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Bucking the System

It's the only way to get things done.

September 13, 2017  0
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Almost 12 years ago, we began our apostolate, St. Michael's Media, in response to the blasphemous novel The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and the subsequent motion picture, starring baptized Catholic Tom Hanks and directed by Ron Howard. As an aside, how come Hollywood never does a movie on the murderous Mohammed and his phony religion? Just saying.

Anyway, that was 12 years ago. Over the years, as we came to realize that the real threat to the Church was from within not the enemies on the outside, we switched gears and started focusing more on affairs within the Church — the list of problems being so numerous we could write a book. In fact, we did. Militant was the first book, laying this all out very clearly.

In the past two years, recognizing the great need to continue to pound home the message that the Demon is accomplishing his greatest work from within the Church, we decided that we needed to step up our efforts even more. We launched our website a little more than two years ago. The idea was to make the best use of news, video and the Catholic faith, combining them in such a way as to alert as many people as possible to the chaos while inspiring and encouraging souls to seek after holiness and either conversion or reversion to the One True Faith.

As part of that strategy, we have concentrated a lot of our resources into our news coverage of various events and stories impacting Catholics, trying to help them make sense of the world of the Church and its overlap into the secular world — how one affects the other. Thirty months later, it's time for a report card.

Church Militant has come on strong, repeatedly ranking as the number one Catholic site in the world in terms of the number of comments. That is shocking — in a good way. As the website Church, again, we've only been around for 30 months and to draw the most comments of any Catholic site in the world is astounding. To dominate in this area against many various other Catholic sites that have been around for a very long time is remarkable.

In another measure, last week, a survey was conducted of the top, most-visited Catholic news sites in the world. Church Militant was ranked seventh, topping numerous other established Catholic sites that have been around for years. It's especially revealing when you consider that unlike many of the other sites, Church Militant enjoys no official support from anywhere within the Church Establishment and in reality has been relentlessly attacked by the Church of Nice Establishment media.

On top of that, the secular media began piling on earlier this year with articles in various, big-name media outlets and then actually had to weather an attack from liberals in the Vatican itself last month, which again, the Church of Nice Establishment media and personalities could not resist, as yet another opportunity to slam us and call us irrelevant and screwball and unknown, etc.

If the idea is to "make a mess," then mission accomplished. But what's this all about, really? It's what we talk about — we challenge the corruption — mostly theological corruption in the Establishment, and they hate it, and they blackball us and launch whisper campaigns against us and refuse us entry into various events and so forth.

Yet, here we are, still chugging along and that's what we'd like to talk about and appeal to you for your continuing support. Not every story can be captured in just an article. Many of them, in fact, need to be fleshed out and discussed in greater depth and analysis, and this is most especially where Church Militant excels. We produce multiple programs where this sort of analysis and further presentation is the norm.

So much of the chaos in the Church today is so intertwined and a complex web of bad theology, corruption, compromise with the culture, poorly formed Church leaders, a wrongheaded approach to evangelization, cooperation with a wicked political agenda and so forth, that much of this is almost incomprehensible without an expert gang who not only are plugged into this every day but also have the technological know-how to bring you professionally produced productions.

In this age of new media, it isn't just content, which is most important but it's also the packaging. Why?Because what most Catholic media have not understood or don't have the expertise to address is that the secular media absolutely dominates the culture and presents their lies so professionally packaged that the unsuspecting laity are completely overcome with the presentation.

Packaging absolutely matters. Production value absolutely matters. And frankly, if atheists and near-devil worshippers in the secular media can deliver that level of professionalism for their master, it's disgraceful that this level of professionalism is not present in the Catholic media world. Heck, even the Protestants produce a better-looking product than anything Catholic, like CBN for example. Enough with Church basement productions, with horrible lighting, bad audio, horrible video quality and so forth. How you look and present absolutely matters given how the diabolical presents its lies.

We are completely dedicated to being your online apostolate, not exactly a parish of course but a community of faithful dedicated Catholics who form a worldwide collection of people whose uppermost concern is their salvation and the salvation of their loved ones. We aren't a news site exactly. We use news and strict journalistic standards as a vehicle to keep people abreast of what they need to know about the Faith.

We aren't a video production company either. We use video as a means to make the Faith more tangible to viewers. But despite the high rankings as a news site and destination for Catholics around the world, what we are is an apostolate dedicated to saving souls, period. That's why we recently began live-streaming our Morning and Evening prayers every workday. And that's why we will be rolling out the all new Mic'd Up next month that we've been working on behind the scenes for a number of months now. And that's why we are about to roll out the newest edition of Where Did the Bible Come From? with Simon's updated book. And that's why we will have another book available later in the year, Resistance: Fighting the Devil Within, and an all-new FBI—Faith-Based Investigation, is in the works for release soon, examining the roots of the chaos and looking at a solution. Also, coming up is our Faith of Our Fathers documentary, we've been working on for close to a year now, and plans are in the works for our next Premium show — this one on indulgences and what a great gift they are.

None of this is possible without your continued support. The money from your Premium subscriptions, just $10 a month, goes to fund all this not just the actual Premium shows themselves. We absolutely want people watching our programming — hundreds and hundreds of hours — and none of it is possible, including our free offerings of the daily Vortex and Headlines, as well all of our articles on the front page without that financial support. Without Premium subscribers, we aren't able to provide those free offerings.  

We don't like begging, not because it's beneath us — believe me — but because we don't want to be annoying. However, this week, we are dedicating our Vortex episodes to showcasing what we do, how successful it's become through the blessings and grace of God, and why it's so necessary given the state of the world and the Church.

So please support us and become a Premium member today right now. It takes about one minute or less to sign up and again it's only $10 a month — less than a cup of coffee a week. If you had a subscription before and it's lapsed, please sign up again. Remember our various programs are designed specifically to help people grow in their knowledge and love of the Faith so they can increase in holiness and so that we can be used by Our Blessed Lord to turn this whole mess around.

Just click on the link, and we'll see you on the Premium channel.

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