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Communion Wars

Lose this war and be damned.

May 17, 2021  0


There isn't a faithful Catholic in the Church who can't help but wonder just how many of the bishops are going to be damned. More than a few would be where the smart money is.

And before all the "Church of Nice" and "cocktail Catholic" crowds get all upset and start clutching their pearls in horror, consider that this was a common theme in the first centuries of the Church and even in the centuries following. The bishops in the United States have once again backed down in the face of continued sacrilege or skirted around the issue. They might as well agree with it because that is the effect.

The topic of giving Holy Communion to child-killing politicians has taken on heightened interest since "Catholic" Joe Biden became president without actually winning the election. So with that fraud in the White House, all his bishop buddies circled the wagon around him — and their own sacrilege — rushing to the barricades to announce he is worthy to receive Holy Communion.

Everything is about theology and politics. Everything.

And loads of you thought politics and theology had nothing to do with each other. Hint: Everything is about theology and politics. Everything.

A quick series of events, all circling around the Real Presence of Our Blessed Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, has now rushed upon us. The truth of the Real Presence is laid aside by bishops, hence the truthful claim that a huge number of these men are on their way to Hell.

First, Biden cheats his way into the Oval Office — the highest-profile "Catholic" receiving Holy Communion. That sets off a flurry of cries from the faithful that the bishops should denounce his reception of Our Lord's Body and Blood. So Abp. Gómez of Los Angeles, the president of the U.S. bishops, fires off a letter to the Vatican asking for some direction on whether an open child-killer who scoffs at the Faith and acts against it at every turn should be allowed to receive Holy Communion.

Then, one of the most crooked cardinals in the history of the Church, Chicago's Blase Cupich, together with his other pro-homosexual cardinal buddy (both elevated to their high posts by homosexual pederast Theodore McCarrick) meet with Vatican officials and slyly inform them how to respond to the letter from Gómez.

In the meantime, San Francisco archbishop Salvatore Cordileone publishes a letter hailed around the Catholic world by easily deceived faithful that did nothing more than simply restate 2,000 years of Catholic teaching about worthy reception of Holy Communion and how child-killers should not be given the Sacred Species.

However, as the bishop of Nancy Pelosi, a female version of Biden, he never mentions a word about this notorious sinner and her reception of Holy Communion. When asked directly during a number of interviews, he basically deflected, saying that Nancy understands he wouldn't approve of that, implying, of course, that there is some kind of quiet agreement between them.

Archbishop, regardless of your own personal beliefs about the dogma of the Real Presence, you have let this child-killing woman off the hook repeatedly. You have a duty here, and you can write all the nicely worded and correct documents you like, but those won't get you off the hook when you stand before Our Lord. You should have put an end to this the first day you were in office. 

But going back to Nancy, she said she was pleased with the document the Vatican put out, which says not to be divisive. The letter she's referencing is what the Vatican sent back to Gómez, crafted by the homosexuality-loving cardinals Cupich and Tobin, two more churchmen the demons are stoking the furnaces for.

The letter they wrote basically says that the U.S. bishops need a consensus on this subject among themselves. Then they all need to pursue "dialogue" and go explain to the wicked child-killers that ripping children to pieces in the womb and then selling their pieces for medical research to work into vaccines and cosmetics is a bad thing, and they really shouldn't support it.

Next, they need to all reconvene, compare notes, formulate a policy and then get in touch with bishops' conferences all around the world and get further "consensus." Then they need to run that by the Vatican so all those homosexuals running the show can tinker with it and revise it and send it back for further dialogue and discussion and on and on.

If you are a Church-of-Nice Catholic or one of the establishment class who has bishops over to your house for cocktails and polite discussions about your golf handicap, do you really think these men are not bound for Hell? How can you not? They are protecting the murder of children by the tens of millions, regardless of talking a little pro-life here and there. That's just a cover to keep you in place.

Then, even worse, they hand the Body and Blood of Our Savior over to the men and women who make the laws to advance the holocaust. Are you, comfortable Catholics, so thick, so spiritually dense and deceived, such theological wastelands, that you think these men are not heading to Hell and taking untold millions of souls with them?

They don't defend humanity. They don't defend Our Lord's divinity. Many of them actively work against one or the other — or both. The supposedly good bishops won't do what needs to be done. Those "good" bishops need to stand up and decry this defiling of the Temple and then, whatever happens, happens.

So big deal — you lose your diocese. Who cares? What good are you doing anyway when you rationalize your silence and lack of action? Our Lord doesn't need you in your diocese to correct these errors. But you may very well need to be pulled from your diocese for defending the truth, in order to be saved.

Imagine an archbishop who tries to defend, yet tiptoes, around the truth being damned and spending eternity with the very bishops he was terrified of speaking out against on earth. Because that's where this is heading. It's throw-down time. In fact, it's long past throw-down time.

Wicked men have assumed control in the Church, and weak men will not fight for the sanctity of life or divine truth by denouncing them or the wicked Catholics who defile the Church and commit sacrilege. The Communion wars are now in full swing and have been for decades, and believing-yet-weak bishops have been conditioned to think that the only thing that matters is politeness, consensus, dialogue and unity.

Weak bishops have been conditioned to think that the only thing that matters is politeness, consensus, dialogue and unity.

That is precisely why those spiritually dead cardinals Cupich and Tobin crafted that wicked, duplicitous response the way they did. It was meant to summon forth the inner cowardice of their easily manipulated bishops back home, and, so far, it's working.

If a bishop, whoever he is or however well-intended he may be, doesn't see the need to lose his miter to protect human life and divine truth, then the Devil and his legions may as well just toss some more coal in the furnace to handle the anticipated increased capacity.

"Good" bishops and their comfortable country-club Catholics are being played for fools by these wicked men — in the Church and in Congress. At your judgments, you will have nowhere to go, no place to run and hide when you stand before the Lord of Heaven and earth, Whom you refused to defend in this life. You will never again have a moment so crystal clear to stand in defense of the truth. 

Enough with your letters and debates and consensus-building and useless dialogue. You are on the way to Hell for your refusal to do the right thing. Your sins of omission are no less severe than the other bishops' sins of commission.

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