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Church, America Last

The commie plan unfolding.

January 27, 2021  0


Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

The intentions of good Catholics and patriots to give the benefit of the doubt to so-called conservative leaders in the Church and the government have got to be reexamined. It's time to stop pretending that these leaders are in their office and positions of power legitimately. They are not. They lied, stole and killed to get there.

There are the actual successors of the Apostles because they were properly installed. Biden and his administration are the legitimate office holders because they, too, were properly installed, but let's cut the pretense. They got there (to the White House and the episcopate) through massively deceptive means.

There is a presumption — no longer the case, even though it once was — that when a man is raised to the episcopate or takes high office as a public servant, he is in line with the mission and vision of that office. That has proven to be woefully untrue as we now see. In fact, most politicians and bishops don't give a rip about the good of those they are supposed to serve. They care about themselves and nothing else.

Church Militant has been pounding this drum for years now as you know, and, just as we were vindicated when the news broke about McCarrick and his homosexual network in the Church, we are right about this as well. Most of the hierarchy and probably all of the Biden administration arrived at their exalted positions through direct cooperation with monstrous evil, and that is a fact.

They have assumed their positions of power over the corpses of tens of millions of preborn children, destroyed families, the destruction of fatherhood, the promotion of depravity, and they have done it all for personal gain. With no repentance, they will burn in Hell for eternity, and they will deserve it, just as Judas is and does.

They have assumed their positions of power over the corpses of tens of millions of preborn children, destroyed families, the destruction of fatherhood, the promotion of depravity, and they have done it all for personal gain.

None of that can be controlled by those who see the evil. What matters in this Vortex is the willfully naive who refuse to see this because they don't want to deal with what all of this means. For example, the "Catholic" paper Our Sunday Visitor (that used to be reliable) published an article last week lauding Los Angeles archbishop Jose Gomez for his letter about Biden where he took exception with him about child slaughter.

Gomez is no hero. Joe Scheidler, who dedicated his life to saving those innocent small people, he is a hero. He died last week. Eternal Rest grant unto him, O Lord. Gomez and his colleagues at the national bishops' conference are wimps, cowards, liars and deceivers. The fact that they said something after the election is not praiseworthy. In fact, it's proof that they are derelict in their duties and are public disgraces.

Gomez allows homosexual activist James Martin free reign in his archdiocese. Each year at his abominable Religious Education Congress, he welcomes Bryan Massingale, a homosexual priest — who is at least open about it (pay attention, Fr. Martin) — to take the stage. Gomez allows these heretics to preach their distortions of the Faith and condemn those who believe, support and teach the authentic Faith.

A question arises about Gomez's timing. He's in the middle of a half-billion (yes, billion) dollar fundraising campaign, and the question certainly arises, "Is this his smokescreen to appear — to pretend — that he actually cares about preborn children?" If he does, he doesn't anywhere near enough. He's a fraud. He's legitimate, yes. He is a successor of the Apostles. Yes. He is the rightful archbishop of Los Angeles, but he is a complete fraud.

For the love of God and the lives of the preborn, don't give that man (or virtually any other bishop in the United States) a red cent. They have their offices illegitimately. In his letter about Biden, listen to these lines: "In a time of growing and aggressive secularism in American culture, when religious believers face many challenges, it will be refreshing to engage with a president who clearly understands, in a deep and personal way, the importance of religious faith and institutions."

With that statement, Gomez proves himself to be the fraud we all know he is. Biden doesn't give a rip about faith, religion or the Church. Here's more from the "heroic" archbishop: "Mr. Biden's piety and personal story, his moving witness to how his faith has brought him solace in times of darkness and tragedy, his longstanding commitment to the gospel's priority for the poor — all of this I find hopeful and inspiring."

What you should find it, Archbishop, is a great facade, a deceitful use of religion by Biden to make himself appear to be authentically Catholic. He is neither authentic nor Catholic.

And then, of course, the stupid, repetitive, useless appeal to dialogue (the favorite word of rotten churchmen): "My hope is that we can begin a dialogue to address the complicated cultural and economic factors that are driving abortion and discouraging families."

Complicated? the vast majority of women kill their children because they don't want them. Period. It will louse up their careers, as we've heard many come out recently and just admit. Others use abortion as the remedy for failed contraception — just a more expensive birth control. There's nothing to dialogue about. But there is much in need of condemnation.

How any Catholic layperson can listen to this pretense and move along as though all is normal is frightening. Communism has come to America, and it has been brought here by thieves, killers and liars who go along with the "all is normal" pretense so as not to rock the yachts they all live on.

Joe Biden cares nothing for the poor. Gomez cares nothing for the poor. The U.S. hierarchy cares nothing for the poor. Like the communists, the bishops see in the poor an opportunity to extract money from the sheep. Allow us to ask this simple question: If we grant, because it's true, that there is no one in the culture more "poor" than an innocent, defenseless child, why then in nearly 50 years of the slaughter have the bishops not taken up even one, single national collection for the pro-life cause?

The answer: because they are not really committed to it. They are content to do the "dialogue dance" with the Democrats and Rinos who keep handing them money. And they keep handing them money for "social justice" to further the pretense that they too care for the poor.

The Democrats and most politicians care nothing for the poor.

The Democrats and most politicians care nothing for the poor. And when it comes to the bishops, you can add to that they care nothing for your souls either. The reason the willfully blind Catholics and patriots do not want to consider the reality of all this — that wicked and weak men legitimately holding their offices through illegitimate means — is because that single admission would mean that the entire system is corrupt.

That single realization would require an entire commitment of the rest of your lives to work to fix it all or die trying. But down deep they know that already. And that's what makes people who refuse, by choice, to confront the evil truly despicable. Injustice rules the world because such men will not confront it.

As a note, Church Militant is going to be and remain relentless in calling out this fraud — the fraudulent election, the fraudulent episcopacy, the fraudulent pretense that COVID is the modern-day Black Death, the fraudulent exercise of power by these monsters of men who crush the true poor underfoot.

These leaders long ago adopted a plan to put both Church and America last. Now they have the power they wanted. And it's full steam ahead. Understand this final point: The opposite of charity is not hatred. It is indifference.

These power brokers in the Church and government are indifferent to even their own eternal lives. Why would anyone think for a moment that they have a care about your earthly life?

They don't.

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