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Child Sacrifice

It's extremely profitable.

March 2, 2021  0


Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

It's not exactly a secret that the Chinese Communist Party doesn't care about children. Remember, this is the evil group that, for decades, had the one-child policy — forcibly aborting any children conceived after the first one.

But something that has gone somewhat unnoticed by most people is the child-slavery racket the CCP has. Church Militant has been contacted by various American businessmen who have seen with their own eyes factories where hundreds of children are chained to tables, making one thing or another, being part of the CCP infrastructure to become the world's leading economy.

Again, while we have heard this from eyewitnesses, it's not something totally unknown — it's just not talked about. There is a conspiracy of silence between U.S. politicians, U.S. industry and the U.S. hierarchy, in conjunction with Rome. Let's tackle each one in order.

First, let's look at U.S. politicians. They have worked in close connection with U.S. industry, one scratching the other one's back for their own individual gain. Leading the way propelling these Marxist slave masters into the lead of the world economy is Joe Biden. It was Biden who forced the U.S. Senate to go along with his charge to grant China, with all its known human rights abuses, the coveted "most-favored nation" trade status.

Once that hurdle was cleared, greedy Wall Street stepped in and profited off slavery, which is exactly what's going on. But see, slavery is okay when it's overseas and can be given the thumbs-up by U.S. companies who, in turn, bankroll cooperating politicians' campaigns. Over here in the United States, corporations and politicians take the exact opposite stance, decrying not slavery, but the history of slavery — which doesn't exist here anymore.

If the U.S. bishops were to decry Biden and his Marxist-bastards crowd, pointing to their silence on the slavery of millions of Chinese children, they would pay dearly.

They (both government and the private sector) profit from their two-faced virtue-signaling. They get to keep the "whites are all bad" and "white privilege" narrative going so they can keep in power and keep increasing the bottom line, getting their guys elected and re-elected.

But, turning to the U.S. hierarchy and its collaboration with Rome in never saying a word about actual slavery, one wonders, what do they get out of it? Well, they get the same: Power and money. If the U.S. bishops were to decry Biden and his Marxist-bastards crowd, pointing to their silence on the slavery of millions of Chinese children, they would pay dearly.

The U.S. bishops have extremely lucrative contracts with the federal government to care for the humanitarian needs of the zillions of illegal immigrants pouring across the southern border. All of these illegals need "resettlement" and transportation (etc.). So operating through their theologically dissident "social justice network," they set up an entire network to care for all this, and they get government money to do it.

The U.S. bishops' conference is a little else than a contractor for liberal government policies. The policies wreck the United States, and the bishops get big contracts to participate. The bishops claim they're motivated by their "deeply held beliefs." But if that's the case, why don't their "deeply held beliefs" extend to millions of little Chinese children chained to tables in communist factories?

While Rome and Pope Francis can't stop talking about how greedy capitalism has unduly impacted the world's poor — which, of course, is a load of hogwash — where are all the statements about chaining millions of children to tables? Surely that qualifies as "adversely affecting the poor," doesn't it? In fact, Rome issued a statement a couple of years ago that China is the nation that best exemplifies the gospel values.

Yeah, whatever.

Where was the counter-statement from the bishops of the richest country in the history of the world saying that's not true? Now, we're not saying the U.S. hierarchy secretly sits in on Davos meetings to bring about the New World Order — not at all.

But they participate with that crowd by their actions and their silence. Where was the U.S. hierarchy's official statement supporting Cdl. Zen when he was sounding the alarm about the Vatican-China accord? How about when he was warning about the human rights abuses, the slavery, the exploitation of large segments of the population all for the good of "commerce"?

The social justice bishops never breathe a word about social justice, unless they can somehow get in on the action and get some kind of payday. They have barely a lukewarm response to abortion in America. They say nothing about American fat cats profiting off an entire system of slavery (off children, no less), which allows enormous profits to flow back into U.S. companies, who use a portion of that money to keep complicit politicians in office.

On the other hand, too many of them immediately spring to action when a BLM communiqué is sent out or the word "racism," evocative of slavery, is even breathed. How come all these supposed good bishops that everyone thinks exist never publicly challenge this horrific narrative, never publicly contradict one of their fellow bishops who is a non-believing Marxist and who is using the Church for his own personal gain?

The bishops hated Trump because he hit them in their bottom line — money from Uncle Sam to take care of the needs of illegal immigrants.

Their silence is deafening.

They'll allow the conference to side with the "kids in cages" sputum when it damages Trump, but when Biden opens the cages that Obama built back up and puts the kids back in them, crickets. They hated Trump because he hit them in their bottom line — money from Uncle Sam to take care of the needs of illegal immigrants.

Once the illegal crossings started drying up under Trump, so too did their money. Just like Wall Street and Washington, D.C., don't believe the bishops when they tell you they care about human rights and children. They don't.

They care about making a buck, playing along with the swamp so they can get their cut. As they all crawl into their comfortable beds each night (hopefully alone), on the other side of the world, millions of boys and girls are chained to tables forced to make goods for export to America (which keep Wall Street and Beijing rolling in the dough, altering the balance of power in the world, making it more and more communist every day).

They're able to do that with the influence they assert in D.C., which, in turn, keeps the bishops on a short leash, doing its bidding and never challenging the status quo. Child sacrifice is way too profitable. That is why Biden has not been excommunicated — nor any of the other fake Catholics. And it's why they will be given Holy Communion, right up until the entire lot of them are damned.

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