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Bombs Away!

Now it's getting real.

August 28, 2020  0



One thing which typically characterizes more-conservative-type people is an unwillingness to charge into battle. In almost every instance you recall, the more aggressive side is the liberals, the Marxists, the godless — all of the above.

They have a tenacity and zeal which is commendable, even if it is woefully misdirected. Bishop Sheen used to say, "Communists have no truth and all zeal. Catholics have all truth and no zeal." His words were right then and are still right today.

Evil is determined. Goodness takes naps. Until my dying day, I will never comprehend this laziness or over-caution on the part of so many who claim to be on the side of good, yet refuse to go to war when war is called for. Even a surface-skimming of the gospels reveals this truth encapsulated by Sheen. 

The Pharisees were not going to stop until they had Our Lord killed. Period. Their zeal was directed at His death. In our own day and circumstances, the same holds true. The bad guys want you dead. There is no compromising with them. There is no dialogue. They will not stop until you are eradicated from the earth. 

Yet a hallmark trait of "good" people is the utter failure to grasp this truth. Wimpy Catholics or Republicans or political conservatives and loads of others simply refuse to either accept or understand this, and as a result, they bring a knife to a gunfight and get steamrolled.

Evil advances because it is allowed to by men who do not stand up and oppose it — which, by the way, may be the cause of many "good" people's damnation.

"Sins of omission," they are called. This is why when we see rare examples of good people actually taking a stand — of drawing a line in the sand and saying this far and no farther — it makes news. When Catholic Nick Sandman, the Covington, Kentucky boy, stood up to the Marxist media monster and sued the pants off them (and by them, we mean CNN, Washington Post and a bunch of others), it was major news.

Those propaganda tyrants didn't give a rip about who they had to destroy to keep advancing their evil, even if it was a teenage kid. Well, Nick is now swimming in tens of millions of dollars in lawsuit-settlement money, and truth won. It took a while — it usually does — but truth won.

Until my dying day, I will never comprehend this laziness or over-caution on the part of so many who claim to be on the side of good, yet refuse to go to war when war is called for.

When good people fight back with truth, sooner or later, one way or another, victory is theirs. It may take a while, a long while — maybe years, maybe decades — but hang in there, because truth wins. In fact, the entire Catholic faith is based on that single truth: On the last day, there will be a final reckoning; justice will prevail.

And, contrary to the stupidity of the claim that we have a reasonable hope all men are saved (thanks Bp. Barron), the Incarnate Eternal Logos says the elect will ascend to Heaven and the damned will descend into Hell. So again, when good men fight back against injustice, when the bully on the playground finally gets his long-deserved punch in the face, it's a beautiful thing.

Such a case is now unfolding in the seat of the destruction of the Faith in America, the archdiocese of Detroit. Church Militant has kept very close tabs (and has done blow-by-blow reporting) on the case of Fr. Eduard Perrone — even since before it became public, when a source told us what was unfolding.

Fr. Perrone, you will recall, was defamed and attacked by his own archdiocese based on a lie they knew was a lie (because they are the ones who created it). The lie was that he had sodomized a former altar boy decades earlier. That was not true; there was not a shred of truth to it.

It was manufactured out of thin air by a hateful monsignor by the name of Michael Bugarin — who is the right-hand man of Abp. Allen Vigneron, who gives his blessing to this cleric to go around and destroy good priests. Involved in the fabrication of the lie was a woman the archdiocese had contracted privately, Nancy LePage.

LePage is a sheriff's deputy for Macomb County and a parishioner of Bugarin's. Together they bullied and berated the supposed victim and tried to get him to say something that never happened. All that is in the court documents. It's not even a point that can be contested, although Vigneron and his crooked team of clergy and high-priced attorneys keep doing so.

A few weeks back, Fr. Perrone won a defamation case against LePage — an arbitration panel concluded she had lied. She did. But Fr. Perrone's case was directly against her. Bugarin was not the subject. She was. It's generally considered not good form for one priest to publicly, civilly sue another.

Well, good form or not, the other day, Fr. Perrone dropped the bomb and officially sued Msgr. Michael Bugarin for his lies, his defamation. That's pretty historic and brave. Why? Because, since Fr. Perrone was removed as a result of Bugarin's lies, he has a canon law case in the works, trying to get his active priesthood restored.

Suing the archbishop's chief culprit will likely ensure he never sees the inside of a sanctuary publicly again. It is a vindictive lot, this crowd. In fact, this crowd (meaning Vigneron and his little legal and his public relations teams) has essentially lied to the public in statement after statement by carefully wordsmithing and word-crafting public statements. 

They are very good at that. We here at Church Militant have, in fact, been one of their many targets, so we have first-hand knowledge of just how deceitful Vigneron and his gang are. In the case of Fr. Perrone and his canon law case, the duplicitous archbishop and his crooked cronies want the public to think that a certain process is being followed.

According to the original statement from Vigneron last summer when the news was released by them, "A further determination on the matter now falls to the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), which reviews all cases involving the sexual abuse of minors." 

