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Déjà Vu All Over Again

Vatican gunning for Church Militant.

January 13, 2020  0


It seems the Vatican, specifically the papacy of Francis, has a real burr under its saddle about Church Militant. We can't imagine why.

Back in 2017, close papal confidant and advisor Jesuit priest Antonio Spadaro wrote a highly inflammatory — as well as incorrect — article in the publication La Civiltà Cattolica titled: "Evangelical Fundamentalism and Catholic Integralism in the USA: A Surprising Ecumenism." 

The papal advisor used the article to come after us here at Church Militant, directly naming us for allegedly collaborating with Protestants to elect Trump. He characterized this supposed alliance as an "ecumenism of hate." My, but liberals love accusing those with differing views as being "haters."

That's what was going on two years ago, however. So why is it a story now, you ask?

Well, because the pope's men keep going back to the well, resurrecting the article and pointing people to it, and not just Pope Francis' men, but Pope Francis himself, personally. In September the pontiff told 24 Jesuits in Mozambique that they should read the article, and a few days ago, Spadaro pointed to his own article again (if you're keeping score, that's three times). He made his comments in reference to the President Trump-ordered killing of terrorist mastermind Soleimani.

American politics seems to be uppermost in the minds of the Francis pontificate these days, but it's curious that these men are so closely aligning Church Militant with American politics.

They are actually correct. For those who follow us closely, you know Church Militant follows politics extremely closely and quite possibly more extensively and better than any other Catholic apostolate in the world. It was Church Militant that was the very first media outlet in the world to call the 2016 election for Donald Trump.

Based on an extensive history in political reporting over 30 years, Church Militant calculated before any of the other major media outlets that there were not enough uncounted votes left in Pennsylvania for Hillary Clinton to overcome Trump's lead, thus giving the state and its 20 electoral college votes to Trump, putting him over the top and winning the White House.

Trump has gone on to become what many in Catholic circles are calling the most pro-life president in the history of the United States.

Francis has positioned himself in opposition to Trump on every major liberal point he and his papacy push — from so-called man-made "climate change" to illegal immigration to the death penalty.

In America, many of the most politically conservative voters are also faithful, orthodox, Mass-going Catholics who oppose Pope Francis' liberal, "social justice warrior" weaponizing of the papacy. It may have been this reality that caused Francis to lash out late last year at conservative Americans, saying he welcomes their attacks and considers them a kind of badge of honor.  

What we can say is that the politicos in Rome are showing their cards that they intend to get very involved in American politics this year, and they see Church Militant as a major piece of the puzzle.

It's like déjà vu all over again.

Thanks, Vatican, but we are curious about one thing: Does Rome trying to direct American Catholics how to vote constitute foreign interference in a U.S. election?

Stay tuned. There's much more to come.

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