where are the organized demonstrators being bussed in to start firebombings and mayhem over his shooting death?

You won't see them. They'll never happen because Underwood doesn't count as black to the race-baiting, Marxist democrats. He doesn't fit the profile. He's not useful to the cause. He didn't buy into the victimization narrative. The Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, MSNBC gang has no need to tell his story because it reveals the lie of their own story.

These Marxist Democrats are barbarians in nice clothes, sitting in boardrooms and the halls of power all over the country. And make no mistake, virtually everything wrong in America has come about because of them. They have risen to such heights of power because of the enabling they have received from political idiots who did not recognize the danger and had no stomach to fight it.

So, like the Marxist mayor of Minneapolis who, when faced with the mob, abandoned the 3rd Precinct and sacrificed an entire neighborhood to hooligans, what happened in Minneapolis in the wake of Floyd's killing is emblematic of the entire scheme of these Marxists. They are about destroying — nothing else.

They will burn down a society and then a nation in order to burn down the civilization. If you don't get that by now, as well as your corresponding duty to fight them, then start the countdown to when you and your family will become totally subject to them. Because you will.

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