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Cashing In

Crooks. Thieves. Robbers.

July 15, 2020  0



You'll recall last week that Church Militant was the first to bring you the troublesome news that multiple archdioceses around the country filed for Paycheck Protection Program bucks — money meant to keep businesses open, especially the hardest-hit small businesses. But for greedy bishops, many of whom have hundreds of millions stashed away in investments, all they saw was green.

An analysis by the Associated Press over the weekend reveals that across the nation, the Church collected between $1.5 and $3.5 billion, making it one of the largest overall recipients in the country. Many dioceses and archdioceses around the country should be considered particularly egregious because of their histories.

For example, the diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia nabbed at least $2 million. If you're wondering why you think you've heard about Wheeling recently, it's because the former homopredator bishop there, Michael Bransfield, got busted for not only sexually harassing seminarians but also ripping off huge sums of money for his own personal use.

Likewise, the diocese of Orange, California — where a couple of years back, the diocese bought the world-famous (and pretty ugly) Crystal Cathedral for $70 million, raising a lot of eyebrows in the process — pulled down $3 million. And New York, under Cdl. Timothy Dolan (who's looking more and more like the Monopoly man, Rich Uncle Pennybags), the man has no shame when it comes to money.

The Church is cash poor because these men have betrayed the Faith.

Church Militant, after a cursory glance at the data from the Small Business Administration, had done a quick calculation and reported Dolan had gotten about $10 million. The Associated Press, however, did a much more thorough analysis and determined Dolan pulled down more like $30 million.

The nation's dioceses have paid out a collective $4 billion to settle lawsuits for victims of homosexual priests that many of these very bishops protected. They drained the Church's resources while also refusing to accept responsibility for their actions and step down.

In the intervening years — by the hundreds — they ran gigantic, gargantuan fundraising campaigns, forcing the faithful to shell out for the sins of their fathers. Then, the government largesse rolls around, and they go after that as well, by the billions. The money was considered a loan — a loan designed to help businesses get through without having to lay off any workers.

If you took the money and laid off workers, that is a violation of the terms of the loan and you have to pay it back. Here in Detroit, which cashed in for at least $2.5 million, staff pay was cut, some workers were furloughed and others were laid off — even though Abp. Vigneron took the money.

Archdiocesan public relations artist Ned McGrath essentially lied to the media in an interview with the Detroit News, claiming the money went to schools, local parishes and support staff in those parishes to preserve jobs. But that's as close to a lie as you can get, being deceptive.

If local parishes wanted to themselves apply for the PPP money, they could — and many did. Vigneron and the archdiocese didn't take out the loan and then disburse the funds to them. The archdiocese kept the money — the archdiocese, you remember, where the archbishop broke down in tears on a video conference with his clergy, bemoaning the woeful financial state his archdiocese was in.

Church Militant obtained that secret video and aired it a couple of days later, creating chaos in the chancery as they scrambled around trying to find out how we got it. While Vigneron was shedding his crocodile tears, he told his priests a week later in a separate call (that Church Militant also was party to) that a massive parish-reduction plan was being started, slashing the total number of parishes from a little more than 200 to what will be about 70 when all the dust has settled.

It's a hustle — these guys preaching the gospel while guarding the money purse like Judas.

What he did not tell them is that the archdiocese has hundreds of millions squirreled away in its endowment, an endowment Vigneron preferred to leave untapped, even as he was laying people off and taking government money.

The Church is cash poor because these men have betrayed the Faith with their active homosexual lives, their theft and embezzlement, their refusal to teach the authentic Faith, their promotion of the modernist heresy in every nook and cranny of the Church and their destruction of the liturgy and devotional life of everyday Catholics.

Yet many of them still sit atop vast fortunes that they refuse to disclose to the faithful. They wouldn't know how to be truthful if you held a gun to their heads. The money they have was given to them to manage and use for the propagation of the Faith, to advance the Church in the world. But they have squandered it on loose living and debauchery, living like princes in palaces, many of them.

They have taken the accumulated wealth of generations of Catholics given for the eventual motive of saving souls and have treated it like their own private bank account. They declare bankruptcy to avoid the full truth being revealed in court to sex abuse victims. They refuse to deal straight with the laity about how much money they actually have. 

And then, the government hands out money in the form of forgivable loans — as long as you don't lay one employee off — and the bishops grab billions, and some of them still lay off people anyway. The laity must start demanding of these men that they come clean about the finances of the dioceses. Billions of dollars from the government — for many of the same men who will work tirelessly to defeat President Trump because his immigration tightening-of-the-belt has already cost them loads of money.

It's a hustle — these guys preaching the gospel while guarding the money purse like Judas. Hopefully, the federal government is onto the game of them taking money while breaking the terms of the loan repayment. Cut off every red cent to these men. The next money request that comes in, tell them to take it out of the endowment. They are unfaithful: There needs to be a reckoning for this malice in this life, as well as the next.

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