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Democrats Hate Life

And so do too many bishops.

May 23, 2022  0


It's hardly a secret that the Party of Death hates life — hence their much-deserved nickname. And a primary target of their rage against life is aimed at the youngest among us. They are well-documented haters of the pre-born, proven time and time again. But the recent vote in the U.S. Senate to supposedly codify Roe was the icing on the cake.

After 50 years of reigning down death on children in the womb, it appears they are ready to suffer a major blow from the Supreme Court in the upcoming Dobbs decision, likely to be handed down the last week of June. While roughly half the states will place severe restrictions on the child-murdering industry, roughly half will proceed full steam ahead.

And now, woke Democrat child killers in charge of large corporations have promised to actually pay for employees who want to travel to the pro-death states to kill their children. Amazon, Apple, CitiGroup, Bumble dating app, Tesla, Microsoft, Yelp, Levi Strauss, Salesforce, Starbucks, Mastercard and Lyft, to name just some.

In fact, Lyft went so far as to promise to actually pay the legal fees for any of its drivers who get sued in Oklahoma or Texas for driving a woman to an abortuary to kill her child. In those two states, new laws allow anyone involved in the killing of a child to be gone after by private citizens.

Not wanting to miss out on the action, Uber rushed to the microphones to match that promise. As June gets closer, we can expect the list of companies supportive of child murdering to only increase. In their bloodlust, the Democrats have simply lost the ability to recognize, or even respond to, truth.

Large corporations have promised to pay for employees to travel to the pro-death states.

Like we said, truth and reason have left the building when it comes to the Party of Death. It's the same reason why so many American parents are now staring into the face of the evil that's been going on in their children's classrooms for a couple decades now as "teachers" indoctrinate their kids about the glories of transgenderism and masturbation and flipping sexual identities and any other perversion that spews forth from their own demented minds.

Again, notice the target — children. If they can't kill their bodies in the womb, well then, they'll kill their souls in the classrooms. That is, if they make it to the classrooms. Because in the midst of this, of course, we have the baby formula crisis, manufactured by the Biden administration's bungling of everything they touch.

But given the long track record of anti-child policies of the Democrats, it looks to be something much more than just bungling, especially when the children of illegal immigrants are given baby formula galore, yet citizens scramble for their own infants. The Party of Death orbits around the central notion that humanity, in and of itself, needs to be done in.

That is the single philosophy which animates the entire party — kill and destroy. Everything they do, every bill they introduce, every law they succeed in getting passed, has that as its goal. That's why humanity must be sacrificed "for the sake of the planet." That's why the economy can be wrecked. That's why families can have war waged against them on multiple fronts.

That's why pedophilia and child trafficking are so embraced. That's why contraception can be pushed wholesale. That's why homosexuality always gets the red carpet treatment. That's why child slaughter is sacrosanct — because it is the most direct way to end the race.

Fallen angels rebelled over this question — that God would assume human form.

The Democratic Party is diabolical, in the grip and control of the diabolical at the service of the diabolical, and does the bidding of the diabolical. It is the Antichrist. Period. The demonic hates humanity. The fallen angels rebelled over this very question — that God would assume human form and they would worship Him in that form.

They are in everlasting torment because of this single issue, and, until the world ends, they will vent their rage against human life. Now, considering all that, when you come to learn that approximately one third of U.S. bishops are registered members of this legion from Hell, you now realize just how bad things are in the Church.

And those are just the bishops who are officially Democrats. Huge numbers of others among them support bits and pieces of that agenda. And most disturbing is that the ones most faithful Catholics consider "good" say and do next to nothing about these devils in their own ranks. The world cannot advance in truth and goodness as long as the Church is floundering.

And the floundering will continue until the ranks of the shepherds are thinned or, better, completely purged of these homosexual monsters who advance Democrats, cover up sex abuse of children and seminarians, steal billions from the laity to conceal their crimes, sell off the patrimony of the Church and so forth. Their crimes have no end.

They don't believe the Faith; it's not even clear all of them believe in God. In fact, it's a safe bet there are either atheists or "practical" atheists among them. So while they prattle on about justice for the planet and justice for illegal immigrants, they profit handsomely from their fellow Democrats. Some of the bishops are evil, of that there is no doubt. Most of the rest are enablers of that evil.

Most have embraced the agenda of Satan one way or another, either through commission or omission, which means they should be perfectly comfortable spending eternity with him. Fools.

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