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Biden’s Gestapo

The regime.

September 27, 2022  0

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Perhaps the Marxists who run the federal government were right all along about "defunding the police."

Given the way Biden and his Department of Justice attack and assault his political opponents, or anyone who goes against the regime, it's not really a good idea for these folks to have weapons. For the record, this is why the Founding Fathers understood the need for the Second Amendment.

Remember, the Constitution was written to restrain the government, not restrain citizens.

As news broke last Friday and over the weekend that a large contingent of about two dozen Department of Justice SWAT agents kicked down the door and swarmed a pro-lifer's Pennsylvania house, the scene proved to be yet another in the weaponization of federal powers against Biden's opponents.

Joe Biden hates America. Even more importantly, Joe Biden hates Catholicism. He pretends to be loyal to both, but it's clear his only emotion is hatred. It comes out not only on his face more and more frequently, like his Independence Hall Hitlerian speech a couple of weeks back, but in the launching of raids by his DOJ Gestapo.

Regardless of whether the Republicans take back the U.S. House of Representatives, or for that matter, the U.S. Senate as well, as long as a Marxist sits in the Oval Office, this evil will persist. A Marxist-led Congress simply puts its seal of approval on his actions, but a president does not need congressional approval to conduct affairs at the Department of Justice, a launching pad of the SWAT raids — or to terrify small children.

A president does not need congressional approval to terrify small children. 

In this recent case, pro-life activist, author, speaker and committed Catholic Mark Houck from the King's Men group, was hauled off by the SWAT team early last Friday to the Philadelphia federal building, not far from the site of Biden's Hitler speech, and processed for a "crime" that had already been declared as a big nothingburger earlier this summer in civil proceedings.

The supposed "crime" relates to a case where Houck tried to get an obscenity-screaming, pro-abortion, grown man away from his 12-year-old son at a prayer vigil in front of an abortion chamber this summer. The pro-abort made a habit for weeks of screaming, yelling and shouting obscenities at Houck's son. On the last occasion, he got so close to Houck's boy that Houck shoved him away, as any actual father would do. The child killer fell down.

That was it — nothing more. He then filed a civil suit, claiming he had to seek "medical attention," which could mean he skinned his knee. The suit was tossed out as meaningless. But it wasn't meaningless to Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland, the U.S. equivalent of Heinrich Himmler, head of the Gestapo.

In fact, with every passing incident, America more and more resembles 1930s Germany.

America more and more resembles 1930s Germany.

The Hitler/Himmler duo used the defunct civil case as the pretext for issuing the warrant they used to support the early-morning raid.

Many questions arise from a case like this, but certainly one is, How did the DOJ become aware of a minor, defunct nothingburger of a civil case? If anything, the actual case should have been filed by Houck against the pro-abort for child endangerment, protecting his 12-year-old little boy from the obscene ravings of a child killer.

Somehow, this rises to the level of a federal crime under Biden's regime — violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act of 1994. 

Therefore, 15 SWAT vehicles and more than two dozen armed agents, all with weapons drawn and aimed at Houck and his family, is Biden's response to a pro-lifer shoving a screaming pro-abort — who fell down on his own — out of the personal space of his child. Importantly, this was months after the fact.

There wouldn't have to be some months-long investigation because there was nothing to investigate. It could have all been discovered by simply reading the complaint in the civil lawsuit. All the details were right there.

So why did it take months to determine some "crime" had happened? And how did this all get on the Gestapo's radar? There is obviously a lot more going on than just a raid. 

The SWAT raid is nothing more than the periscope you see above the water line. Underneath, just below that water line, is a giant submarine. You don't need a physics degree to figure all this out. It's intimidation, pure and simple.

That's why the tremendous and completely unwarranted show of force occurred — just as in multiple other instances of Biden's Gestapo flexing its muscles. 

It doesn't matter if you are a pro-lifer, politically conservative Christian, Trump supporter or even Trump himself, you can expect an armed-to-the-teeth SWAT team to descend on your house and family whenever Hitler or Himmler feel like it. It's a brute show of force to scare the rest of the regime's opponents into submission and make examples out of anyone who challenges the narrative.

Imagine if Trump had used these tactics. My gosh, they would have impeached him a third time. The Marxist media would have been doing nothing other than wall-to-wall coverage. The U.S. bishops' conference would have worked itself into a frothing frenzy, issuing press releases about "human dignity" and the need for "tolerance" and "justice." But no, not a peep from the hypocritical posse.

Isn't deploying 15 armored vehicles bad for the environment? Just exactly how big a carbon footprint is being created by all these raids?

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