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Black Lives Matter

In more ways than one.

March 21, 2019  0


We need to be very clear, as Catholics, that the Church cannot be cleaned up by the clergy — especially the hierarchy.

As is becoming more and more clear, many members of the hierarchy have a heavily vested interest in not having things cleaned up because they themselves are the actual perpetrators of homosexual predation on teenagers or young adults — or they have actively participated in the cover-up, which is still ongoing.

Other bishops who are not predators or cover-up artists are, nonetheless, complicit in all this in not outing their brother bishops for their crimes and sins.

The complicit gang, as opposed to the criminal and cover up gang, are, in the end, just as guilty because they continue to support the environment in which the criminal bishops can do their deeds — abuse or cover up.

However, this work of revealing all must be carried on, and one reason, which doesn't get a lot of attention, is because black lives matter.

The good, solid, orthodox priests, their lives matter. They are persecuted and live lives in fear that the phone is going to ring any day and all the resultant avalanche of persecution at the hands of the gay or gay-friendly bishop will ensue.

Many of these bishops run completely roughshod over canon law, even daring the little priest to challenge his action in canon law. Canon lawyers are not cheap; it is a highly specialized practice requiring years of training.

All of this is to say that it has fallen to the laity to do what needs to be done here, which is the business of revealing the real state of affairs.

Now, this poses some challenges, as we have outlined before, whatever essential records that might exist, are not discoverable by laity. None of these crooked bishops ever has to respond to a question.

Sometimes they do in a superficial manner, but when a series of probing follow-up inquiries are made, that's the end of the emails. So information has to be gotten at in very different ways and vetted by unusual methods.

Files have to be smuggled out of the chancery. Sources, who will not talk without a guarantee of confidentiality, have to be talked to at length and then their sources followed up with.

Eventually, after pretty extensive research worthy of a crime novel, a story or video comes out where the inside dealings, usually dirty dealings, are revealed. After that, it is normally the case that other people, oftentimes good priests, contact us quietly and give us even more details. Interestingly though, the bishops or archbishops seldom do — rarely, in fact, if ever.

Consider: A story has just come out revealing one or more to be a conspiratorial cover-up artist hiding active homosexual clergy and shifting funds around in various ways. Those are pretty damning revelations, so why absolutely zero response? In fact, why don't they sue? After all, if the charges are unfounded, isn't there a duty to protect your good name?  

Here's why they don't sue: Because once a suit is entered, a little process known as "discovery" begins. Discovery is the process in the court system where attorneys dig deep into almost anything relevant to the case — records, memos, internal letters and communications, phone logs, appointment calendars anything — especially including deposing any person of interest, and that happens under oath for which a penalty of perjury would be inflicted.

The last thing, the absolute last thing, any bishop, any bishop in the United States with something to hide would want happening is the discovery process going on in his diocese.

Understand, the rot is so horrible and far-reaching and interconnected because of the scoundrels involved that once you found one cockroach, you'd be led to the whole nest.

It is, in essence, no better than an organized crime syndicate where bodies and souls are abused and the mutually assured destruction that would happen if one spilled the beans — or the discovery process was to get rolling — would bring the whole rotten apparatus tumbling down. It's all about connecting the dots, and there are many, many dots.

But what we can tell you is this: The noose is tightening.

The laity are not only being tipped off more and more frequently by good priests, the men in black, but relationships are now blossoming with various law enforcement individuals on all levels, and good Catholic apostolates and these multiple agents are sitting down breaking bread together.

It's often slow going; it can be laborious, but remember, what is trying to be brought to the surface is decades and decades of filthy sins and crimes, all covered up by an organization and network that operates as a mafioso outfit.

Every lead that is developed and results in a story leads to further stories and more info and tips. The house of cards is closer to falling apart than it may look like, but it won't happen without a powerful amount of diligence exerted by the laity on behalf of good priests and the truth.

All over the Church, there are men dedicated to the good of souls, who have, for the love of souls, given up the lives that most others enjoy.

These men — and their mission — it's all worth fighting for. A corrupt senior clergy, drunk on lust, usually homosexual as well as crooked finances, are crushing these good men in black underfoot.

Of course, the laity need to step up. Who else can?

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