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Comfort Catholicism

Give it up before you are damned.

September 21, 2017  0


The entire trend in the Church these days — promulgated by the Church of Nice — could easily be termed "Comfort Catholicism." It's all about how the Church must make you feel comfortable, unchallenged, accommodated — a safe space for your soul. The Church is not meant to be a place for a soul mired in sin to feel comfortable. Quite the opposite. It is meant to shine the light of God into our inner recesses and make us set about cleaning them up, coming to terms with them. But that is not what is preached by either the homosexualists or a large part of the New Evangelization bandwagon.

These two forces, gigantic forces in the Church, are all part of a larger whole — a denial of the fullness of the Truth, one coming from one side, the other from the other but both closely related to each other. In both worlds, the goal is to make you feel OK. Like the 1970s psychobabble expert Thomas Harris in his book, I'm OK, You're OK. It's almost as if liberal theologians and clerics picked up that book and fashioned a catechism around its main theme.

We are not OK, OK? We are in need of a savior every day until we are at last with Him. But our inner ugliness, owing to sin never gets talked about in terms of sin. It's always something else, which means it should not come as a surprise that 83 percent of U.S. Catholics don't believe in the devil — a subject we talked about a couple of weeks ago.

What do these two camps in the Church, the New Evangelizers and the homosexualists, have in common? They each spread a false sense of joy — one more emotionally based, the other rooted in lust — but neither with any power to save. In a brilliant observation, Pope Benedict once preached, "The world offers you comfort. But you were not born for comfort. You were born for greatness." There is no greatness in being comfortable, in not engaging in battle.

Pope Leo XIII once offered, "Catholics are born for combat." But all this squishy, don't disturb, never give offense or upset anyone style of Catholicism has paved the way for the homosexualist crowd to take center stage. For close to 50 years, we Catholics in the pews have heard all the distorted theo-babble claptrap of love, love, love, don't pass judgment, a complete blackout on topics like sin, the devil, evil and so forth. So having completely lost any sense of our Catholic identity, it is now being replaced with the evil of the homosexualist agenda.

We go from an acute awareness of sin to an ignoring of sin to an embrace of sin for such is the nature of sin. All that is good must be guarded to be preserved, from one day to the next, from one generation to the next. But leaders have failed mightily in this regard. This is one reason why the heavily backed Alpha program will ultimately fail. Its emphasis is on joy and feelings and emotions.

Notice, those are the same arguments that the homosexualists like Fr. James Martin, Fr. Thomas Rosica and loads of other clerics use to spread their poison with just a slight twist — the next evolution of that argument. If it's all about joy, albeit a false joy, and what really matters is your feelings and emotions, then frankly why not follow your disordered passions or your lust to sleep with your girlfriend or have her move in with you and so forth. The sky's the limit. Go for it. God wants you to be happy, which He does. But happiness is impossible without Him, and you cannot be with Him if your concern is your comfort.

See, the errant theology of omission, a hallmark of the Church of Nice, has paved the way for the errant theology of the homosexualists. It is nothing other than the next development in having abandoned the fullness of the Truth of Christ. When will these spiritually scatterbrained bishops realize that there is no such thing as a spiritual vacuum? If you abandon preaching the Truth, all of it, something simply rushes in and fills the void, and what rushes in is always worse than what preceded it. In this case, we went from watered down to drought in terms of the Truth. Now, we have entered the era of false truth, all because the goal of saving souls was ignored and in its place, making people comfortable.

There is only one way, one path to Heaven. It is narrow, almost disappearing at times. It is overgrown, difficult to navigate, strewn with rocks and stones and very difficult to walk. It is definitely not comfortable but it leads to everlasting life and there is joy in the fight, knowing that you are achieving faith's goal — your salvation.

End your spiritual comfort now before it makes an end of you.

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