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May 29, 2018  0
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Church Militant exists, as our motto says, to "Serve Catholics." What does that mean, precisely?

Well, precisely, it means two things, two sides of the same coin, because current conditions demand such an approach. We serve Catholics by helping them be better Catholics. And the Church of Nice hates it when we call ourselves Catholic because of this double dynamic we operate by. The work of evangelization today, unfortunately, demands a dual path approach. Why?

Because conditions in the Church are so bad that when you are trying to help someone convert or revert to the faith, you simply cannot ignore this reality. In many places, RCIA is barely a joke, if not downright non-Catholic. Many other evangelization and catechesis-like efforts, like Alpha, barely rise to the level of Christian, much less Catholic. A huge number of prelates and clergy have been poorly formed or even malformed in the Faith.

The rampant homoheresy dominating so much of the life of the Church is out of control. Nutty, anti-Catholic ideas like, for example, everyone, or almost everyone, goes to Heaven, have become ensconced in many Catholics' minds. We could go on and on. The overall point is that there is so a dearth of fidelity to authentic Catholicism these days, owing to either schism, heresy or dissent, that it cannot be ignored or sidestepped when truly serving Catholics.

Church Militant does talk about all this, exposing it for what it is, which is un-Catholic, and for this approach we are roundly despised by the ever-shrinking, ever-disappearing Church of Nice. And for the record, we are on record as saying that given current trends, the Catholic Church in America will essentially be extinct within roughly seven years.

And behind closed doors, meeting with their diocesan finance personnel, every bishop in America knows that's true. That's why there is this massive unprecedented money grab going on across the country, finance campaigns trying to collectively raise billions of dollars.

They know that older Catholics are the most faithful and they are dying off. So better get the money while they still have the chance. It's ironic that the very men who have presided over the destruction of the Church and deprived younger generations of the authentic faith are now turning to the aging grandparents of those they have deprived and asking for their money before they die.

That takes a lot of gall.

"Hey, old Catholics. I am part of the Establishment Church which didn't care enough — or at all because I don't believe it — about the salvation of your children and grandchildren's souls. Nevertheless, can you cough up as much money as possible before you croak, so we can keep pedaling our poison and promoting leftist ideology and pretending it's Catholic?"

Well, at least that would be honest.

This is what we do here every day. Expose the dissident, homoheretical, social justice, big money, traditional Catholicism-hating machine that dominates the Catholic landscape these days. It absolutely needs to be talked about for what it is.

But the other part of the dual aspect approach it is to preach the actual Faith in all its beauty and glory. Think of the dual approach as dealing with both the natural as well as the supernatural.

And right now, the prevailing conditions of the Church of the Church on a natural level are too often a roadblock to the presentation of her supernatural beauty.

So how does Church Militant go about serving Catholics? By talking about both — no holds barred. It's why we ask you to become a Premium member, because your $10 a month not only gives you access to hundreds of hours of solid Catholic video but also allows us to remain in the game of this great war we are in for the soul of the Church. Even though the Church of Nice is dying out, it still is formidable, a wounded dinosaur capable of tricking people out of billions of dollars because it presents what many have called Catholic-Lite — all fluff, no substance.

Not here. We are completely dedicated to hardcore, truthful, terrible, awe-full (as in full of awe) authentic Catholicism. The type which brings about moral miracles, changes lives forever, saves souls from eternal damnation. Your Premium membership, even if you don't have a lot of time to watch, keeps us on track.

We are able to turn about a couple of books a year for those who like to prefer the written word. We sponsor conferences each year where tough topics are tackled. We have our annual Retreat at Sea where hundreds have come to be fed on the majesty of the faith and its sublime soul-stirring truths.

We stream live each weekday our morning prayer and evening prayer and are constantly encouraging you to pray the Liturgy of the Hours with us. We publish easy to read and pass around short pieces on a huge range of Catholic topics for your benefit and those you are trying to convert or help. We are invited to speak in countries all over the world where we record those talks — hundreds of them now — and make them available for you free.

We quietly provide support behind the scenes to many priests and religious who have been abused by the liberal Church of Nice. None of this would be possible without your Premium membership.  See - it doesn't just pay for the Premium programming, it keeps us able to do all these other things we would never be able to do otherwise.

We made the decision very early on to offer all this other stuff to you for free because we are convinced this is what a completely committed, comprehensive Catholic apostolate not only does, but has to do in this current environment. Your monthly subscription is not just for your benefit. It helps many other people as well by providing the means by which we can do all these other activities.

Heck, even our news articles, where we are often times the first to bring you important news, even those are free because, again, the times demand it. But we need your help, your commitment, your skin in the game as well, as the saying goes, to help us keep serving Catholics.

Imagine, if an apostolate like this had been around 30 or more years ago where millions read or view our material. Maybe the current conditions wouldn't be so bad. Maybe some souls who abandoned the One True Faith might not have. Maybe even more souls would have converted when presented Catholic glory straight-up.

This is your apostolate as much as it's ours, because it's all the work of the Church, which is saving souls.

Please help us continue serving Catholics by signing up for a Premium subscription today. Thank you to all of you who are Premium members already and thank you in advance for those who respond enthusiastically to this message.

Remember, it costs less than a single cup of coffee a week.

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