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Cupich Captured

On hidden video.

January 24, 2020  0


Church Militant has been given a secret video recording of Chicago's Blase Cupich schmoozing with very wealthy donors at a Christmas gathering in the archdiocese's palatial mansion.

The video was recorded by someone present at the meeting deeply concerned about Cupich's responses during an open mic question and answer forum.

Watch and listen to the Cardinal's response to a question about the possibility of women being ordained priests.

[Transcript unavailable]

That is a smarmy response and one completely unbefitting of a Prince of the Church, a successor of the Apostles.

He simply rejected out of hand telling the assembled the perennial Church teaching that — as Pope John Paul definitively taught — the Church has no authority to confer Holy Orders on women, period. Why not just say that, Cardinal? 

Instead of shutting the door as a sainted Pope did, repeating what the entire 2,000-year Sacred Tradition of the Church has always taught and you are duty-bound to repeat, you refused.

Now perhaps your sly, devilish response with that cute little quip would be the PC way of avoiding any of the naive millionaires sitting in front of you. You wouldn't want to offend any of them — especially ones with more liberal tendencies — and cause them to hold back those millions, which was the entire reason for the gathering in the first place.

Blase Cupich is a raging hypocrite and a liar — a hypocrite because he is constantly spewing out the "Church of the poor" garbage.

Those must have been the poor millionaires inside the banquet, as opposed to the horrible, filthy rich millionaires that he and his ilk are always attacking but inviting to secret gatherings to put the squeeze on them.

This is how these men all operate. They lie, dissemble, deceive and B.S. their way around audiences filled with dumbed-down, low-information individuals.

The senior members of the hierarchy have these kinds of meetings and gatherings all the time, putting the touch on malformed Catholic millionaires who get to add to their egos by getting personal calls from the cardinal or archbishops.

The bishops schmooze and cajole and chortle, whispering sweet nothings — and we do mean nothings — into the ears of the rich who like rubbing elbows with cardinals and such and write handsome checks. 

They are feeding the evil beast of the hierarchy who uses that money, in part, to ship good priests off to nuthouses for revenge and pay extravagant legal bills to cover up their misdeeds. Funny, there are no one-liners about all that.

But the Cupich stand-up routine didn't end there. One of the wealthy asked him a question about the holdup on the canonization of Bp. Sheen.

[Transcript unavailable]

While his answer is technically correct, he was very deceitful in how he presented it.

He was specifically named in one of the addressees on the letter asking for it to be delayed, and most importantly, he backed the move — him along with Cdl. Dolan.

So to brush the question aside like it was some sideshow between two minor bishops, of which he just had some passing knowledge and no real input — which is the clear implication — is cowardly and deceitful.

But again, this is how these men all operate. They lie, dissemble, deceive and B.S. their way around sticky issues with audiences filled with dumbed-down, low-information individuals.

The Catholic millionaires of Chicago may be great at making money, but they are woefully behind the eight ball when it comes to knowing they are being completely snowed by a cover-up, lying, cheating cardinal who is playing them for fools.

Catholics everywhere should always be recording everything said and done by these men. Give them no quarter — no place to hide.

And an important note here, Catholics everywhere should always be recording everything said and done by these men. Give them no quarter — no place to hide. Hold them accountable for every word out of their lying or deceitful mouths.

Pull out your cell phones whenever they are in public and push the record button. If you are in a position to get copies of documents, copy them and get things on the record. These men are such habitual liars and dissemblers that they will persist in their filth until they are busted.

Remember, it was a secret recording of the lying, cheating Richard Malone of Buffalo which finally brought him down, and that after a trove of documents had been revealed.

Likewise, it was the release by Church Militant of a videotape deposition of Crookston Bp. Michael Hoppener showing him lying and being deceptive, which finally got him to be the first bishop on earth to be investigated by the Vatican under the Pope's new rules for cover-up bishops.

It was the release by Church Militant of a secret police audio-recording of Saginaw priest Fr. Robert DeLand showing him trying to convince a 17-year-old that he was gay and should masturbate to gay porn and report back to him, which finally landed him in jail.

Get them on the record, any way you can. It all has to come out — every last bit of it — and you are instrumental in doing this.

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