This is how these monsters roll. They say statements that in the abstract are true, but arrange them in such a way so as to lead you to a certain conclusion — but your conclusion is wrong. And they know you will reach that conclusion, which is why they word it the way they do.

In his specific case, yes, the CDF does review all cases and make a determination. But what Vigneron is not telling you is that he never sent the case to the CDF. Over a year later and it's still sitting on his desk. That's deceitful. In fact, Abp. Vigneron, you are doing the work of the Devil. 

Loyal sons of the Church, including bishops, do not traffic in deceit and certainly do not do so with the intent of destroying a good man's reputation. But you and your chancery vermin have made an art form out of this. You willfully deceive the laity; you spend enormous sums of the laity's money on the most expensive legal firm in the state to hide the truth from coming out in open court.

You fight tooth and nail with one filing after another to prevent yourself and your fellow criminals from having to be deposed. There is, in fact, no gutter you will not stoop to in order to cover up the truth. And yet you cry on camera on a clergy conference call about how much the archdiocese is falling apart on your watch and has to fire people because it has no money.

Vigneron is the vice president of the U.S. bishops' conference, and that means, customarily, he's next in line to become president of that useless body.

Of course, that's a lie as well, and you know it. The archdiocese has an investment portfolio — an endowment of hundreds of millions of dollars that you keep secret from the laity — even while trying to squeeze a couple hundred million more out of them. Liar.

But to stoop so low as to let this case — built on a pack of lies — to go on, to pretend to the public by suggesting that Rome will settle it when Rome doesn't even know about it in any meaningful manner: It's demonic what you're doing. A few months ago, fed up with your lies, Fr. Perrone's former parishioners actually filed suit against you for defrauding them of their donation money.

And now this innocent priest has taken your right-hand man (and by extension, you) to court for defamation. And, at the end of the day, make no mistake about this, Bugarin and LePage may have been the inventors of the lie, but it is the archbishop himself who propagates it.

He is the responsible party here. Yeah you, archbishop. Why don't you release a summary financial statement on how much money you have paid to your lying legal team of Bodman men who know the truth of the matter and yet continue to cash in on the donations of innocent, unsuspecting Catholics in the pews?

Well, perhaps one driving reason is you wouldn't be able to get on conference calls and blubber away to your priests about how poor the archdiocese is. Not when your attorneys are lining their pockets doing your bidding trying to destroy a good man, a good priest.

Of course, Vigneron had no problem pulling down a couple of million dollars from the coronavirus government-money deal and then firing staff anyway, furloughing others and making still others take pay cuts. These are not honest men, folks. They are very, very good at deceiving you. 

Next up, in short order, "Bugs" (as he is known around the archdiocese, for obvious reasons) Bugarin will have to be deposed. Not before, however, Vigneron's lawyers try to get the case thrown out of court, hiding behind separation of Church and State.

But this case has nothing to do with that. Does a priest surrender his civil rights — his constitutional rights to seek justice and clear his good name in the face of being defamed by his own archbishop — just because he has a collar? But that's what the Bodman gang will have to argue: Your honor, this is an internal Church matter and the State has no jurisdiction.

Well, that may have been true — until Bugs hopped on the phone with Associated Press before the case became public and shot off his big mouth and then published (meaning made public) its statement they knew was based on a lie.

And it may also have been true until Bugarin got in touch with the public authorities (the state attorney general's office) and asked for an investigation from an outfit paid for by public tax dollars. By the way, the Michigan attorney general passed on the case because there was nothing there. State police did their investigation and concluded that this is a big nothing burger.

There is nothing — absolutely nothing — about this case that restricts it to some "internal Church matter." Vigneron's men spoke with the press prior to anything being public. Vigneron's men issued a public statement they knew was a lie. Vigneron's men made deceptive statements in that public statement. Vigneron's men went to a public agency and reported their lie.

None of that is private, internal Church affairs. But Vigneron is now boxed into a corner. He has to argue that —because failing that, Bugarin has to take an oath and risk perjury during a deposition, and the diabolical chancery will fight tooth and nail to try and prevent that from happening.

These men are liars — straight-up liars. So it's good to watch them begin to twist in the wind, like they've done to so many others with their deceptions. Vigneron is the vice president of the U.S. bishops' conference, and that means, customarily, he's next in line to become president of that useless body.

As this case proceeds, there are more and more eyes that will begin looking at it because its profile is increasing. A priest is publicly suing a chancery official in open court to get back his good name. The archbishop is in on it and has been all along. The archbishop is being sued by the priest's parish for fraud.

Welcome to the Church of Nice folks. When men in robes give up the actual Faith, this is what you get.

Those who wish to donate to Fr. Perrone's legal defense fund may do so at the following address:

Perrone Defense Fund
c/o Harry Wisniewski
P.O. Box 165 
St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

Fr Perrone is meeting all the cost of his defense himself. Please make checks payable to Fr. Eduard Perrone and place "Fr. Perrone Legal Defense Fund" in the memo line.

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