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Burning at the Stake?

Those aren't the flames you should worry about.

February 8, 2019  0


The University of Notre Dame's president, "Father" John Jenkins, should be grateful he did not live in former times. His hypocritical allegiance to Catholicism would have earned him being burned at the stake for corruption of morals of the young.

The same could also certainly be said of his predecessor, Theodore Hesburgh, who plunged Notre Dame and the rest of Catholic higher education into the moral morass it now occupies. Again, the astute follower of Church Militant will notice that nearly every time some evil is inflicted on the Church, it originates in the ranks of the ordained.

Hesburgh has met God and his judgment. Jenkins will be following.

In the meantime, one did, and the other does, reign down spiritual terror and anarchy on the young souls entrusted to them. Jenkins has sat quietly by now for almost a year and allowed a condom distribution program on campus, a national effort promoted by none other than the child-murdering outfit Planned Parenthood.

In fact, so blatant is the endeavor, that there's actually an article about how "great" it is in the student newspaper, The Observer. Meanwhile, Jenkins, a miserable excuse for a Catholic priest, dithers around about covering up the massively offensive murals of Christopher Columbus bringing the Catholic faith to the Indians.

What a crock — his excuse for the covering up of the murals is that the whole truth should be told, and yes, while the Faith was brought to the Americas, bad things also occurred. True, but if he thinks that's the whole truth, Fr. Academic Freedom should go back to History 101.

These liberal, pro-gay, anti-Christ clerics will stop at nothing, no lie is too big, no perversion of the truth too outrageous as long as the big lie continues to be perpetrated. If he is so down with the "whole" truth, why not talk about the insane cruelty of American Indian culture in sacrificing infants to their false gods by the tens of thousands? Why not talk about how they made war on each other in particularly savage fashion for centuries before Columbus ever arrived?

Jenkins is a hypocrite and a liar. He lied about Obama's presence at Notre Dame, coming up on 10 years ago. He said this is how dialogue begins — whatever.

He is a hypocrite in his calls for the "full truth" to be talked about. If that is so, which it isn't, why doesn't he talk about the secret Planned Parenthood conferences at Notre Dame in the 1960s where the Rockefeller Foundation bribed Hesburgh to use Notre Dame to influence the overturning of the Church's teaching on birth control?

Why doesn't he announce to the world that the infamous document attributed to Hesburgh on academic freedom — the notorious Land O' Lakes document — why doesn't he come clean with the info that it was largely written or heavily influenced by homosexual predator Theodore McCarrick?

That's the whole truth, Father. Why aren't you telling that? We know why. To reveal that would be a disgrace and blow the university's cover. And perhaps that's why you refuse to rescind an honor bestowed by the university on the molesting pervert.

Wouldn't that be awkward, you take an award and honor away from the very man who created the university in its present mode? It'd be a very difficult fundraising letter to pen if you said that.

Ponder that for just a moment. The man who essentially created the new understanding of a "Catholic" university — which is to say, academic freedom surmounts the Church and its teachings — is the same man who spent an entire ecclesiastical career sexually assaulting children and seminarians.

He's also the same man who crafted the strategy in 2002 in Dallas, Texas to make sure the bishops were exempt from any oversight or accountability for their sexual predation — mostly homosexual.

And yet, hypocrite "full truth" Jenkins says not a peep about that; none of it — not one word. No, he assumes some phony high moral ground, actually defending the position that McCarrick's honor from Notre Dame should not be rescinded because he hasn't been found guilty of anything — officially.

Well, President Trump hasn't been found guilty of anything either, yet just his mere person was enough of an excuse for Jenkins to refuse to extend the customary invitation to speak at commencement ceremonies during his first year in office — like Obama.

Likewise, we're pretty sure that Jenkins doesn't announce to parents of prospective students at what he has said is "the most Catholic university in America" — pretty sure he hasn't told them that a student group working with Planned Parenthood will make sure they have as many condoms as needed.

Jenkins looks the other way at heresy, corruption of morals, advances homosexuality on campus, gives his OK to a pro-gay bishop to come talk to students and poison them further — if that's possible.

He allows contraception in the employee health insurance, gives honors to child-killing politicians and justices, upheld in the name of academic freedom, of course, the lesbian, radical feminist "Vagina Monologues" to be presented on campus.

The list of offenses against God, country and Notre Dame — not to mention the Faith and the truth — the list is so long and so egregious that it turns your stomach. This latest news that Planned Parenthood is cooperating with students to run a condom distribution program is little else than par for the course.

Treachery against God and neighbor in former times was punished with, as we said, burning at the stake. For those who were lit up, they were given a chance to repent of their sins before being set aflame.

The moment of truth, meaning death, was arriving very shortly, and that struck a certain holy terror in them — that it should have. But that temporal, physical death was not the real reason for any repentance, and should not be today.

The true holy terror was knowing — is knowing — that the flames of Hell await the unrepentant. And those flames are eternal and can destroy body and soul.

And while screaming academic freedom saves you from losing your tenure, it's not going to do much in the face of the only flames that matter.

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