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Complicit Cowards

Time to choose.

December 2, 2022  0


There are many ways a person can be deceived by another. You can be directly lied to, of course. That's obvious, but you can also simply not be told the truth, deliberately, even when you have a right to know it. Under this category of not being told the truth, you can simply be ignored, or you can be told a bunch of stuff that really only serves as a deflection — a kind of "deflection deception."

And, of course, a combination of all of that can also be rolled out in a deliberate effort to keep someone in the dark. In the world of so-called Catholic so-called media, the practice of deflection deception is institutionalized policy. In fact, there is almost no difference between the likes of CNN and the run-of-the-mill "Catholic" media.

CNN deliberately lies, and the Catholic media world deflects, but in the end, the same goal is achieved — you are left without the important truth. Case in point: this 12-page secret email we've been showing you for the past couple of episodes.

We've attached the link for you to read it for yourselves. We didn't make this up, fabricate or conspire about it. There it is — just click on the link in plain view for anyone to open up and read, especially so-called journalists who claim to be reporting on affairs in the Church.

The details laid out in this email, sent to the nation's bishops 20 years ago by the Catholic Medical Association, are, in a word, explosive. It exposes that the U.S. hierarchy had indeed been warned about the dangers of homosexual men in seminary and the clergy despite their claims otherwise.

How come the bishops never seem to be accountable?

If anything ever qualified as a smoking gun, condemning the bishops' inaction and lies and cover-up, this is it. On the first page, it even recounts that Wilton Gregory, in an international press conference in Rome in April 2002, admitted the sex abuse crisis was owing to homosexuals in the clergy.

And what did the bishops do? Nothing. Then, two years later, they lied in the infamous John Jay Report and said it didn't have anything to do with that. Here is the proof they were told about all this.

So now the question must be asked of the Catholic media:

  • EWTN, why aren't you reporting this story?
  • Relevant Radio, why aren't you reporting this story?
  • Catholic News Agency, why aren't you reporting this story?
  • Catholic News Service, why aren't you reporting this story?
  • National Catholic Register, why aren't you reporting this story?
  • Our Sunday Visitor, why aren't you reporting this story?
  • Ave Maria Radio, why aren't you reporting this story?
  • Catholic Answers, why aren't you reporting this story?
  • National Catholic Reporter, why aren't you reporting this story?
  • Crux, why aren't you reporting this story?
  • America Magazine, why aren't you reporting this story?
  • Zenit, why aren't you reporting this story?
  • Catholic Review, why aren't you reporting this story?
  • The Pillar, why aren't you reporting this story?
  • Aleteia, why aren't you reporting this story?
  • U.S. Catholic, why aren't you reporting this story?
  • The Tablet, why aren't you reporting this story?
  • Chicago Catholic, why aren't you reporting this story?

There are dozens more, but the point is well made. The answer to that question is the same for all these outlets: They have a dog in this fight and will not report the truth because it comes back and hurts them. Most of those outfits are completely dependent on staying in the good graces of the bishops. One cross word or report that the bishops have been (and still are) lying profusely about the homosexual problem in their ranks, and they will be out of business.

Some of those outfits are Marxist "Catholics," and the last thing they want to print is something/anything that runs against their LGBTQ-propaganda narrative — even if it is the truth. Yet truth is the currency of the media. Without it, you have nothing to sell, nothing to beg for donations with.

People often ask us, How come the bishops never seem to be accountable for all this evil and destruction of the Faith? The answer to that question is right here: There are dozens and dozens of so-called media (pretend journalists) who insulate them from criticism.

They are little else than stenographers for the bishops — keeping in their good graces, toeing the party line, so when it comes time to put out their hands, some money will pass their way. Some of these outfits are big and well-known, others less so, but the combined damage they cause with their covering up for the hierarchy is inestimable.

Tens of millions, perhaps even hundreds of millions, of souls over the years have been irreparably harmed by this crowd's inaction and refusal to traffic in the truth because of their greed and self-interest. They are complicit cowards, unwilling to endure the attacks that come when you stand for the truth.

And here is the truth: the U.S. hierarchy functions as an organized gay crime syndicate that knows full well the damage these homosexual clerics have inflicted — and continue to inflict — on souls under their care, and they do nothing about it because many of them are part of the entire corrupt enterprise.

Tens of millions of souls have been irreparably harmed by this crowd's inaction.

The great psychological hurdle most Catholics have yet to clear, and likely why they don't want to actually know about all this, is very simple. Scores of bishops don't actually believe the Faith. That is a massive mountain to climb in your mind, but once you reach the peak and look around, everything is suddenly blindingly clear:

  • The bishops' embrace of the Democrats
  • Their virtual silence and certain inaction on abortion
  • Their cover-up of countless cases of homosexual sex abuse
  • Their lies and schemes to shield billions of dollars from victims  

The list of their crimes and sins knows no end. The entire Church is being reduced to nothing. A collapse never before seen in history, and yet the "Catholic media," even with a document proving this has been deliberate, still sees all of it as unfit to report.

Allow me personally to make an appeal to you: This coming month, with the blessing of the bishops, many of these outfits are going to be sending you emails asking for money. Think about this Vortex — the truth of it, the implications of it — and then ask yourself, Who is truly worthy of my hard-earned money?

An apostolate that has weathered the storm of hatred and attacks because it speaks the truth, or some other outfit that keeps the truth hidden from you because they profit in doing so? Please click on the provided link below and send Church Militant/St. Michael's Media your end-of-year donation.

Read that email if you haven't already, and commit to no longer supporting the establishment that lies and covers up the truth and perverts the Faith. Choices have to be made in life.

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