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Dems, KKK Anti-Catholics

They hate orthodox Catholicism.

September 20, 2017  0


In case anyone missed the early notice, Church Militant is more than likely about to come up in the secular news again — this time on Capitol Hill — at the confirmation hearing for President Trump's nominee to the Federal Election Commission, the FEC. His nominee is the well-respected and much accomplished Trey Trainor, a whizbang attorney who is staunchly pro-life and a solid conservative and a very solid Catholic, which from watching the attacks by Senate Democrats on orthodox Catholics recently means you know what Trainor is in for, especially when Diane "Dogma" Feinstein gets her turn to accuse, er, question him. At this time, it's not clear when the hearings will get underway, but it's pretty clear from lefty "journalists" what will come up during the hearings — Church Militant or more specifically The Vortex.

When the White House issued the press release nominating Trainor, the leftist media immediately went to his Twitter page and started scouring for anything to slam him with. Trainor has retweeted a number of The Vortex episodes in the past that the lefties labeled as hate-filled and all the usual tripe. They picked relatively recent ones to blast out to show how evil Trainor secretly is — Celeste Katz from Newsweek tweeting out The Vortex episode "Catholicism or Nothing" and others tweeting out the episode "There is only One Church." Of course, once they got the initial round of stories written and hurriedly published, they got shared and repeated at various places on the increasingly irrelevant mainstream media sites.

And so after a brief playing up with the usual crowd, they will sit dormant, initial "research" done until the hearings actually happen and then they will be dutifully trotted out as "proof" that Trainor should be blasted to kingdom come and not voted out of committee and not given a floor vote up or down — all because of a few Vortex episodes. Imagine.

And when you look at the Christ-haters on the Democratic side of the committee, it's truly a stellar lineup. All the biggies are there — Feinstein, Schumer, Durbin, Leahy, Klobuchar. But as proof of just how much weight this little-publicized committee has, the GOP side has an equally impressive collection of big names — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Richard Shelby, Pat Roberts, Thad Cochran. These are pretty impressive lineups on each side — veritable all-star teams. And when you have the two most powerful senators, Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, on the same committee, it's a sure sign that the committee wields a lot of power, and it does, in part. It sets the rules for how Congress operates, which brings us back to Trainor.

The big name senators themselves won't really be bothered by Trainor or his retweeting of Vortex episodes until the nomination hearings begin, and when they do, a few Vortex episodes are gonna come up in one way or the other. Consider that thought for a moment. A nominee for the Federal Election Commission is going to get grilled over his personal, very Catholic beliefs about Church Militant and The Vortex, right there on Capitol Hill with cameras and lights blazing.

The Dems, the party of slavery and the anti-Catholic KKK, will do what they always do, which is ignore the Constitution and fire a line of questioning at Trainor, creating a religious litmus test for him. They will ask him if he really hates Protestants or something to that effect because that's the narrative the early bird, lefty journalists have already laid out for the Dems. They will probe his personal belief about the nature of the Catholic Church. They may be as affronting as Feinstein was earlier this month with judicial nominee and Notre Dame Law school professor Amy Coney Barrett, declaring that the dogma lives loudly within her or they may be as crass as Bernie Sanders, attacking a Protestant and saying his largely conservative theological views make him unfit for office. And that's the whole point of this type of theatrics and questioning — to bring out that someone who holds orthodox theological beliefs, especially Catholics, cannot serve in office because their views are a danger to the established order.

But here's what needs to happen, one of two things, and in both cases, it involves Trainor going on the offensive. He should either immediately take their legs out from under them by challenging them on their not so subtle assertion that he won't be able to do his job because of his Catholicism or, if they persist, ask if they really want to have a theological debate on the merits of the points made in The Vortex episodes.

Do they want to use taxpayer money during a confirmation process to the Federal Election Commission to debate the questions Church Militant raises in these specific Vortex episodes? Because if they do then he should go for it — have a throwdown right then and there with the secularist atheists on that side of the aisle who believe that any philosophy is perfectly acceptable as long as it isn't theologically or philosophically sound. Go toe to toe with the Godless, child-murdering, sodomy-loving, family-redefining, Socialist-Marxists, populating that side of the committee.

Church Militant has been saying for years that America needs to open a debate on which religion is the right one because they can't all be correct since they contradict each other left and right. And we need to expand the debate, as well to not just which religion but also if there is a God. The entire political life of this nation quietly revolves, as it always has, around those two key questions — is there a God, yes or no? And if so, which religion best serves and presents that God most accurately? That is a discussion absolutely worth having, something Church Militant as we've said has been advocating for nearly a decade now — when it would be easily established that one, yes, there is a God, and, two, Catholicism is the One True Faith that wouldn't translate into pogroms or a religious cleansing of America like it would have had Hillary won or if the Dems ever get full control again. But we would be living in more honest times — able to discuss issues with greater integrity.

As long as America allows for the ridiculous notion that there is no objective truth, that all religions with their contradictory teachings are all of equal value then we are a house divided. Truth should be given priority so why not have a nation-wide discussion of "What is Truth?" The state balked on that question once before, 2,000 years ago in the person of Pontius Pilate. Well, here's another fabulous opportunity that only comes along every couple of millennia or so. Of course, none of this will happen because the secularists, as well as others, have too much to lose if such a discussion ever did take place. No, best to just take the Pontius Pilate approach.  

Let the Dems make their ludicrous charges that a man cannot serve because his religion is too subversive, which they ought to know a thing or two about since they are never able to separate their irreligion from their service. Then end the politics and showboating, vote him out of committee to the Senate floor, give him his up or down vote and seat him on the Federal Election Commission but pay attention during all this to how easily and effortlessly Catholicism is attacked, and no one in the Marxist media will breathe a word.

Imagine if a Jew or Muslim or atheist for that matter was grilled based on his personal beliefs, and that scenario is one for your imagination because it would never happen.

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