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Dancing With the Devil

Time for the music to stop.

January 25, 2019  0
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For year and years, the U.S. bishops have danced with the devil, and now the devil is leading, writing the music and conducting the orchestra. And all of this because of the short-sightedness of some bishops, the neglect of some others and the malevolence of still others.

See, a large number of U.S. bishops are still stuck in the 1970s and earlier, when most Catholics were Democrats — before the Democrats morphed into the Party of Death.

That morphing occurred under the leadership of two notable Catholics: Ted Kennedy and Mario Cuomo, both rotten to the core, yet hailed by the child murdering establishment as "lions" and "heroes."

Kennedy — the same one who left Mary Jo Kopechne to drown in Chappaquiddick when he drove drunk off a bridge — was the Catholic politician who set the stage for Catholic politicians to be able to claim to be both Catholic and pro-abortion.

He and his crowd had a secret meeting at the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport in the 1960s attended by five Jesuit priests, Fr. Charles Curran and a still unnamed bishop.

The result of that meeting, after much theological jiggering, was the decision that you could be both Catholic and support abortion. Then in 1984, during the Reagan-Mondale race, Ted Hesburgh, president of Notre Dame, invited New York governor Mario Cuomo to give a speech on campus, the upshot of which was the now infamous cover line for murderous Catholic politicians everywhere: "I'm personally opposed, but..."

Few bishops anywhere in the United States during those years from 1964 to 1984 said much about the direction the Democratic Party was heading. Right smack in the middle of that 20 years, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its immoral ruling in Roe v. Wade.

Again, perfunctory comments and a rash of press releases when the decision came down, but when it came to actually disassociating with a new generation of Catholic child killers, the bishops actually got deeper in bed with them. And today's generation of bishops is even more attached at the hip.

Earlier this week, "Catholic" Gov. Andrew Cuomo, son of Mario Cuomo, took its logical conclusion his dad's insidious work. He signed into law in New York the most expensive, aggressive abortion law in the history of the country and quite possibly the world. And he made a big show of doing it on the anniversary date of Roe v. Wade — Jan. 22.

Now, this year's Roe v. Wade anniversary brings into sharp focus just how blind the U.S. bishops have become when it comes to politics.

Two events happened: One, Cuomo signing the bill into law; and the Friday before, the now famous Covington standoff with the old drum-pounding Indian who had, according to more recent reports, actually tried to disrupt a Catholic Mass earlier. How the bishops, the U.S. hierarchy, responded to each incident tells you everything you need to know about the state of the leadership.

Andrew Cuomo needs to be excommunicated. The scandal that a Catholic governor could even consider doing this, then do it, make a show of it and even tweet about — all that is beyond the pale.

It actually makes you ponder exactly what one of these Democratic, child-killing, Catholic politicos would have to do to incur excommunication — open up an abortion chamber in the basement of a cathedral?

But while the U.S. bishops were busy not excommunicating Cuomo, they were busy condemning the boys from Covington Catholic High School. One by one, they took to social media to condemn the boys as fake news reports portrayed one outrage after another to their frenzied supporters.

As you know, the boys were wearing MAGA hats, which for most of the U.S. bishops is like kryptonite, so closely are they allied with their Democratic Party buds.

As the truth came more and more into focus, some of the "rush to judgment" bishops, like Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, just down the road from Covington — who was also former president of the national bishops' conference — did eventually, quietly, take down their tweets trashing the boys.

But there was no apology from Kurtz or any of the others. Their knee-jerk reaction, which has cost them dearly in terms of credibility with the few remaining faithful Catholics, is to always side with Democrats and their liberal social justice warrior insanity.

But telling is that when they are proven wrong and it is shown they rush to judgment because of their worldview, they don't have the humility to admit they are wrong. But they and many of their brothers are the very ones who helped create this environment.

How? By supporting the Party of Death in election after election, in one fake justice cause after another; be it illegal immigration or climate change or fighting poverty or whatever. Too many of them, for decades, abandoned Catholic truth and swapped it out for wanting to appear loving and concerned about their neighbors, trying to earn the respect of men over that of things of God.

All this, by the way, as they were denying justice and truth to their own flock as an army of homosexual men flooded their ranks and the ranks of the priesthood — some raping altar boys, nearly all opposing the Faith and destroying souls. So they linked arms with these child murderers, lending respectability to the Catholic killers' cause.

Some were hoodwinked, too stupid, frankly, to realize they were being played. Others were too afraid to invoke "controversy" by actually taking action. And yet others cared nothing for the Faith or truth and are actually happy that all this neo-paganism is back in fashion.

Donald Wuerl, for example, who should have been laicized by now, time and time again distorted Church teaching about these Catholic politicians being denied Holy Communion. In short, he lied.

And so did his buddy and partner in crime who he covered up for: Theodore McCarrick. McCarrick lied to the entire bishops' conference in 2004 by saying then-Cardinal Ratzinger had approved pro-abortion Catholic politicians receiving Holy Communion.

Ratzinger had done no such thing. McCarrick portrayed a footnote in Ratzinger's document — a footnote that was a total aside from the main issue — as permission for the sacrilege. But then again, McCarrick and Wuerl and various others have made careers out of lying, so no surprise there.

But what is so disturbing now is this: Given all that had been revealed since the McCarrick news broke — and the homosexual predator McCarrick, by the way, was a darling of the Democratic Party establishment — still only a very few bishops have stepped forward and started to admit they are seeing the light.

The decades of manipulation by Marxist clergy in their ranks; the flood of homosexual men into the clergy and all its attendant miseries; the near acceptance of abortion as just part of the landscape.

As a point on that note, each year, the U.S. bishops take up 11 national collections — 11. They've done this for decades. And yet never, not once, never have they ever taken up a pro-life collection to assist the cause of hundreds of thousands of committed Catholics fighting this monstrous evil — not once. Let that sink in — not once.

However, every year, they come around not once, but twice, to pilfer your pockets for social justice collections, some of which go to support Democratic Party causes like registering new Democrat voters, abortion, contraception and all things gay.

Yep, if you want to look back and begin to assign blame as we collapse as a moral nation, you need look no further than the U.S. bishops who helped the Party of Death get elected, and even to this day still remain in office.

Cuomo needs to be excommunicated. Multiple bishops need to actually apologize for siding against the Covington kids. The gays in their ranks need to be laicized. And the Church needs to be restored without them in it as bishops.

They brought revolution to the Church in the 1960–1990s. And this current crop is maintaining the revolution and even advancing it — time for a counter-revolution.

Our Blessed Lord will not allow this to go on. He is bringing an end to it. The bishops may enjoy dancing with the devil. The Lord of Heaven and Earth is about to bring the music to a screeching halt.

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