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Catholic Info Wars

Loads to learn.

September 28, 2020  0



Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

As events draw closer to their conclusion in the election, we'd like to take a moment here and let you know the vast amount of work we are doing here to get necessary information to you to battle against this Marxist wave.

First (and most importantly), our Church Militant 54-day Rosary Novena is proceeding well. Ten thousand people have taken the pledge to pray their rosaries along with us, and hundreds actually join us each day at 8 a.m. ET on weekday mornings. 

If you haven't yet joined our novena, please feel free to join now. Don't worry about missing whatever you may have missed. And since we are not just spiritual beings but are also very much present in the material world, we have been busy bees in this area as well. Prayer and labor; faith and works.

This Tuesday, the feast of our patron, St. Michael, will mark the kickoff of our official coverage of "Campaign 2020" as we provide pre-analysis and post-analysis of the first presidential debate. The crew here has been working their fingers to the bone in preparation to launch our coverage.

We'll be doing the same for each debate, beginning with our pre-coverage at 8:30 p.m. ET until the debate begins at 9. Then we'll be returning at 10:30 for a full hour of analysis and reports.

There has never been a more consequential election than this one: It is, in a word, monumental. Trump must win this. To that end, we are actually providing handheld materials for you to not only educate yourselves, but perhaps more importantly, to educate those you know.

There has never been a more consequential election than this one: It is, in a word, monumental.

At the end of this Vortex, we'll tell you how to get your hands on everything. We've produced our very own Church Militant Voters Guide to cut through the vagaries of the U.S. bishops about how Catholics should vote. Too many of the hierarchy have a vested interest in making sure Biden wins and that Trump gets no love from members of the clergy.

They have conspired — in many cases for years — to help bring about this Marxist revolution because they have profited from it quite handsomely. They agree with the ideology, and they like the payola. Trump threatens both those sacred cows of theirs.

So once again, as a body, the bishops have produced a ridiculous excuse of what they term a "voter's guide." Well, we've created a voter's guide also.  But ours is faithful — theirs is not.

Next, we have made available these QR cards which are extremely easy to use. Just turn on your camera, pass it over the QR code and the voter's guide simply downloads onto your phone device.

Likewise (and very excitingly), our Church Militant application is new and improved. All you need to do, which you can do right now, is just go to your phone's "app store" — iPhone or Android — do the search for Church Militant, download it and presto.

But even better, make sure your phone is set to receive notifications because, through the application, we send out (straight to your phone) notices of information you need immediately. This is one of the methods that CNN and all the rest of the Marxist fake news outlets use to get their propaganda into people's minds.

We faithful Catholics need to get in the game as well. Also, we have a link for you to a one-page fact sheet we've prepared called, "Joe Ain't Catholic." We know loads of you are contacting us saying you need help in explaining all this stuff to other Catholics who have been brainwashed by the bishops' nonsense.

Even if the bishops refuse to condemn this man's evil, other Catholics have to step up and do it in their place. Biden wants to help create a kingdom dedicated to evil, and he doesn't get to hide behind his Faith to do so.

We also have printed voter's guides because we know lots of people like to actually have a hard copy of things in their hands — all this electronic and virtual this, that and the other gets a little tedious from time to time. So we've made these available as well. Likewise, the "Joe Ain't Catholic" flyer is in hard-copy form.

There is only a small percentage of undecided voters — somewhere around 5% — and they will determine the course of America or its demise. Many of those "undecideds" (and even non-voters) are Catholics. They must be gotten to. We can do everything we can here, but you need to join this effort as well.

There is only a small percentage of undecided voters — somewhere around 5% — and they will determine the course of America or its demise.

It will tick off a good number of bishops that Church Militant is doing all this. But our response is "We're only doing what Vatican II counseled us to do." It is the obligation of the laity to sanctify the world. So that's what we're attempting to do.

While I have the pleasure to head up this apostolate, I have the even greater pleasure and blessing to work with some of the most dedicated, smart people in the entire Catholic world. With the blessings of Our Lord and His Holy Mother, under the protection of St. Michael, Church Militant has forged our way to becoming one of the most-listened-to media outlets you'll find.

Do we have an agenda? You bet we do. We have the integrity to admit it — unlike the Marxist media. Our goal is to be used to help save souls through our efforts in apologetics, evangelization, catechesis and news, showing how all of them are bound together tightly in the current culture.

The Church doesn't exist in a vacuum. It's in the world, and the events of the world must be understood, clearly communicated and engaged in heavily. That takes time, resources, effort, talent, dedication and — most of all — prayer.

So to return to where we began, please join us in our 54-day Rosary Novena in the run-up to the election. If you can pray live with us each weekday morning at 8 a.m. ET, great! If not, still pray with us and the thousands of others each day.

Now, one final point, how do you get access to all those things we spoke about earlier? Simple, just click on the link, and you'll be directed to every one of them. Get them; download them; use them. That's why we made them. The consequences of this election being lost are too upsetting to think about.

Make sure that, whichever way it goes, you can say with a clear conscience that you left everything on the field and did your absolute best for the preservation of a culture where the work of the Church could continue without tyranny overwhelming it.

Click on the link. And God love you.

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