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Blame the Saint!

How low can the homo mafia go?

October 11, 2018  0


The faithful Catholic world is going to explode over the covert plan being hatched right now in the Vatican by the homo-cardinals to blame St. John Paul for the McCarrick scandal. But be very sure, that is exactly the plan — blame the saint.

After taking a massive credibility hit across the board for refusing to respond to Abp. Vigano's charges that he knew about McCarrick and gave him a position of prominence, Pope Francis finally, at last, conceded this past weekend that there would be an investigation. That was after he said there would be no investigation — which was right before he essentially called Abp. Viganò, the Devil, the Great Accuser.

That was just before the airplane trip back from Ireland in August at the World Meeting of Homo Families, when he told the world press he wasn't going to say anything.

The truth is, there have been a lot of words spoken privately, inside the walls of the Vatican, as the initial plan was to lay low and see if it all blew over — bad call, Vatican.

In perhaps history's largest miscalculation since Napoleon didn't take his army's long johns into Russia, the homo-lobby in the Church has failed miserably to properly gauge the absolute outrage people feel about every bit of this.

So some bright spark or gay cardinal or young gay hooker or someone else in the Vatican actually came up with the idea that they could quell the madding crowd by providing some official response to the cries demanding an answer.

So in a complete 180-degree turnaround, the public announcement was made Saturday to in fact conduct an investigation. But it's not an independent investigation. It's going to be directed from inside the Vatican.

This is exactly like Donald Wuerl saying the bishops should investigate themselves because it's not a massive, massive crisis. These men are either drunk with power or too busy to pick their heads up from their gay porn or who knows what.

As we reported yesterday in our Church Militant exclusive special report, not only is the Vatican going to do its investigation on itself, but it's already been determined what the outcome of the investigation will be.

Watch our special report on the Vatican's rigging of the McCarrick investigation.

And that outcome is going to be: It's all St. John Paul's fault. And really, why wouldn't that be the plan. The gays in charge in Rome and their allies scattered all over the college of cardinals have already ignored or completely ripped his theology to shreds — why not rip him apart now?

If you haven’t already seen our Church Militant exclusive special report, please take the few minutes to watch it so you can understand the nefarious actions being taken by the homosexual mob that has the Church in a death grip.

The very short summary is this: Their plan is to say that a longtime female friend of John Paul's clouded his judgment about McCarrick and he didn't listen to the warnings and promoted him. That's is a load of you-know-what.

John Paul was manipulated in his waning years by gay predator cardinals and bishops. They are the ones who took advantage of him, greatly weakened from his long battle with Parkinson's.

Do they really think that they are going to be able to deflect responsibility from Pope Francis by blaming St. John Paul, who there isn't really any evidence to suggest he even knew about McCarrick being a gay predatory monster. However, Francis did know.

So what have we seen in recent weeks from Church leadership?

That Cdl. Coccopalmerio was in attendance at the infamous cocaine-fueled homo orgy in March of 2017.

That Cdl. Cupich sends enforcers to drag a Chicago priest out of his parish for the burning of a homo banner.

That Cdl. Joseph Tobin denies any knowledge of a homo culture in his diocese.

That Cdl. McCarrick is a homo predator.

That Cdl. Wuerl covered up for and paid extortion money to a homo priest running a child porn ring.

Are you sensing a theme here? Cardinals, sodomites — just saying.

If the Vatican homo squad actually tries to push out a final report blaming St. John Paul, oh my. Go ahead and try.

Good thing it's not a gay thing, just like Cupich said. And good thing there isn't rampant homosexuality in the clergy and episcopate, just like all the Church of Nice priests keep telling us. Man, phew, because how bad would it be if it really was a gay thing?

But all the gay cardinals keep telling us it's not — so we're good.

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