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Clergy, Middle Class and Obamacare

U.S. bishops have no more care for the middle class than does Hillary.

November 1, 2016  0


The peasantry are rising up, and the elites are being exposed. It's even happening in politics. We're talking about the elitism of the ruling class of the Establishment Church.

Last week, the announcement came that Obamacare premiums and deductibles are being raised to levels that no one in the middle class can any longer afford, and of course that this was going to happen was well known in advance. Yet this socialistic approach to health care is something that the American hierarchy has been supporting and cheerleading for for almost a hundred years.

Here's a 2013 "Meet the Press" interview with Cardinal Timothy Dolan where the topic was Obamacare.

[transcript unavailable]

What incredible hubris. Socialized medicine is not Catholic teaching, yet the elites in the Church are perfectly willing to present it that way. If Hillary Clinton and her diabolical gang win the election, the bishops of the Catholic Church in America collectively will be largely responsible for her victory. Imagine having to explain to Jesus Christ that you helped elect an enemy of His Bride.

The U.S. bishops have supported every plan, piece of legislation and Democratic Party initiative for the past century. Only on abortion have they hesitated — but hey, what's a few tens of millions of dead babies in the face of unemployment, immigration, having no medical insurance, homelessness and every other social justice goal you can think of?

If anyone out there thinks the bishops empathize with the struggles of middle-class Catholics, guess again. Consider — millions of middle-class Catholics are going to be hit hard financially by this Obamacare communist health plan: thousands of dollars more a year in premiums, and then deductibles so high that you have to run up thousands of dollars in bills before the lousy program even kicks in. And then, the next calendar year, it starts all over again with an even higher deductible. 

Where's all the blather now about social justice?

Every single thing that the middle and lower socio-economic classes have to contend with and struggle with continually, the American hierarchy and their elitist pals in the Democratic Party turn their nose up at. There are out-of-control Obamacare costs with horrible care to boot, yet there they were, the Catholic bishops, supporting all of it except one narrow little mandate, disguising it as a "religious liberty" issue. 

How about tuition tax credits to help parents whose children are trapped in failing schools? Nope. The U.S. hierarchy talks a good game on this, but when the rubber hits the road, they are right there, supporting the party opposed to it.

The overt obvious attempts by Democrats — largely successful — to change America into a European-style socialist country — and standing there at the front of the line with their hands out for hundreds of millions of dollars with their phony social justice programs, engineered more than 40 years ago by Jewish atheist communist Saul Alinsky, are the Catholic bishops.

Over half the bishops have thrown open the doors of their schools to welcome in the disastrous Common Core because it is one of the sacred cows of their Dem buddies. Heck, even proof that the Dems are intent on ending the Church — shown in the WikiLeaks emails — and still hardly a peep from any of the bishops, and not one threat of accountability from any of them.

A Catholic sitting VP, Joe Biden, performs a civil marriage centered around sodomy, and because he's a Democrat, utter silence from the U.S. Bishops. How about the VP running mate of Hillary, fake Catholic Tim Kaine, who supports dismemberment of babies right up to delivery and same-sex sodomite marriage? He's given a complete pass by almost every single bishop.

What's happening in America is a rising up of the peasantry. Now to be sure, most peasant revolts are put down ruthlessly, but what has precipitated this uprising? The desire for justice; the revulsion of the little man always being crushed down, ignored, abused, overtaxed, overlooked, mocked, lied to, treated as a fool, used, controlled, held back; the justified rage and anger that the criminal, corrupt elites are always getting away with anything they want, that they live outside the rules, that they are exempt from the laws and are accountable to no one. 

Congress even exempted themselves and all their lobbyist buddies from the dreadful Obamacare, but they happily stick it to you — and the bishops sit by quietly. 

All throughout the campaign, we here at Church Militant have been saying that the bishops hate election season because many of them are exposed in their silence and complicity as being just as elitist as many of the political and media elites. Why should an average bishop give a hoot about pushing for Hillary — by silent consent, of course — and her promise to continue to Obamacare?

The middle class is being choked to death with this neverending stream of economic broadsides in health care, taxes, stagnant economic performance and so forth. We have more people than you would think who tell us they can't afford the $10 dollars a month for a Premium membership because times are tough — $10 a month.

But the U.S. hierarchy is populated by elites who simply don't care about the little peasant Catholic. All they want to drone on about is immigration and health care and climate change, the trifecta of their Democratic masters, and stick the little Catholic with the bill for all of it.

And why shouldn't they act like that, really? They never have to deal with with the consequences of their political choices. Do you think Cdl. Dolan is fretting over his health care premiums? Do you think Abp. Blase Cupich in Chicago goes to bed at night worrying over running up huge medical bills if he gets sick?

No. Many of the men who are bishops have become completely isolated and cut themselves off from the concerns of everyday people, the middle class, and have grown content living in their ivory towers — and for men like Dolan and Wuerl and Cupich and the rest of the sorry lot, hobnobbing with cultural elites, looking down their pectoral crosses at the rest of us.

The U.S. bishops will have been major players in getting this evil woman elected because they only care about themselves and their own one-world government, Marxist view of the world. They haven't cared about the sheep in any meaningful way for decades. They haven't preached the truth from the pulpits, in their seminaries, in their schools, at press conferences — nowhere.

Can any Catholic be surprised that the very men who have been so negligent in concern for your souls would really give a hoot about your household struggles? They live life free. They don't pay for food, for housing, for insurance, for transportation, for anything. 

The week after the election, they will gather at an expensive hotel in Baltimore at one of their usual annual gatherings and discuss a bunch of meaningless hooey. The Church of Nice leaders will have nice rooms, nice meals, nice drinks — all on your dime. And will they run up a bill of hundreds of thousands of dollars in transportation and entertainment and so forth. Meanwhile, you will be sitting down at the kitchen table with a calculator figuring out how to pay your bills.

Catholics have been more than willing to absorb all these costs for their clergy because we ceded over to them trust for the care of our souls, the souls of those we love, the education of our children, the passing on of the Faith. That kind of serious most important work necessitates that the men doing it be freed from the daily ordinary concerns of life so they can attend to the supernatural life.

But too many of these men have abused that deal and become worldly. So they now enjoy the benefits of office without fulfilling any of the duties. They no longer deserve your financial support. They will come once or twice a year to fleece the flock and talk about all the money they need for this work of the Church or that work of the Church in the diocese, but ignore that they have helped engineer a society where the money they ask you for has been stolen by Washington to help keep the socialist empire running smoothly — a vision of America they have helped mightily to create.

Too many of these men have demonstrated a complete lack of care for your souls. Why on earth would you think they have any concern for your bodies?

Pray for them with everything you have. Offer your Rosaries for them. The time is quickly approaching when divine justice will be executed and, without their repentance, there will be no escape. And they will share the same everlasting hellfire of the cultural elites and social engineers they aided in destroying the culture. 

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