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Clear and Direct

A nice bunch of 'thieves.'

July 2, 2021  0


Because of our reporting, Church Militant has experienced such explosive growth over the past year that we'd like to take a moment to remind you about the massive amount of theological programming we have available for our Premium subscribers.

To see the full overview, just slide your mouse over to the "Video" tab on the Church Militant site and click on "All Shows" to see everything. You will see 55 thumbnails immediately, but behind each of those individual thumbnails is an enormous number of individual episodes, which add up to hundreds of shows and thousands of hours of faithful content.

Just like everything else here at Church Militant, those programs, specifically the ones on the Faith, are direct, clear and straightforward. That's how Our Lord instructed His Apostles. That's how the Apostles instructed their followers, and that's how their followers instructed their families and friends.

We joke a little here in the studio that we've almost never had an original thought, that we are among the greatest plagiarizers in history. All we do is "rip off" the saints, the Church Doctors and Fathers, the mystics — basically all the greatest intellects to have ever walked the planet. But there's actually a name for that type of activity: It's called "Tradition."

Modernism is a heresy, and the first step to fighting heresy is to be extremely well-versed in the truth.

In fact, the holiest people in the Church, as well as those who accept what they preach, are just a big bunch of "thieves." As Our Blessed Lord said, "Freely you have received, now freely give." If someone gives you something to share with others, you don't get to swap it out for something else, especially something of much lesser quality. That's being selfish. Imagine your mom giving you a plate of cookies to share with your friends and then you switch that out for Brussels sprouts. That's creepy and selfish and clearly indicates some deep-seated mental disturbance.

That's exactly what happens when those who are supposed to give you the authentic Faith but exchange it for their own personal agendas. In this case, they are exchanging the things of God for the things of Satan; health for poison and life for death.

We stress this point because we know that we must stand before Our Blessed Lord at our own personal judgments and account for everything we say. We also know we have a duty (again, as Our Lord commanded), to teach everything we have been commanded. Nobody else gets to change it.

This is the very reason our first contribution to this apostolate was not news, not documentaries, not investigations, but catechesis. Every single baptized Catholic has the duty to tell the fullness of the truth, no matter the consequences. That's what you get for being a Premium member at Church Militant. Straight-up truth that was not invented by us, but handed on to us.

The first show we ever produced was The One True Faith. It remains our flagship show, all 118 nearly hour-long episodes. And that's just one program. There are 54 others that are all designed to trigger you into becoming a better Catholic who becomes more aware of the need for continuing sanctification. As St. Paul says, "Work out your salvation in fear and trembling." (See, we really do rip stuff off all the time.)

We know thousands of you have joined Church Militant in the past few months, but we also know some of you may not be very familiar with our Premium offerings, which serve to fight against the evil modernism so prevalent in the Church today. In fact, fighting against Marxism in the culture is a dead-end if you aren't also fighting against modernism in the Church. Modernism in the Church is what gave rise to Marxism. Modernism is a heresy, and the first step to fighting heresy is to be extremely well versed in the truth. Every heresy has just enough truth in it to deceive people. James Martin's and Bp. Barron's respective poisons are prime examples.

Father Martin, saying that God makes people gay and, therefore, we have to love them, is only half true. And Bishop saying that God's mercy is great and, therefore, we have a reasonable hope that all men are saved, is also only half true. Half-truths are full lies.

It is heroes we need to fight the evil, and we need these heroes to be completely equipped in mind, body and soul.

In addition to straight-up catechesis, we also have a series of in-depth content called FBI – Faith-Based Investigations. Each of these has hundreds and hundreds of hours of research behind them, helping you to understand how the Church and the culture got to this point. It is absolutely necessary to understand the history so that when things are rebuilt — and they will be someday — these errors are known and not repeated.

But that's just a very small sampling of what we offer. If you are not a Premium member, please take a look around to see the programs we offer. And then, please sign up for Premium membership. It's just $10 a month and you will then have complete access to anything you want, whenever you want it.

It is heroes we need to fight the evil, and we need these heroes to be completely equipped in mind, body and soul. Please sign up for a Premium membership today and dive deeper into the ancient Faith brought to you by modern communications.

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