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Crunch Time

Now we wait for Heaven.

October 5, 2018  0


This weekend — Sunday specifically — marks the end of the 54-day Rosary novena during which millions, probably tens of millions of Rosaries have been offered all over the country for the country.

And what has happened since the novena began back on Aug.15, the Solemnity of the Assumption? For starters, as a kind of warm-up or prelude to the severity of the spiritual battle about to unfold during the novena, on Aug. 14, the Pennsylvania grand jury report was released.

That release escalated the whole McCarrick situation, took it to an entirely new level and focused U.S. and world attention on the evil of homosexual predation by clergy, despite the fact that none in the media and many in the Church still refuse to acknowledge the cause as being homosexuality in the clergy.

That escalation, in turn, brought fresh attention to the role of Cdl. Donald Wuerl and his activity and complicity in this decades-old evil. It caused several leaders — cardinals — to expose themselves as liars as they denied having any knowledge of the situation surrounding McCarrick.

It has brought various bishops out of the woodwork, again exposing their own degree of participation in the activity or cover up as media reports from all over the country began focusing on them.

Then, just two weeks later, Abp. Viganò released his momentous game-changing statement and nothing has cooled down since.

Scandals and evils which had lain hidden for years or even decades — some still ongoing like the South American pipeline for gay seminarians being run by various senior clergy in multiple dioceses across the country — all of it being exposed.

Then there is the great divide among bishops themselves being laid bare as a result as they struggle and fight among each other on what should be done some calling for investigations, others not so much in favor and a few actually opposed.

The entire scene has arrived right at the doors of the Vatican and the Pope as worldwide media reports have now implicated Francis himself in the cover-up, both as archbishop of Buenos Aires and as pope.

This great suffering endured by the Mother of Sorrows is a kind of fulfillment in a certain sense of the prophecy of Simeon in the Temple: And a sword thine heart shall pierce, that the secret thoughts of many may be laid bare.

These secrets do have to be laid bare because they are where the devil has been operating, in dark hidden corners that need the purifying light to shine on them.

Then, on the cultural-political scene, the entire Brett Kavanaugh debacle, with its hundreds of twists and turns, has unfolded in stunning clarity as the war for the swing seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, and the potential fate of Roe v. Wade, has been waged with a viciousness that even longtime political observers admit never having witnessed anything like.

All has been exposed — laid bare — as is necessary, for no remedy can be effective if the ailment or illness is either unknown or denied.

Well there is no denying any longer. The Church has been infiltrated by homosexual Marxist Freemasons bent on Her destruction and the culture is in civil war. All of this has been brought into the light as the Rosary novena was being prayed. And now we await the judgment of Heaven on all that has been exposed.

While the Rosary novena is now concluded on Sunday, that does not, of course, mean your daily Rosary has concluded. Now we must intensify that daily recitation for the good of the nation and the Church.

The stage has been set — all has been prepared. It is, as they say, crunch time

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