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Crushing Abortion

It's just the beginning.

June 27, 2022  0


I'm Michael Voris, coming to you from outside the U.S. Supreme Court, where this past Friday — the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart — a Catholic, top-heavy slate of justices killed Roe v. Wade and set in motion what will now prove to be the largest political war in U.S. history.

It is the states now where the battle must be fought intensely. And for the pro-life camp, if they thought it was intense this past half-century, they ain't seen nothin' yet.

Abortion has not been defeated. It has simply been relegated back to the states, where thousands of legislative battles must now be fought.

It's true the death of Roe is a severe blow to the Communist Left — but it is far from a final victory. The lives of some innocent children are now protected, true. And that absolutely needs to be celebrated.

But an even higher degree of intensity will now have to be expended — spiritually and culturally — on the part of pro-lifers to get rid of child murder across the entire country.

Remember: The Dobbs decision handed down Friday was able to happen because multiple states — a sufficient number of electoral votes — locked down the White House for Donald Trump. Once in, and with the openings on the court, he was able to nominate Niel Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and, lastly, Amy Coney Barrett.

But his victory and ability to nominate them then had to be approved by the U.S. Senate with a sufficient number of votes there. Those votes were only there because of a half-century of prayers and mobilizing in multiple federal elections: strategy sessions, street pounding, door knocking and so forth.

But many of those elections — almost all of them, in fact — had abortion as just one issue on the ballot. True, it was always passionate; but it was not always the issue that most voters zeroed in on. But a sufficient number of voters did focus on it, and many close races were won because of that intensity.

Slowly, over the decades, a razor-thin majority in the U.S. Senate was able to be fashioned, and pro-life justices were able to be seated. But all three of these justices had to undergo rigorous, strenuous nomination hearings, barely securing enough votes.

The Commie Left has always had an easier time getting their murderous justices seated than the Right. It's always been a much tougher fight for good than it has been for evil.

It is against that backdrop, that history, that we must now understand what lies ahead us.

In national elections, evil is somewhat diluted across the nation as a whole. While obviously some states are deep blue, they still haven't been driving the national bus, so to speak.

But within those states — blue and even purple — the forces of evil are much more concentrated, presenting a much more formidable enemy. Plus, we cannot afford to lose any states we have currently in the pro-life column.

Two words will guide the fight from here on out: vigilance and offense.

The pro-life world is going to have to really mobilize like it never has before, because the demonic never takes a break. It gets staggered sometimes, like on Friday, even with the leak last month.

The actual news that Roe is dead was stunning. To actually hear that this child murder can no longer be considered a constitutional right rocked both sides: of course, joy for the pro-life camp, and outrage, despair and all that in the pro-death camp.

As a quick aside, imagine what the Last Day is going to be like.

But for the moment, this is not the Last Day. But just as they did after the Trump win in 2016 — as opposed to his win in 2020 — the devil doesn't stay on the mat for long.

What has happened in simple military terms is this: The scope of the war has expanded; the battlefield has just gotten much bigger.

We are going to have to be vigilant guarding our flank in what are today pro-life states, because you can bet the farm that the demonic will do its damnedest to pick off some of those.

But just because the focus of the fight for criminalization or legalization has shifted to the states, that does not mean that here in D.C., things are over. There are assaults that originate from here still.

For the moment, remember: The Party of Death still runs things here, and as long as that is the case (along with RINO allies), there are various things that can be done.

Codifying Roe — or actually something far worse — can be easily introduced by Nancy and Chuck in the House and the Senate.

Federal judgeships, especially the high court, are still at stake, and as long as the death merchants have their hands on the levers of power, very bad judges can be elevated.

Look no further, for example, than KBJ [Ketanji Brown Jackson], who — even though she is a woman — can't define what a woman is. She will be on the bench here at the Supreme Court next term. One more like her, and all that happened here Friday could be wiped away just as easily as Roe was.

For Catholics in particular, there is a multi-pronged approach needed.

First, the political activism, ramped up like never before. But in the Church, these gay and homo-friendly bishops in their individual dioceses have got to be pressured like never before to start becoming active in their states.

It's not enough anymore to have a national pro-life committee, which does nothing at the bishops' conference. Since this has now shifted primarily to the states, making it much more local fighting, local dioceses now have to jump in.

But overcoming the homo-crap inside chanceries is going to be its own battle, and strategies for that must be developed.

The fight just got a lot more local, personal, individual, granular — and because it's not just here in D.C. anymore, that means Catholics on a local basis can now be involved in a way that they haven't really been before.

There is no doubt that the fight for life scored a major victory last Friday. But it was not the end of the war — not by any stretch.

Just as when the Allies landed at Normandy and secured the beachhead, that was not the end. The Nazis still had to be defeated. Once the Allies got ashore and began fanning out, the fighting became much more intense and stayed that way until final victory.

The goal is nothing less than absolute victory, not sacrificing some children in blue states. All children must be protected.

The "how to do that sort of work" is the focus of our Church Militant Call to Action Convention in late August.

Now more than ever, we must commit ourselves to full battle. That means learning, drawing up plans, being trained. We are assembling an impressive array of experts in all this.

We don't need inspiration and "rah rah" stuff; we need training and knowledge and prep, just like the Marxists have and use.

Please click on the provided link and make your reservation today.

On a final note: One woman, in the aftermath of Roe being handed down in 1973, quit her lucrative law firm job here in D.C. and committed to doing everything she could to fight this evil. Her name was Nellie Gray, and she is the person responsible for the annual March for Life. Nellie died 10 years ago.

Over decades, little by little, she worked her fingers to the bone to fight and make sure abortion was never an acceptable thing. Nellie was an ardent Catholic.

Last Friday, June 24 — when the court struck down Roe — was also Nellie Gray's 98th birthday.

On that day, June 24 — the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart — the birthday of Nellie Gray — five planets also aligned in the Heavens in a spectacular display that hasn't happened in 20 years and won't repeat until another 20 years.

Fellow fighters, fill the jars with water. God performs the miracle.

See you in Detroit in August. Let's go.

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