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Death by Apathy

Time to rise from the dead.

September 17, 2021  0


As the world tumbles headlong into the so-called New World Order or globalism or communism — they're all the same — various responses to the unfolding events come into focus.

One response is a kind of despair. Some people look around and respond purely on an emotional level. They see this giant monster of evil and conclude that there's no fighting it, that no matter what they do, it's unstoppable — so huge, so all-encompassing. In short, they see themselves as an ant standing before an elephant, and frankly, on this last point, they're correct.

Another group of people — likely the largest share — seemingly just don't care about anything, certainly not enough to get involved. They never have. It really is just the natural default for so many people.

For example, consider the reported numbers who voted in the stolen 2020 general election. Even if you throw out the likely few million ballots that were either manufactured in the dead of the night or cast by multiple corpses or recounted as they were fed through the tabulation machines a few extra times, even with all that, the general election was the most voted-in election in U.S. history.

So let's take a look at the final numbers. There are three ways voter turnout is calculated. First, there is the number of "voting-age voters" who cast a ballot. Obviously, anyone under 18 cannot vote, so they get excluded. But when you compare the percentage of voting-age voters who cast a ballot to all voting-age voters in previous presidential elections, we see an 8% jump from 56% to 64% compared to 2016.

Many people don't think voting matters at all, and this makes it easier for the Culture of Death to win.

Second, we have the number of eligible voters who cast a ballot. Just because someone is eligible to vote doesn't mean that they do. The "eligible" category includes anyone who is a citizen, over 18, not a felon and has actually registered to vote. In 2020, we see the same trend with eligibles as we see with the voting-age crowd — a 12% jump from 54% to 66%, compared to 2016.

Third, there is the overall percentage who actually did vote. That's self-explanatory. 2020 saw the highest turnout on record, increasing from 62%, in 2016, to 67%, in 2020.

That's two-thirds of the eligible, voting-age population — 158 million voters who were eligible to cast votes, according to all the official records. Again, even if we eliminate a few million, say 8 of the 158 million to account for the theft, we still have the highest turnout on record, somewhere around 66%.

However, that means that roughly 80 million eligible voters did not vote, and we need to consider that for a moment. In the most hotly debated, intense, polarized election in the nation's history, more people chose not to vote at all than those who actually did vote for either President Trump or the unelected Biden. That's ridiculous.

With everything at stake, the entire nation's identity on the line, the predictions of massive fraud, the nonstop coverage, the sheer intensity, they chose to do nothing? That's akin to choosing to go get a hotdog at a football game when it's fourth and goal with three seconds left on the clock and a margin of five points in the score. Who would do that?

More eligible U.S. voters chose not to vote than voted for either candidate. And that accounts for the cheating and theft numbers as well. The first group of people we can label as "the frightened." This second group we can label as "the bored." The last group we need to talk about is the "involved" group.

On both sides of the political and ideological spectrum, you have the involved — those who are actively trying to steer the nation and culture to become what they think it should be. We can call it "community organizing."

The Left has dominated the field of community organizing, and the Right cannot give up this field to them. Look Ahead America was created to be an America-first group of community organizers — that's our mission here as well.

Matt Braynard is the executive director for Look Ahead America and was the former director of data and strategy for the Trump campaign. He has a pretty unique experience when it comes to this issue of the bored and the apathetic, especially on the so-called Right.

There are two major areas in the world of politics killing the cause of building and keeping a virtuous nation — and both involve the apathetic.

One, the largest share of U.S. voters just don't vote, even in the biggest election in U.S. history. Two, inside the world of those who do vote, there is more passion, skill and dedication on the Left than there is on the Right. That translates into the reality that too many on the Right have more in common with the bored group than the actual voting group, even if they actually do go and vote.

Many people don't think voting matters at all, and this makes it easier for the Culture of Death to win. People need to get out there and vote because we can't sit around and watch the whole world go to hell.

And speaking of Hell, this is exactly the point, especially for Church Militant. Just as we have a moral and spiritual obligation to help others attain their salvation (it's called love of neighbor), we also have a moral and spiritual obligation to help construct a society in which virtue can be recognized, transmitted and enshrined.

The answer to the age-old question asked by the first murderer — "Am I my brother's keeper?" — is "yes"; to the degree we can do what we can, yes. It's abhorrent to think that people who claim to love God consider their leisure and recreation more important than fighting that giant behemoth of evil engulfing the nation.

The heart of the matter is that previous generations of virtuous Christians, namely Catholics, built a civilization that created an environment where all this mattered. Slowly, as evil was held at bay (meaning not given legal rights and protections) and once the world itself had been transformed by the Church from barbarism to a truly Christian ethos, even if not perfectly, a kind of lethargy set in.

The idea of fighting to maintain the culture slowly over time gave way to a relaxation, a bad notion that "fighting" was no longer necessary. This created an environment where recent generations have been able to just coast by, living off the fumes of their ancestors' hard work and dedication. In short, we resorted to being lazy and turned our attention to hobbies, pastimes, leisure and so forth. It's understandable, of course, given our fallen human natures, but it's essentially fatal.

As Ronald Reagan famously said:

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

Practically from their inception, the Marxists have understood this much more than the sons of freedom do. Realizing that they could conquer and overthrow, in a relatively short amount of time, thousands of years of civilization — requiring nothing more than all-out commitment — they set out to do just that.

The Church on earth has been around for 2,000 years and communism for roughly a hundred, yet the amount of destruction brought against the Church and society in such a short span is truly remarkable. It is always easier to destroy than it is to build, which is just another reality of a fallen world.

But we cannot forget that the forces of darkness have been successful precisely because they were allowed to be — nothing more. Evil is not more powerful than good. They are, of course, opposites but they are not equal opposites. When good has its game on, evil is powerless in the face of it. However, and this is the entire point, evil is more powerful than apathy, every time, everywhere, every place. It is also more powerful than fear.

Converting the apathetic is a very tall order. Until the individual feels the evil overtaking him, he will remain consumed by bread and circuses. At least the frightened understand the reality — they are just paralyzed by it.

We need to start with them. They need to take to heart the gospel message: "Be not afraid." Evil has been given such a giant pass for decades now that much of what preceded us for 2,000 years is in shambles, nearly totally destroyed. That means we need to understand that we are building, not exactly from scratch, but certainly from a huge disadvantage. And that means we need all hands on deck in a million different battles, which includes the world of politics (which the Church has always maintained).

While we may still have something to work with as far as a political system goes, we must work with that; it must be part of our equation if we have any hope at all to rescue and even restore what went before.

When good has its game on, evil is powerless in the face of it. However, evil is more powerful than apathy.

Don't forget that right now they have the high ground; they control the media, the courts, the government, the entertainment world, education, economies, even parts of the Church — but we have God. We like those odds.

This past week, we spent time on our Mic'd Up show speaking with Matt Braynard, a dedicated Catholic who is looking to enlist people in the cause. Mic'd Up is one of our Premium shows, but this week, we've made it free to everyone and highly encourage you to watch it.

We may each individually be just an ant standing in the face of the elephant, but a million ants will win that battle and bring down that elephant. Our duty is to fight, to figure out how to do so in our own individual lives — and then do it. Leave the victory to God. We are fighting for truth with Truth Himself on our side. Did we mention that?

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