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Denying the Cross

They empty the Cross of its power.

September 22, 2017  0
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Well, it has been quite the week, sailing through the attacks of the secular lamestream media who have been joined by various Catholic Establishment media on a full-out offensive against Church Militant and other Catholic sites, calling out the notorious Fr. James Martin's homo-heresy but nevermind about all their bluster. And the list of those blustering grows longer each day.

Even homosexualist bishop of San Diego Robert McElroy couldn't resist getting in on the act, using the controversy to lambast faithful Catholics for having a triple motive in their attacks  — "homophobia, a distortion of fundamental Catholic moral theology and a veiled attack on Pope Francis." Well, we can't speak for other Catholic groups but we aren't homophobic, which by the way isn't even a real thing. We are not the ones who have distorted moral theology; and we have never uttered a word against Pope Francis but thanks for playing, Bp. McElroy. We have some lovely parting gifts for you.

Here's the central problem for all these homosexualists, aside from the fact that they are on their way to Hell if they do not repent and are leading souls with them — they do not preach the Cross. As St. Paul so wonderfully put it: "They have emptied the Cross of its meaning." (I Cor. 1:18) Any men or women out there struggling with same-sex attraction or uncertain or confused and who are within earshot of this — please listen. These men are lying to you. First, none of them will openly admit their own homosexuality. Why? Because it immediately and dramatically weakens their argument. They go from the supposed moral high ground to nothing else than having a dog in the fight.

Father James Martin, for example, has been ordered to shut his mouth about his sexuality. Ask yourself why, but he's not alone. Given the fact that so many prelates and clergy spend such an inordinate amount of time on this topic, affecting so few people while a million children are murdered every year in America, as just one example of the enormous disproportion, says quite a lot. But the main point is if you are afflicted with same-sex attraction do not believe these charlatans and hirelings. They are liars and deceivers and distorters.

They will not preach the Cross because they themselves do not accept the Cross so they are trying to get you to reject it as well, deceiving themselves thinking that if enough people rebel, the moral law can be changed. Well, a third of the angels we are told rebelled; and we see where that ended up. No, the Cross is your salvation and nothing else. St. Paul preached its power. Our Blessed Lord Himself preached that you cannot be a disciple of His unless you pick it up and carry it. But there is something wonderful here, a true cause of joy and this is it: Once you commit, once you decide to love Christ more than self, He Himself comes rushing to your aid and helps you carry the Cross.

This is, of course, true for anybody and any Cross, but we are talking about this particular Cross because of all the confusion and evil propaganda coming, vomiting, out of the mouths of so many wicked clerics. One of the great fears of picking up this Cross is the overwhelming anxiety that you will be left alone in your suffering — isolated, deserted, emotionally abandoned, all the terrors of youth coming alive again. But it's not true, and this is precisely where faith, supernatural faith, comes in, floods in. Fear is driven out by love, divine love.

This becomes the source of joy — the complete acceptance of the love that God has for you. To choose other than God, although understandable when motivated by fear and confusion, as the Psalmist says, increases your sorrow. "Those who choose other gods, increase their sorrow." (Psalms 16:4) Do you not believe that a loving Heavenly Father has provided all that you need despite how damaged your relationship may have been with your earthly father? Of course, He has.

Too many afflicted with same-sex attraction have this terror seize them when they think of living a holy life, a celibate life. Loneliness grips them. They become terrified, paralyzed and see no way out except to sooner or later rush into the arms of the diabolical. This is what is so evil, so wicked, so filthy and spiritually ruinous from all these theologically perverse prelates and priests. They babble on non-stop about joy but deny you the only actual means of joy — true joy, which is the Cross.

Of course committing to complete trust in God, wherever it leads, is scary. Of course, the Cross is heavy but far less heavy than a terrified imagination conjures up. Did not He promise you, "Come to Me all you who are burdened and heavy-laden and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden light." (Matt. 11:28–29) Is Christ a liar? Is Truth Himself capable of anything other than truth?

See, this is where what these men are preaching is evil. They are telling you that you are born "that way." You are not. They are telling you that this is your lot for life. They are wrong. They are telling you that your only chance for joy is to embrace sin. They are demonic in that preaching. They wish to deny you the joy of the Cross because they are too cowardly to pick up their own. In this manner, they are hirelings who care nothing for you.

For years I embraced this sin, I accepted these lies, even from clergy. For a while, it brought comfort but it was a false comfort. There is nothing finally comforting in lying down with the devil. Life is a struggle - at some times harder than others but never absent the struggle — no pain, no gain. You become strong by picking up the Cross, no matter how crushing it may seem from a distance, no matter how frightening, no matter how heavy perhaps at first.

Has the Almighty not provided His own Immaculate Mother, sworn immortal enemy of the Demon, to fly to your assistance the instant you call on Her? She who heard from the angelic mouth that nothing is impossible with God will undo all impossibilities in your life and lift you in her arms and present you to the most Holy Trinity. What more joy could you possibly desire? A hook-up at a gay bar? A pretend relationship or ten based on a poor and afflicted psychology and damaged self-perception?

Joy is rooted in one thing — nearness to the glory of God. Anything that leads to that is worth the fight. Anything that leads away from it is a false and fleeting earthly joy — not really joy at all. If this is your temporary lot, emphasis on temporary, pick up your Cross and approach the Crucified. There is joy in the fight. There is joy in the Cross. There is joy in the victory.

Reject the lies of these distorters with their psychobabble and books and smooth-sounding presentations. Heck, they won't even publicly admit whether they are gay or not themselves. Their argument begins with deception, piles on more deceptions and ends in ultimate deception. And their biggest deception is to deny the Cross. Do not join them in their looming damnation. Reject them, their lies and pick up your Cross.

The Savior will see you through.

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