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Division Is Great!

The truth needs to be said and lived.

December 17, 2021  0


Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

As we begin to creep up on Christmas, let's not forget that the original Christmas (and therefore all future celebrations of it) was all about division.

Division is great because division focuses on truth. It is truth, in fact, that causes division. Division is a result of there being truth in the first place.

Yet the great lie in America, and most especially in the Church, is that division is a bad thing, that we should all be unified. No, we shouldn't. Where does that come from, anyway? Well, ultimately the Devil, of course, but more down on the granular level, who actually believes this and then lives by it?

No one. That's who.

There are two worldviews, and the two can never be reconciled. Never. One worldview admits of the divine. The other rejects it. Any pretended unity in these worldviews is just that — pretended.

And what's fantastic about living in this day and age, in the country and the Church, is this is all becoming blindingly clear. And then, once it's clear, people have to choose sides. And that's a good thing. It's a good thing because the current state of affairs is a net win for evil, for the godless. As long as the division is masked over by a pretended unity, evil gets to advance.

For example, in the political realm, this reality is precisely what is at the core of everything going on in the Republican Party right now. The rank and file are sick and tired (sick to death, in fact) of the lack of fight on the part of party leaders (the establishment) when it comes to confronting the Marxist Democrats. Reasonable people understand that the entire concept of one nation no longer applies. America, as we have understood it, no longer exists.

America, as we have understood it, no longer exists. 

There is not one nation stretching from sea to shining sea. 

There hasn't really been for a while now, and the sooner this is accepted by GOP leaders, the sooner we can all get down to business.

What business, you ask? The political splitting of America based on the cultural divide (which already exists and is never going away). When boneheaded "I invented the internet" Al Gore flubbed and said, "Out of the one, many," it may have been the only thing he ever said correctly. One nation no longer exists. We are now two nations.

Why not admit it and get on with it? Pull out the map, and let's get to work!

At least 25 states exist under the old understanding of America: Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia.

Unsurprisingly (for example), this represents the lion's share of states that will end abortion the minute the Supreme Court kicks Roe v. Wade.

In the other country, 19 states distinguish themselves as having an entirely opposite view of the world and humanity: Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware.

The first 25 states believe in something resembling America of old, and the 19 states have gone total Marxist.

Of course, the remaining six states are still trying to decide if they believe in freedom or Marxism, but as the country hurtles towards all this, they won't be able to fence it too much longer. Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Georgia are facing their own individual decision days.

Funny how that all lines up with every election outcome of the recent past. 

And those pesky, indecisive battleground states — most, if not all, Trump actually won but were stolen because the Marxists wield sufficient power in them, under the right conditions, to actually steal an election and get away with it.

The country is already forever split ideologically, and there is no way to recover the past. Once we simply accept that this division is present then we can all (hopefully peacefully) go about what will prove to be the undoubtedly messy business of splitting up.

But, what we do know is, the current state of affairs is unacceptable. 

COVID tyranny reigns supreme in Marxist America, where tens of millions of authentic Americans are trapped behind what essentially amounts to enemy lines. They are being fired, forced to violate their bodily autonomy, denied the ability to provide for their families, forced to endure critical race theory, kicked out of the military and so forth. Likewise, actual America is being forced to pay hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes to Marxist America to support all that madness, as well as abortion and a host of other evils.

We realize, of course, that what amounts to forming a new country out of what the Marxists have labeled "flyover country" won't be easy.

First, we'll have to consider the massive migration that will have to take place, and — for the record— that's already begun. There will be a huge uprooting that will need to happen: jobs, families, industries and so forth.

Division is great because division focuses on truth. It is truth, in fact, that causes division.

The weight of all this would not be distributed equally. For example, those already in actual America will have an easier go of it because they are already in place. It's the actual Americans currently trapped (for a host of reasons) in Marxist America that will have to struggle and endure the brunt of this. Those millions can take comfort in the reality that it won't be the first time in history this has happened and, even better, you are creating a hope-filled future.

There is adventure and excitement mixed in with the anxiety, of course, but again, the current state of affairs is not sustainable for actual Americans.

Two different countries already exist in every important way (except geopolitically). Marxists use the powers of the federal government ruthlessly as we see unfolding in the phony kangaroo court of the Jan. 6 hearings, run by liars, cheats and child murderers — all of whom are supported by taxpayers in actual America.

Texas, for example, has the seventh-largest economy in the world and is completely energy independent and could easily provide cheap and lasting energy to the entire new nation.

Which, by the way, unlike Marxist America, is completely unified geographically. You can drive (for example) from one end of the new America to the other — every single state — and never have to enter Marxist America. Not once.

The commies, however, won't have that luxury. Actual America splits Marxist America into two distinct landmasses. Isn't that too bad? Perhaps actual America should charge "airspace" fees for any of the Marxist airlines that want to fly over "flyover country."

Likewise, actual America could establish and maintain its own borders — again, something already beginning to happen — and let Marxist America be flooded with illegals (again, already happening).

And Marxist America can actually let them vote because it won't matter to actual America anymore.

While it isn't dominant, at least not yet, this talk of secession is gaining some traction in Texas. The Texas Nationalist Movement (nicknamed TEXIT), while still small, is spearheading this talk, and chatter about the future of America is picking up steam. Almost half a million Texans are already on board.

And for Catholics, there's a lesson here: What's happening in the country is also happening in the Church.

In fact, what's happening in the country — the split between those who accept God and those who reject Him — is the cause of what's happening in the country.

Division is not only good — it's great (when it happens in service of the truth).

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