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Denounce Him

Or die in your sin.

May 15, 2019  0


So Fr. James Martin, who is not much of a father in any meaningful sense of the word, continues to rape souls.

Last week, he celebrated and defended a blasphemous treatment by an artist of Poland's Black Madonna who had changed the halos of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus into the colors that modern sensibilities have come to associate with sodomy.

Martin said that Catholic art has supported all sorts of human conditions and why shouldn't the sin of sodomy be represented in Catholic art so sodomites can feel like they are accepted?

He posed his diabolically twisted thought in a question asking, "Are Mary and Jesus only for straight people?"

No, you perverted preacher, they are for all people who turn from their sin and change their lives, but you purveyor of filth and the demonic never mention that part — which is, of course, the most important.

If that is not accepted and conformed to, then the person — gay, straight or anything else — is damned, including lying, twisted, Jesuit clerics.

Then a couple days later, the twisted mind of Martin vomited praise on a young evangelical preacher, Brandan Robertson, who says that men having sex with not just another man, but multiple men is "holy."

Twisted perverted Martin called this strange heretic a "true disciple of Christ." Martin is a twisted pervert.

There isn't a doctrine or teaching of the Church he wouldn't twist and pervert to his sick mind so as to excuse his acceptance of homosexual lust. He is out of control, and the main reason he is, is simple: because he is allowed to be.

There doesn't appear to be a bishop in the United States who loves souls, even their own, enough to push back against the perversion of this man. Some openly embrace his perversion of the Faith like the Faith perverts they themselves are: Blase Cupich, Joseph Tobin, John Stowe and others.

But the majority of them say nothing, and by so doing they commit the deadly — yes, deadly as in mortal sin; are you listening, Shepherds? — mortal sin of deadly silence. You say nothing. You commit the sin of omission for which many souls are damned.

Yet many of them will not pass up the chance to condemn Church Militant — most in private, some in public.

They have published wanted posters for us; had priests read denunciation letters against us from the pulpit; issued multiple press releases full of lies and distortions, and even mocked us publicly at conference gatherings.

So refusing to denounce Martin publicly can't be a case of they are too afraid to speak up, because they certainly seem to have no fear of speaking up about Church Militant and other faithful Catholics in the public eye.

So why would practically none of them ever breath one word against the pervert priest, and yet feel no compunction at all to lie about us, calling us demonic, diabolical and divisive.

Do they not believe those are descriptors of Martin, but somehow easily apply them to Church Militant. Or is it the case that their minds are polluted by their own homosexuality?

The men who are shepherds of the Church today are by far and away hirelings and nothing more. They have no regard for their own souls — why do you think they would care for yours?

They do not care about you, as they cover up homopredator priests; lie about their cover-ups, sell off your property to be used as bars and nightclubs and pervert the minds and Catholic sensibilities of seminarians.

Not one of them has spoken out loudly and clearly about this twisted priest whose soul likewise they seem to care nothing about. But they breathe all manner of fire and fury about Church Militant — in private and public.

They are cowards unfit for their high office. But on the list of the many types who will be damned, St. John tells us it will be cowards first thrown into the fiery pit.

Nothing seems to be able to shake these homopredator protectors from their negligence, and as a result, they should expect to pay the full price for their treachery against the souls entrusted to them.

How terrible their sufferings will be, how extreme their tortures, if they do not turn back now. And especially considering that in much the same way, the great perverter of the Faith, James Martin, will be suffering the same fate, if he likewise remains obstinate in his lust.

To think, the man they refused to denounce in this life will have contributed to their own damnations, and there he will be with them, sharing the same eternal fate.

How great will their shame and suffering in the absence of accepting the truth while they still had time, how horrific to realize that Martin will curse and tear at them for not correcting him, and they will curse and tear at him and each other for the same reason.

And for that same reason, they are racing headlong to the same fate, which, if they receive it, they will richly deserve. Nothing moves the impenitent soul who has embraced his sin as truth and goodness. God has turned them over to a reprobate mind.

Pray that something will shake these men for their own salvation, for if they do not denounce him and his error as they are duty bound to do, they will die in their sin.

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