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Communist Creep

What next?

November 25, 2020  0


Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

On Election Day 2016, my father, Russ, was all raring to go. He had told me the night before that he wanted to be first in line to vote against communist Hillary and her anti-God politics.

My dad — God rest his soul — was a military veteran, a patriot, a stalwart Catholic who knew both his Church and country were slipping away. Mission creep is what he was talking about. That's when an outfit, a country, a business, a Church gets off course and starts creeping away little by little from its original mission by adopting other goals and so forth.

Of course, every outfit has to adapt to new circumstances and correctly understand how they might or might not dictate a change in how the mission is carried out, but the mission itself cannot change, lest you lose your identity.

Well, let's look at both the country and the Catholic Church and see how mission creep has become much more than just creep. It's now a full-on sprint. A sprint to get away from the original missions so fast that each has become almost unrecognizable.

In the country, the very foundation of what makes a free nation is a free and fair election. That's now gone — short of some spectacular turnaround in the Supreme Court affecting the votes and fake decisions in multiple states, it's over.

It could still happen; that's why the suits must go forward. It will either be a resurrection from the dead or the final nail in the coffin of the republic. But it will be one or the other. There no longer exists a "middle ground." And in truth, there really didn't exist a middle ground in the first place.

Weak men made up the notion of "middle ground" because they didn't have the stomach to fight — especially when it would bring an end to their comfortable lives.

Weak men made up the notion of 'middle ground' because they didn't have the stomach to fight.

So again, barring a Supreme Court intervention, fair elections in America are gone, off the table, likely never to return. And not to race to the end of the story here but (spoiler alert) that means the end of the nation as it is currently constituted. What happens next is anyone's guess and depends on a few things such as the Supreme Court and the U.S. Senate run-off elections in Georgia (which have completely zero credibility given how the presidential election was handled).

Conveniently, Georgia is the single state in the country where every single county uses the corrupt Dominion voting system, which is how the fraudulent election was partially achieved.

The old adage applies here: If they got away with once, why not do it again? This raises the all-important critical question — how did they get away with it, at least up to this point? Leaving that question hanging there, switch now to the Church, specifically the hierarchy, and let's just lay it out there and say what it is — the Church hierarchy has devolved into an international crime syndicate. Period.

The teachings of the Church are still correct, of course, and protected by the Holy Spirit, protected especially from these corrupt communists and cowards. But as for the integrity of the men who are bishops, individually and collectively, they have none. They are walking disgraces.

They long ago abandoned the mission of the Church and converted the Church into a shop, a corporation where they are exempt from all accountability and destroy that which they have authority over.

Does this sound familiar? Weak men, selfish men, self-centered men abandoning the mission for the sake of their own personal benefit. Mitt Romney would make a good Catholic bishop. He checks all the boxes. Heck, in truth he probably believes more of the Faith than most bishops.

Likewise, Cupich might as well have been nominated for president by the Democratic Party. He lies and cheats and steals with the best of them (and has about the same mental acuity as Biden). The truth is, with the exception of pointy hats, the Democratic Party leadership and the Church leadership are virtually indistinguishable.

There is no distinction in their politics, their accountability, their selfishness, their proclivity to lie and cover up their own foul deeds. The list is interminable. Look no further than the latest cover-up by the hierarchy — the McCarrick Report. 

Lies, obfuscations, finger-pointing, blaming the dead and completely failing to come out and identify the living culprits who participated in this man's sins: Wuerl, Farrell, Cupich, Tobin and so on.

They all skate by, with no consequences whatsoever for allowing the former cardinal to continue and prosper. The reason is simple — because they prospered in exchange for looking the other way. How is this any different in approach than we see with the deep state in Washington, D.C., in the FBI and DOJ?

Hunter, Hillary, McCabe, Comey, Strzok and so forth — why aren't these people facing charges of treason, obstruction of justice, destroying evidence and so forth? The answer to both circumstances, Church and government, is the same answer. 

Mission creep, which slowly (and now picking up pace) gave way to communist creep. At first, under disguise, socialism presents itself as helping the poor, the downtrodden, the less fortunate.

Giving everyone a fair shake, an equal opportunity: That sounds both very Catholic and American. On paper. But in reality, to get such laws passed and "theology" adopted, politicians and bishops had to be bought off, which, as it turns out, wasn't that hard to do.

Getting a sufficient number of them to sell out was a lot easier apparently than the communists had first thought. If they shut up and went along, their respective careers would advance. Their power would increase. 

For a good number of politicians as well as bishops, even their sex lives would improve. Although, we should make the one necessary distinction here. Among politicians, it was mostly heterosexual. Among the bishops — eh — not so much.

Nonetheless, the sell-out was on, and the missions diverted from — all in the name of helping the poor, mind you. That was how these men rationalized their evil at first, until, in the end, they didn't care and even stopped pretending to care.

It became all about power, pure and simple, to be wielded however they desired, and no one was allowed to challenge them. Once again, even in a Church established by the Son of God and a nation dedicated to "we the people," the evil elite found a way to rise to the top and crush the little man by defeating truth, at least temporarily — both in the natural order as well as the supernatural.

Nations come and go, and this is largely the blueprint: Evil men seizing power and attacking the truth and weak men rolling over, afraid to die. But the eternal Church remains because She is directly connected, intimately, to Her Founder and Groom.

But the eternal Church remains because She is directly connected, intimately connected, to Her Founder and Groom.

The evil bishops, including the cowardly ones (because their cowardice supports the evil), will each be damned. Of that, you can be certain. Likewise, those politicians who have robbed individuals of the truth in the natural order, resulting in the eventual loss of life and liberty that will surely follow — they too shall be damned.

Both bishops and politicians set themselves up as gods and together steered their respective institutions away from the original missions and embraced socialism. This is why faithful Catholics look at the political disaster and feel so intensely about it — because they see the identical parallel in the Church.

We have a few remaining weeks yet. There are court cases to be played out, rulings which must be handed down, all of which at this point remain uncertain. Likewise, the current collapse the Church is in has no end in sight. In fact, a glance through social media brings up the discussion about whether Dominion voting machines were being used in the conclave that elected Jorge Bergoglio as pope.

What patriots and faithful Catholics each are asking themselves on the eve of this Thanksgiving is this: When will we know the final outcome of all of this, and then what do we do? In short, is this Good Friday or Easter Sunday (because sitting here today, it could still be either)? 

Will communism achieve world domination, or is this its high-water mark? We will know soon enough. 

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