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Compromise and Common Ground

Talk of fools or traitors.

April 11, 2018  0
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If you ever have the opportunity to speak privately with some bishops or senior clergy, and you get the chance to ask them why they are so lenient when it comes to dissidents or bad politicians or corrupt priests and so forth, you will more than likely get the answer like "We have to take the good with the bad." Well, that sounds all loving and kind and merciful and compassionate and understanding and virtuous on the one hand, but it's also easily dismissed as naive or self-serving.

First, self-serving: Many bishops simply do not have the intestinal fortitude to mix it up with their aberrant clergy or local, fake-Catholic, pro-abortion politician, so they hide behind the excuse and that is what it is — an excuse that some of what they do is good, and we have to honor that and be respectful of that — hogwash.

You don't accomplish a good by tolerating an evil you don't have to tolerate. And even if you do have to temporarily tolerate it, the Church teaches you must be spending yourself to bring that evil to an end but that always seems to be the part that never gets pursued. There is no spirit of confrontation among many leaders unless they are crushing tradition, then they're pretty confrontational.

It's something that must happen at bishop school. Get your miter in exchange for your guts because the lack of guts shown is exemplary on the part of so many. No courage, no nothing. They are merely content to float downriver pretending that they are in control and dealing behind the scenes in a most adroit manner, solving all things quietly in ways that mere laity can never understand — oh, the pressures of office. Can't be that much pressure when the office is never exercised again unless against tradition-minded clergy or laity. But the reality, despite protestations, is nothing ever gets solved. In fact, things get worse. More and more people become scandalized, become disillusioned, and began to weaken in their faith. If the leaders don't seem to really believe, then why should I?

Dang, it, this is the One True Faith established by Jesus Christ, His Holy Bride for whom He gave His life on the Cross — start acting like it. Stop pussyfooting around with people who are enemies of Christ, dang it all, call them out and call them to repentance like Our Lord and Master did. And this point is the other one which helps explain the current crisis and excuse making — naivete. It's pretty clear that if many leaders are not self-serving and choosing to keep their mouths shut so as to not damage their careers or tick off their most reliable donors then they are incredibly naive.

They simply don't believe that Christ has enemies, that the serpent has offspring and that their sheep are the targets of those diabolical entities. They just don't see the world that way, that way, of course, being the way in which God, Himself, presented it to us to stop us from being naive and start dealing in reality. You know, we are too sophisticated now to believe in that medieval stuff. It was fine then but no longer. Do you really expect us to believe that there exist forces that want to actually kill us? Those are the kind of behind-the-scenes responses and chatter and attitudes you get when you approach these killer subjects.

We need to look for common ground is a common phrase that gets bandied about. Do you look for common ground with a rapist, a serial killer, a slave owner, a child sex trafficker? Don't they all have some good we can encourage and work with, you know, accept and cultivate? Perhaps the serial killer or child sex trafficker is good with puppies. Sure, he doesn't want to throw in the towel on his evil just yet, so let's take a long, slow pass on that for now and talk about his favorite puppy food. Let's establish some common ground around the issue of puppy chow. Then perhaps we can compromise a bit, take the good with the bad and reduce the child kidnappings by, say, a third. See, that's progress, isn't it? Now, only 50 children will fall victim to him instead of 75.

What brilliant tacticians these statesmen-churchmen are — so deft, so adroit at moving people from evil to good. Compromise is for losers because when the man standing on 100 percent solid truth moves even one step both he and the Truth lose. The only common ground both sides find themselves on is quicksand.

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