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May 8, 2017  0

Click here for the Resistance webinar


This Wednesday, May 10, at 7 p.m. ET, Church Militant will be hosting our next Resistance webinar LIVE. You can click on the attached link for details. Resistance members are strongly urged to tune in, but all Church Militant supporters are invited.

Many of you have noticed that Church Militant has stepped up its efforts about the need for Catholics to become more educated and informed about the Faith. We even highlighted a school in Alhambra, California, last week showing that exact thing — a good effort on the part of a Southern California parish to make the Catholic faith the central point of their students' lives.

We've done a number of polls on our homepage over the past month — and hands down, with thousands and thousands of people responding, the number one response as the cause for the loss of Catholic identity has been a failure to teach the Faith and preach on the dangers of sin and Hell.

We couldn't agree more. The sad reality in the Church these days is, with rare exception here or there (and bravo to those few faithful who have remained so), nobody in the Establishment Church speaks in these terms any longer. Sin is a forgotten notion, almost completely ignored; so is confession.

Hell and damnation — in place of these truths, we are fed social justice nonsense and substitute catechesis that is produced by Protestants for Protestants. It's all about ecumenism and getting along and emoting and feeling good. And it's abundantly clear that none of this is going to change anytime soon.

Despite some, a few, encouraging signs here or there, too many bishops are doubling down on poor catechesis and ecumenism and horrible liturgy — everything that has created this chaos and catastrophe in the first place. So it's become clear that it's up to the faithful laity to step in and do something.

That's what the Church Militant Resistance is all about. We have about a thousand souls divided over a large number of dioceses who "get" the current crisis and its impact.

Here's the bottom line: The culture of death in all its various manifestations is rolling over and crushing too many Catholics, and the hierarchy seems completely paralyzed, and even sadly in some cases, cooperating in it. So we need to take action.

The goal of the Catholic Church is to produce saints. Nothing less. In fact, if you don't die a saint, then you are damned. So what we are talking about here is for all the marbles. The role of the bishops is to teach and do everything in their power to make the Church a saint factory, and yet too many of them simply don't.

They'll have to work that out with Our Blessed Lord when they die, and they will die one day, even those who refuse to teach or promote the truths of the Faith, like Hell and sin. God have mercy on them. But the conditions in the Church, which have been created by their coddling of the culture and demolition of the Faith, need to be resisted and resisted greatly. They aren't caring about the eternal welfare of your souls and your children's souls, so you have to — even more so.

The Catholic Church is the only means of salvation. Outside of it, there is no salvation. It was established by the Son of God for this mission — to continue His salvific work, through sacraments and preaching until He returns. By virtue of our baptisms and confirmations, we are duty-bound to continue this work as well in our own orbits of family, friends, loved ones, colleagues, whatever it is.

This requires absolute fidelity, not just intellectual private fidelity to the teachings of the Faith themselves, but the proclamation of them as salvific. The bishops aren't doing it sufficiently. Their chancery staffs certainly aren't. And that sad fact does not relieve us of the duty to do it.  

It actually makes it incumbent on us to step up and do even more. We must resist this spiritual suicide mission; we must do everything in our power as faithful laity to resist it in its destructive power. The evil that has penetrated the Church and created a climate of niceness is a poison that is destroying the mission of making saints. Catholic identity, which is another way of saying moving to sanctity on the way to Heaven, has been almost completely ripped out of the Church.

And what's worse is that many Catholics, the few who are still in the Church, are being fooled into believing that emotion-laden catechesis and non-stop blather about "New Evangelization" are being made to feel as though the answer to the crisis has finally arrived.

That belief must be resisted. It is false. It lulls souls into a false sense of security that all is not really as bad as it is — and see, look how things are improving! They are not improving. They are getting worse. The only correction to bad intellects and knowledge is well-informed intellects and good knowledge — the truths of the Faith.

So please join us this Wednesday for our monthly Resistance webinar. It'll be live — 7 p.m. ET. Just click on the link for details.

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