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Deceptive, Deflecting, Disingenuous Dolan

Sneaky. Sneaky. Sneaky.

May 30, 2018  0
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Cardinal Dolan of New York just doesn't get it. In his great rush to be relevant, he is just selling off the Faith. His latest pandering? Giving a very duplicitous, deceptive, deflective opinion on Pope Francis’ grossly mistaken personal opinion that God makes gays "that way."

He came out and agreed — this from the prelate prancing along at the head of the St. Patrick's Day parade where he orchestrated the allowing of active sodomites into the parade and then lied about it, saying "the group [OUT@NBC Universal] does not support the gay agenda." Riiiiight!!!

And no, Your Holiness and Your Eminence, God does not make someone gay, any more than He makes ephebophiles and pedophiles "their way." Or alcoholics, or those with advanced, overdrive libidos, or the "criminal gene" — a proven scientific fact, unlike the "gay gene," or a host of other sinful desires acted on.

See, word in Rome is that Dolan has fallen out of favor with Pope Francis and many of the ruling elites in Rome — perhaps too much buffoonery doesn't fit their style. He's apparently not radical enough for them, which ought to tell you how really bad things are in the eternal city right now.

So a more cynical mind could look at this latest implosion of Dolan's and say he's trying to get back in the good favor of the guys in charge and agreeing with them when they say something out of place or damaging to the faith — for his own personal gain of course. Now, what's particularly disingenuous of Cdl. Dolan here is how he presented his case and how he left unaddressed the real problematic statement attributed to the Pope.

Dolan chose to focus his comments on just one thing the Pope is supposed to have said: that God loves gays. Well, big deal. God loves everyone, unconditionally. He died for everyone — that's redemption. He so loved the world that gave His only begotten Son. So it's hardly earth-shattering news that God loves gays, or murderers, or bank robbers, or drug addicts, or child rapists, or adulterers, nor fornicators — you name it — He loves them.

But he loves them because He is love, not because He approves of the sin. In fact, God hates sin.

And those who die in their sin are His enemies. In truth, those who live in their sin have made themselves His enemies, but He still loves them and desires their salvation, for God wills that all men be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth — the truth that sets you free — free to exercise your will to choose eternal life with Him.

But that God loves gays is not all that was reported to have been said by the Pope, nor of course denied by the sinister characters running parts of the Vatican.

However bad the Pharisees and scribes were — so much so that Our Blessed Lord called them serpents and a brood of vipers — they at least dd not have the grace of office of the priesthood.

This lot in charge today. Imagine what He will call them at their judgments if they die in this state. And as a sidebar, Our Blessed Lord called people animals so Fr. Martin and the liberal media going nuts needs to just step off. Pope Francis is purported to have said more than God loves gays. He said, according to reports, that God made them gay, actively willed this condition for them and loves them in this condition — the condition of sinning being the unmistakable conclusion.

But deceptive Dolan never addresses this aspect of what the Pope said. And in truth, that aspect is the entire crux of the matter, not that God loves sinners, but that he created them to sin and simply overlooks it or even applauds it. This is typical Church of Nice fare: lie, deceive, side-step, warp the meaning of something, deflect, skip over, ignore.

The time has come for faithful Catholics to become incensed and enraged over this Clintonian type double-speak. Heck, we should, at some point in the near future, wait for Cdl. Dolan to say something like, it depends on what the meaning of the word is, is.

He publicly stated there was nothing offensive to Catholic sensibilities at the horrific Met Gala a couple weeks ago — standing not too far from the sadomasochism head mask draped in rosaries as chains. Yep, good grief, who could be offended at that?

He lied about his involvement in the sordid, filthy Fr. Peter Miqueli scandal and still to this day has not come clean about his homo-laden chancery that enables that illness. He is the man behind the scenes who brought active sodomites into the parade celebrating the patron saint of Ireland and then marched in front of them, not to mention had us tossed out when we confronted him about his scandal.

And now, a deflection of the most insidious kind.  

Agree with the most innocuous part of a statement — that even Satan would agree with and say nothing about the real problematic part — thus leaving open for reasonable minds to conclude, you agree with that part as well. And for the record, the reverse question needs to be asked based on all his past scandals revolving around the gay issue, does Dolan actually agree that God actively wills, makes/creates someone to be gay and then is fine with it?

It could easily be the case that he does agree with that, but is a bit nervous about coming out with it publicly, so he "signals" it, dog whistles it, so to speak. This homoheresy has got to be brought to an end, and it doesn't matter who the person is that occupies a given office in the Church.

As long as they support it, in whatever way they support it, directly like Fr. Martin, or signaling their support by silence and deflection, they need to be called out. They can all go to Hell if they are so desirous of it, but they don't have a right to have others follow in their wake.

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