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Breaking and Splitting Apart

Not always a bad thing.

February 24, 2020  0


Can you see the similar patterns in the Church and the political order — although disorder might be more accurate? Can you see them?

The present hallmark is division — a breaking apart, a fracturing. Now just before we get into it, division as a thing in itself is not a bad thing, objectively speaking. It entirely depends on what's being divided, as well as the reason. Most people, for example, would have no problem with the idea of dividing serial killers from the rest of society or dividing predators from children and adolescents. That's not a problem — right reason and right action. No doubt about it, division has its place.

That said, when division happens on a large scale — societal, political or theological — it usually means a new aligning, or a realignment is occurring. That again isn't necessarily, automatically a bad thing. Again, it depends on why it's happening.

For example, in the Democratic Party — the Party of Death — there is a huge realignment occurring. For a variety of dynamics — many complex — the Dems are splitting into the power elites and the radical socialist base. The socialists are the natural outcome — the logical conclusion — of the elitists. They are the bastard children of a generation that set foot on the path of practical atheism. Now, the wicked children are growing up and turning on their uncaring parents. The day of reckoning has arrived.

Would anybody really be surprised to see a third party emerge from all this chaos? If the Democratic Party leadership — the elites — try to screw over Bernie again, do you really think they will accept it this time? That's unlikely. But that's exactly what's happening. They are setting the rules at this summer's convention to finagle a way to deprive him of the party's nomination.

In another generation, most of this will no longer exist. It will have been swept away. The properties will have been sold off, the schools closed, the seminaries shuttered.

So they have arrived at this moment. If they do this, one of two things will happen. The party will split into moderate radicals and radical radicals. And we say they are all radical because they all kill children wholesale and don't care. But other issues or strategy disagreements or policy things will so cleave them that a division will be so huge, it may not be repairable. That will happen, or the Bernie crowd will just stay home on election day and refuse to vote for the elitist gang's hand-picked nominee. 

Either scenario spells doom for them. That's why they're all freaking out right now. Bernie is the damned-if-they-do and damned-if-they-don't scenario. Secretly, there are probably not a few at DNC headquarters hoping Bernie has another heart attack and this time, doesn't get off the table. We'll see how all this plays out.

The Republicans went through this upheaval starting about eight years ago with the emergence of the Tea Party. And then four years ago, Trump arrived and formed the party in his own image, and the disappearing elitists hate him for it.

But in the Church, we see the same thing going on, although this time it's on the opposite ideological, theological spectrum from the Dems. They embrace even more evil. The division in the Church is caused by wanting to get away from the evil. The so-called radicals, in this case, are the ones who believe — the faithful ones. They have already started self-separating. They homeschool, go to reverent liturgies, refuse to give money to a failing elite Church of Nice and want nothing to do with the chaos all around them.

They have self-selected and are forming their own communities. We know this because many of them follow Church Militant and we hear from them a lot. And they are the future. They tell us their stories, encourage our work, pray for us, attend our conferences, watch our programming, read our articles and contribute their donations.

Their ranks are growing as more and more realize the Church of Nice is one massive conflagration and there is no saving it — not that it deserves to be saved. It long ago abandoned the One True Faith — the teachings of Our Lord. In fact, that is the precise reason it is on fire, and there is no extinguishing the flames of unfaithfulness. It embraced the world and that is its downfall. It's been something of a long process for the destruction to become evident — a half century or so — but at this point, there is no denying it.

In another generation, most of this will no longer exist. It will have been swept away by a lack of faith. The properties will have been sold off, the schools closed, the seminaries shuttered. The hospitals are already mostly gone. The universities long ago abandoned the truth. When I arrived in Detroit in 1990, there were over 400 parishes. Today there are barely 200. In 10 years, 15 more maybe, most of those will be gone as well. What will be left standing after the destruction of the homosexual modernist gang's 70 years of destruction will be the actual Church — small, but true.

Division is not always a bad thing. Its reality may be brought about by sad circumstances, but in the end, it may have very fruitful results.

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