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Brood of Vipers

How can any of you escape damnation?

September 13, 2019  0


Church Militant has confirmed from sources within the diocese of Crookston, Minnesota, that Bp. Michael Hoeppner actually lied under oath about what he knew and when he knew it in a case of a priest who molested a 16-year-old male — but of course, we keep getting reassured by other bishops this has nothing to do with homosexuality.

Church Militant sources within chancery of Crookston are extremely close to the case and say the reason the diocese had to settle was specifically because the bishop got caught lying multiple times.

The case of Bp. Hoeppner and the diocese of Crookston is especially interesting given the timing.

Church Militant will be in Crookston tomorrow giving a talk in a public park which has been widely publicized for weeks now.

In response to the talk sponsored by local faithful Catholics, Hoeppner has gone bananas issuing statement after statement denouncing Church Militant the talk sponsored by Roman Catholic Revival and even had them read out loud at all Masses, telling local Catholic to stay far away from the event.

He even had his staff throw together a last-minute "youth conference" to compete with the Revival conference.

And here's the interesting point: Our sources inside the diocese tell us that multiple officials are worried that Church Militant's presence will add to a potential public relations nightmare for Bp. Hoeppner.

In fact, so troubled are members of Hoeppner's inner circle who know he lied, that Hoeppner won't even be at his own youth event, conveniently scheduled for another event many miles away in a secluded area of the diocese. Well, that's not an unfounded concern. 

In fact, it was the motivation for the whistleblowers in the diocese getting in touch with us and telling us all about Hoeppner lying under oath.

But don't think the lying and deceit and deflection and cover-up that Hoeppner is so skilled at resides only with him.

All over the country, bishop by bishop, nearly the entire lot is being exposed as duplicitous schemers, liars, deception artists and cover-up experts.

The case in Buffalo and Bp. Richard Malone is so outrageous that the local media has taken to calling it the "Buffalo Diocesan Circus," and Malone, after preaching at a press conference that area Catholics actually support him, shut down his email account that was being flooded by Catholics telling him he should resign — lies, and nothing but lies.

We all know the case of Donald Wuerl, who lied and side-stepped his way around what he knew about McCarrick's monstrous behavior.

Right along beside him was Kevin Farrell, who lies so often about so much that Pope Francis actually promoted him to essentially the second most powerful man in the Church, the Camerlengo, who takes control of the Church when Francis is gone and before the next pontiff is elected.

Dolan in New York — a consummate liar and politician extraordinaire — has had to actually step in on the Malone Buffalo case because the heat has gotten that intense in Upstate New York.

At Notre Dame, what could only be described as a giant "Lie Fest" will be hosted on the heretical campus — the event called "The Church Crisis: Where Are We Now?"

Some of the attendees are some of the more notable liars and deceivers, including the archbishop of Baltimore, William Lori, who took donations from now-disgraced homopredator West Virginia Bp. Michael Bransfield and then led the "investigation" into the thieving bishop, which resulted in a slap on the wrist.

How can someone with the record of Lori, who permits an open homosexual parish to operate in his archdiocese, be considered or trusted to lecture Catholics on the crisis in the Church?

He and his ilk are the reason for the crisis in the Church, so it is altogether fitting that Crisis Central, Notre Dame, would play host to such a whitewash conference.

They might as well have invited Cupich to be the emcee so he could tell everyone there is no crisis, and sex between priests doesn't really mean that much because it's consensual.

And he ought to know since two of his priests got caught by police having car sex on a public street in Miami, right across from a school. But hey, it's consensual — which apparently is the same logic followed by Patterson, New Jersey, bishop and McCarrick buddy Arthur Serratelli, who apparently never seems to miss the chance to ordain a practicing homosexual and then lying for them and covering up once they get caught.

Need we go on? Ladies and gentlemen, these are not isolated examples. These men are proof that the U.S. episcopate is little else than a brood of vipers, liars and deceivers who hide behind their offices as successors of the Apostles so as not to have give an accounting.

They allow innocent priests to be black-balled, even violating the Pope's own directives, as did Detroit Abp. Allen Vigneron in the case of Fr. Eduard Perrone, who was never given the chance to answer charges before the Associated Press interviewed his staff and then it was announced at all the Masses at Perrone's parish.

Detroit insiders tell us that Vigneron is table-pounding furious that his $190 million fundraising campaign has gotten off to such a slow start, adding that Vigneron himself has not been able to achieve his goal of personally raising $20 million like he told his priests he would.

Vigneron, remember, is the archbishop who allows the longest continual gay Mass on the planet to go every Sunday right under his nose.

No matter where you look, no matter what rock you turn over, these men — products of a system of lies and privilege and cover-up and lack of transparency and financial misdeeds and sexual impropriety — operate and continue along in their sins until they are forced to admit the truth or the truth is completely revealed under oath, like Michael Hoeppner in Crookston.

Almost to a man, they are the keepers of horrible secrets they keep hidden so they can profit from them — sexually, financially or career-wise.

And they don't give a damn — literally, a damn — about who is hurt or even dies, spiritually or physically.

As hard as it is to do — and believe us, we know it is extremely hard — these men have to be prayed for. They have collectively and individually brought the Church in America to the brink of near-total destruction.

The youth are abandoning the Faith in historic numbers; 70% reject the Real Presence; 95% reject all or nearly all of the moral teachings regarding sexuality.

Most of them are a few years away from standing before Jesus Christ and being judged.

Every day at Church Militant, in our public, corporate recitation of the Rosary, we offer it up for the bishops of the world, especially the bad ones.

These men, along with their vicious counterparts in Rome, attack the faithful, abuse good priests, misuse the material goods of the Church — and do it all in the name of mercy and encounter and meeting people where they are.

At this rate, the only "meeting of people where they are" will be in the fires of Hell, which does exist, Bp. Barron, and is chocked full of human souls — as the Mother of God told us.

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