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Diabolical Detroit

Evil never stays isolated.

November 27, 2020  0


Evil is never compartmentalized. It spreads like a grease fire, overflowing into all aspects of a place. A person is not both good and evil at the same time. And for clarity, we aren't talking about people simply sinning, giving in to temptation and then going to confession.

We are talking about the embrace of evil — not just bad, sinful acts. A person can be fundamentally "good" but still sin. That understanding fits nearly everyone struggling to work out his or her salvation in fear and trembling.

No, here we are talking about a situation where a person has given himself over to evil, embraced it. Such people are fundamentally bad. For them, salvation is a much more difficult goal, for they do not even recognize the need for repentance.

So yes, Bp. Barron, we do not have a reasonable hope all men are saved because a huge number of men do not believe in salvation and flat out reject it. Stupid theology. So let's focus on evil for a moment here. Evil can certainly be concentrated in a person, a group of people or even a place — especially if enough people in a place have embraced it.  

A simple reflection on the concentration camps reveals that simple conclusion. Some places are more spiritually healthy than others, and some places are more evil. Likewise, a concentration of evil in a given area of a certain locale can certainly spill over into other areas — the "grease fire" analogy.

Some places are more spiritually healthy than others, and some places are more evil.

Let's focus on Detroit, for example, the epicenter of the collapse of the Church in the United States back in the 1960s. Contrary to poor scholarship on the part of some Catholic authors who didn't do their homework sufficiently when talking about the Church being "infiltrated," it was not Chicago's Bernardin who reigned down evil on the U.S. Church.

The Detroit domino was the first to fall, 20 years beforehand, pushed over by the wicked Cdl. John Dearden (as Church Militant has explained for the past dozen years or so). Editorial note: Careful whom you read if you're looking for the complete picture. 

When Dearden died in 1988, he was hailed by secular media as the leading liberal voice in the Church. That's one thing the fake news got right. 

Dearden, nicknamed "Iron John," reigned in Detroit from 1958 to 1980. When he came back from Vatican II, he began a systematic gutting of the Church in Detroit, culminating in the notorious Call To Action Conference in 1976. 

That conference, attended by 3,000 phony Catholics from chanceries across the country, produced a list of recommendations that would be cheered by the likes of James Martin. Rejecting Church teaching on birth control, women priests, you name it. It was all there.

While not officially adopted because of being rife with heresy, it was nonetheless taken back to dioceses all over the nation and implemented unofficially, in bits and pieces.

That led to a meltdown of the Faith in Catholic schools, seminaries, parishes and so forth. Chanceries became denizens of evil and spread that evil throughout their diocese. The virus was set loose.

However, in Detroit, for the 10 years between the end of Vatican II and the Call to Action Conference, Dearden used Motown as a sort of petri dish, a localized experiment to wipe out the Faith. That would later be carried to every diocese in the country, but at first, it was largely confined to Detroit.

It was Dearden who first ripped out the communion rails, tore the altars off the back wall and designed the "table Mass." He implemented the substitution of sacred music for the hippy guitar songs of the anti-Vietnam-War era. 

It was Dearden, not Bernadin, who launched Holy Communion in the hand and so-called Eucharistic Ministers. You name it — whatever cause you believe was the origin of the collapse of the U.S. Church, it began right here, in Detroit, beginning in the 1960s.

The Faith was first whittled away, then wiped out first in Detroit. Dearden ordained boatloads of homosexual men, many active, and at the very least sympathetic to the whole scene. Many of those men still wield enormous power and influence here, up to and including Abp. Allen Vigneron, ordained by Dearden in 1974.  

Vigneron has embraced all things gay for decades, including his time in various posts in the seminary as well as rector. During his time, the ordinations of multiple gay men continued, as did the purging of straight men (who were deemed too "rigid").

As a result, the Detroit presbyterate is awash in gay men with collars on. They adore Dearden — and why wouldn't they? Now, at the same time the evil of homosexual impurity was gripping and strangling the local Church, the local political scene was also becoming evil.

And that should be no surprise, since evil — once embraced — washes over every wall and knows no borders. As we said, evil is never compartmentalized. The same lies that were allowed to penetrate into the heart and life of the Church also penetrated into the heart and life of the people, specifically in the body politic.

It can be no surprise that the evil playing out in the Wayne County vote and Detroit's cheating politics is so strong and omnipresent because it first found its origins in the local Church. 

Once the guardian of truth — the Catholic Church — gives up the ghost, as happened here in Detroit, then there is no remaining firewall to protect and safeguard the innocent, and the entire populace becomes infected, as has happened.

One very plausible explanation for the evil (and, for the record, lying and cheating and threatening people with their lives because of their politics is evil) is the evil that still grips the local Church. 

This archdiocese, which Vigneron is successfully busting down to a mere shadow of its former self, is still awash in the sins of impurity and lying, as manifest in the person of the archbishop himself and his inside counselors.

Vigneron and his archdiocese are currently involved in covering up a case of homosexual harassment by one of their employees against at least one young man. And as disturbing as it will be to the archdiocese — yes, Church Militant knows the identity of the offending employee, his place of employment and his closeness to Vigneron.

For the sake of the privacy of the victim, we are not revealing the employee's name, at least not yet. But rest assured, we know. When people are involved in a cover-up, some people talk Your Excellency — people talk. In fact, very few people around you actually trust you anymore.

But more to the point, the archbishop not only knows about the homosexual harassment by one of his employees, he also knows the employee is actively gay and living with his gay lover.

When a local priest was told of all this, Fr. Michael Suhy of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth, he pursued it for the sake of the victim and his family. But his whistleblowing and pursuit of truth got him in hot water, and a week or so ago, he was relieved of his duties by the archbishop under the bogus claim that he was "overwhelmed with his duties as pastor."

The archdiocese denies any knowledge of homosexual predation by one of its employees, and well, of course it does. Just like it denies any knowledge of a vendetta against Fr. Eduard Perrone, with Msgr. Michael Bugarin fabricating charges of sodomy against him to get him removed.

Nothing has changed in Detroit since the days of Dearden, and why would it?

And yes, in case you're wondering, Bugarin is the man behind this clerical hit job as well. Nothing has changed in Detroit since the days of Dearden, and why would it? Personnel, after all, is policy.

The people running the show are Dearden's prototypes — raised by him to have a view of the world where the Church is something other than Her divine charter suggests. So as evil engulfed the Church here and took it over, the same happened in the other areas of daily life, manifest at this current moment by the political underhandedness going on.

There is much in need of purging in Detroit as well as the rest of the country, but it must begin in the Church, without retreating from the public sphere. The evil is the same, just manifesting in different ways depending on the specific stage.

But it is all evil. And to think — it all started right here in Detroit, an archdiocese that had at one time nearly 500 parishes but that will soon have roughly 70! And it's the same on the political scene, an area where the little man came to find employment in the burgeoning auto industry to better his family and improve his lot. At the same time the Church began collapsing, so too did the political structure, each supposedly protecting him.

Evil never stays isolated. Until it is beaten back, it continues to spread and destroy everything in its path.

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