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Detroit Dirt

The clock is ticking.

March 3, 2021  0


One of the very interesting things — and pretty common in the news world — is once you uncork the bottle of filth in a particular story, all the rest of the filth starts coming out as well. People see the original report and get in touch with even more stuff.

And when it comes to the archdiocese of Detroit, under the "leadership" of Abp. Allen Vigneron, the hits (so to speak) just keep coming. In fact, we are now getting so many tips, we practically need another department just for the scandals in this archdiocese. It's clear that this is an archdiocese completely out of control.

In this Vortex, we actually have to tell you two stories, combining them because we don't have enough air time to devote separate reports to each one. One is new; the other is an update.

First, the new one. It involves one of the most visible parishes in the entire archdiocese, the National Shrine of the Little Flower. Situated practically square in the middle of the Detroit metro area, at the intersection of the famous Woodward Avenue and 12 Mile Road, the parish has a long history — stretching back to the days when the KKK targeted it almost a century ago.

One of Shrine's proud points over the years has been its school — early education up to and including a high school. In fact, hardly does a year go by when the parish school doesn't boast with a big banner that it has been named a "Blue Ribbon school" yet again.

Good for them.

But, as usual, anything and practically everything that may start off good here quickly turns bad. Case in point: The push by school principal James Mio to get the schools up to speed with being all "woke." Within minutes of him sending an announcement to parents that he was introducing the whole "racism" issue into the curriculum, Church Militant started getting contacted.

The faculty had gone through a reeducation focusing on the very controversial work White Fragility.

Here is the one line about "training the faculty" that people were upset about because of what it imports: "This training, as well as continuous professional development, will lead to changes in how we instruct our students. We are taking a close look at how we teach history and the words and terms we use to teach these lessons." 

By itself, that seemed worrisome, but what was lacking in Mio's email was the admission that, near the end of last year, the faculty had gone through a reeducation focusing on the very controversial work White Fragility. White Fragility was written by Robin DiAngelo, your typical woke-older-white-woman academic rambling on from her ivory tower about how much white people suck.

She's authored a number of books that get passed around the woke world to instill in white people how bad they are, and institutions use them to drill into white people that essentially they are heartless, uncaring descendants of slave owners who deserve to die. That such a book was implemented with the faculty at Shrine raised quite a few eyebrows at the time, but now, in the context of the faculty being told they will teach history through the lens of the likes of DiAngelo, well that was enough.

Father Joe Horn is the pastor at Shrine, fresh off a stint from the seminary, and people are now asking if he approves of all this "wokeness" going on at his parish schools. Interestingly, his name is nowhere on the email from Principal Mio; nor is he referenced anywhere in the body of the text.

So does he quietly approve from behind the scenes, or did Mio just feel he could ramrod through his own woke program without letting Fr. Horn know? Stay tuned.

In the second story, we're back to the latest development in the now ongoing scandal of the openly gay former music director of the archdiocese. So the archdiocese doesn't allow anyone who lives a scandalous lifestyle to even volunteer, much less work in any capacity for the Church?

At least that's what it says on paper. But when it comes to gay stuff, well, they make exceptions — especially when their priests are involved (or priest's boyfriends)! So when the human resources department sent an internal memo to all clergy of the archdiocese of Detroit on Friday, Feb. 19 saying that Joe Balistreri had "separated from his positions," that would have been a signal that he is not involved with the archdiocese in any official capacity — including volunteering.

Well, this past Friday — just one week after the memo — Fr. Mark Borkowski had Balistreri playing the organ at Our Lady of the Scapular for Stations of the Cross. The parish even proudly announced it, literally in front of God and everybody. Now, to get into this: Borkowski has a very, shall we say, interesting history here in the archdiocese of Detroit.

Prior to his current role, he did a tour at Sweetest Heart of Mary as pastor. When there — in a hush-hush case from 2008 — a 35-year-old man, Nathan Culbertson, was found dead and naked in the rectory bathtub.

The case was immediately covered up, and, even to this day, it is nearly impossible to find a police report, a responding paramedic report or even a death certificate with any meaningful details. Whatever, if any, archdiocese investigation that happened was never shared in any meaningful manner with parishioners.

On the surface, Nathan had been hired to do handyman work around the parish, but parishioners were concerned something else was going on between Borkowski and the young man. But whatever the nature of the relationship between Borkowski and the young, vulnerable man (who was just out of prison), it was not the only thing raising eyebrows at Sweetest Heart.

Parishioners tell Church Militant that there also appeared to be a very close relationship between Borkowski and one Fr. Miroslaw Krol at Orchard Lake Seminary. Parishioners say that Krol would frequently spend the night in the rectory of Sweetest Heart. Normally, that would be a matter of further questioning. However, Fr. Krol is now the subject of two lawsuits where he is accused of grooming and propositioning seminarians who, if they don't go to bed with him, he gets rid of them.

When news of the not one, but two lawsuits exploded across secular media outlets (as well as Church Militant), Krol took off. Again, according to reliable sources speaking anonymously to Church Militant, Krol fled to the rectory of Fr. Borkowski at Our Lady of the Scapular — an archdiocesan property — to escape the media spotlight and lie low for approximately a month.

After that, our sources tell us he took off for Poland and is remaining out of reach. So looking at Fr. Borkowski, an overdose victim is found dead in his bathtub (whom parishioners wondered about), he's very close friends with a priest accused of homosexual grooming and propositioning and he gives sanctuary to a professedly gay employee of the archdiocese after he has "separated from his positions" and he was informed of this by the archdiocesan human resources department.

Little by little, the homosexual clergy network protected by Abp. Vigneron is unraveling. Back when the news of Balistreri was first broken by Church Militant, we said it was going to be the lid opening up of the Pandora's box of all this filth. We also privately contacted Abp. Vigneron and offered him the opportunity to come clean about all this and even gave him a weekend to consider it.

We heard nothing back — not that we expected to. We informed him that lots of people were now talking with us from with the halls of power of his own clergy and that we were not going to stop reporting all this until he comes clean. The Detroit archdiocese is completely off the hook under Vigneron.

He didn't start the scandals, but he has allowed them to proliferate.

He didn't start the scandals, but he has allowed them to proliferate, pretending he knows nothing about them. He is the consummate insider and knows everything about them. It doesn't matter if he's turning a blind eye to radical racist theory being taught in his schools or to the covering up of a homosexual clergy network: Vigneron needs to come clean and resign.

He owes the people of God in this archdiocese that much — like Abp. Viganò, who, having participated in the cover-up of McCarrick, finally had to wrestle with his conscience and unburden himself before he dies and has to stand before Almighty God.

Vigneron's chancery is out of control. The gay clergy network runs the roost. Leftover hippie priests from the 1970s pollute the minds of the faithful. He sits silent and does nothing about reports made directly to him about homosexual harassment in the Seminary of Orchard Lake, of which he is on the board.

And all around him, he has placed cooperators in covering up all this: 

  • Public relations director Ned McGrath — a man caught in so many lies and distractions, it's like a spider's web
  • Monsignor John Zenz — who ran the archdiocese for 20 years under Cdl. Maida, also propagating and furthering the gay network
  • He dispatches his auxiliary bishops to lie to parishes about priests he silences because of the truth they know
  • His hitman, Msgr. Michael Bugarin is set up by him to destroy any priest who discovers the truth.

It's filthy. The whole scene here is completely filthy. And, ultimately, no matter how much of an absentee landlord Vigneron likes to portray himself as, the buck stops with him. All of this is now becoming public owing to new as well as ongoing lawsuits and media reports.

You can't hide forever. Eventually, the sunlight comes in the window.

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